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Diehard Battery Vs Duralast In 2022: Which One Is Best? [ Know Here ]

Diehard Battery Vs Duralast In 2022: Which One Is Best? [ Know Here ]

Narrowing down your options while choosing the right battery for your car can turn out to be an overwhelming pursuit. The current automobile market brings you a plethora of options. Besides, you must have noticed automobile batteries evolving over the years. Currently, several branded manufacturers supply these batteries.

Diehard and Duralast are two of the most popular automobile batteries on the market. Often, car owners face a dilemma between these two brands.

While both these brands are reputable, you need to make a call while purchasing your car battery. So, we have compared Diehard and Duralast batteries in this article. In the end, we have recommended the right battery for your car.

Diehard battery vs Duralast Differences & Similarities

FeaturesDuralast batteryDiehard battery
Nature of batteryFlooded lead acid and AGM batteriesFlooded lead acid and AGM batteries
Models availableGoldDuralast Platinum and DuralastDuralastDiehard Platinum, SilverDiehard Red, GoldDiehard, PlatinumDiehard, and AGMDiehard
Group sizesDifferent sizes availableDifferent sizes available
Cranking ampsDifferent cranking amps are available with each modelDifferent cranking amps are available with each model
VoltageAll the models have almost the same voltageAll the models have almost the same voltage
WarrantyEach model has its own replacement insurance and warrantyEach model has its own replacement insurance and warranty
Reserve capacityDiffers in each modelDiffers in each model
Cold cranking ampsEach model provides separate cold cranking ampsEach model provides separate cold cranking amps

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Comparison Between Diehard & Duralast Batteries

Read on to know the differences between Duralast and Diehard batteries in detail. We have considered eight parameters to understand the capabilities and features of these batteries.

1. Nature of the battery

AGM and Flooded Lead-Acid batteries are available with both Duralast and Diehard. In Flooded Acid Batteries, the components (chemicals) mush around in the battery. You need these batteries for older car models. In modern applications, you don’t need Lead-Acid batteries.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries also contain chemicals like sulphuric acid and lead. However, fiberglass mats hold these chemicals. Since they are lighter, they can deliver power better.

You would need AGM batteries primarily for modern-day cars. Particularly, you would need them for cars with more electric parts, push switches, and other new features.

2. Group size

While purchasing a battery for your car, it’s imperative to consider the group size. Car batteries of different categories come in their respective group sizes. This size refers to the dimension that would fit into your vehicle. This ensures that the car battery would properly fit into the vehicle.

In this regard, both the battery manufacturers, Duralast and Diehard, have different batteries in each group size.

3. Cranking amps

This refers to the number of Amps in the battery at 0 degree F in the battery. You need to look out for higher cranking amps in each car battery. This assures good performance of the vehicle and a better start.

4. Cold cranking amps

Most cars face a common issue with their batteries in winter. The battery functions at a low pace. Besides, the engine takes a relatively longer time to start.

The weather conditions prevent the chemicals present in the battery from doing their work. Before you purchase a new car battery, it makes sense to check the cold cranking amps.

Both the brands, Duralast and Diehard offer superior grades of car batteries with the maximum level of cold cranking amps.

5. Reserve capacity

In general, many car owners misinterpret the concept of reserve capacity. This is not the charge that your car’s battery can hold. The battery of your vehicle wouldn’t reserve any charge.

Reserve capacity is a way to denote the capacity of the battery. So, you won’t find any separate number of capacity or charge that it is capable of storing.

Reserve capacity refers to the number of minutes of time that the battery expresses 25 Amps at 80 degrees. When you explore Duralast and Diehard batteries, you would find that both these brands provide different models of batteries with their respective reserve capacities.

6. Voltage

While purchasing your car battery, you cannot possibly overlook the voltage. As a thumb rule, car batteries come in 12 Volts DC. The battery would have 6 cases, holding 2 volts each in a cell.

When you fully charge the 12 Volt battery, it would be capable of working properly. However, if the charge is below 12 Volt, it might not run smoothly.

However, you will also come across some 6 Volt batteries in some old models that hardly ply the roads now. Duralast and Diehard compete neck to neck in the automobile battery industry. So, both these brands offer 12 Volt batteries.

7. Warranty

Considering the battery’s warranty, you need to consider the prorate and free replacement periods. So, if the warranty sticker reads 24/48, it implies that the owner would get a free replacement of the battery for 2 years, and a prorated replacement for 4 years. Both Duralast and Diehard offer considerable warranties on each model.


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Who makes Duralast and DieHard batteries?

The same company, AutoZone, manufactures Duralast and Diehard batteries. While Duralast batteries are a little cheap, Diehard batteries are more expensive. However, considering the high quality, it would be wise to fork out the extra value for Diehard batteries.

Diehard Or Duralast Batteries – Our recommendations

From our evaluation of the capabilities of Duralast and Diehard batteries, it appears that they are equally good for your car. So, you can choose any of these batteries, given that both the brands are legendary in the automotive battery market.

However, car owners must know the benefits of the respective batteries. Therefore, if your car is a little older, it would be wise to settle for Flooded Lead-Acid batteries. However, for modern cars, you need to purchase AGM batteries.


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Well, now you know that both Duralast and Diehard batteries perform pretty well. So, you can purchase any of these batteries for your car. Remember, the battery you use in your car largely determines its performance and lifeline.

So, you need to get a branded battery for the vehicle. Some cars do not come with a high-grade battery from the manufacturers. In these situations, you need to purchase a new one from any of these brands.

One tip before we end this article. Try to look out for the latest manufactured batteries. In case you settle for a battery that the manufacturers had produced a year ago, it might not deliver the desired level of performance. Ensure you buy a battery no more than six months after the manufacturer produces it.