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96r Car Battery Alternative In 2022 : [ Updated ]

96r Car Battery Alternative In 2022 : [ Updated ]

As an automobile owner, you must be familiar with 96R batteries. These batteries perform pretty well when it comes to storing charge. 96R batteries offer a good deal of starting power.

Eventually, you can easily start your car or truck in cold weather conditions. In case you are looking for a small-sized and high-performance battery, you can go for a 96R battery.

You might think of replacing your 96R batteries at some point or another. In such situations, you might consider some of the viable alternatives for these batteries. Let’s explore some of the common substitutes for 96R car batteries.

Which cars use the 96R battery?

You would come across a number of cars using a 96R battery. Many popular models from brands like Chevrolet and Ford use the 96R battery. It would be wise to consult your mechanic or car manufacturer in case you are not sure about the type of battery you should use.

In general, you would need a 96R battery if you have a high-powered vehicle. These batteries empower the vehicle to run smoothly without any hassle.

Therefore, if you are hunting for a powerful battery that would provide you with balanced performance and power, you should go for 96R batteries.


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96R car battery alternative

When you look out for 96R car battery alternatives, you would like to explore the cost-effectiveness, warranty, durability, and performance of these batteries. Based on these standard parameters, we have presented you with some of the viable alternatives for 96R batteries.

1. Optima Red 35

The Optima Red 35 car battery happens to be the most popular alternative for the 96R. These batteries would serve your car for three to four years. However, they are on the higher end, given that they are pure lead batteries.

With 720 CCA, the Optima Red 35 battery comes with 25 Amps of reserve capacity in 90 minutes.

When you purchase the Optima Red 35 car battery, you would get a warranty for one to three years. Considering the average lifeline of these batteries, it would be worth going for them.

2. 2010 Ford Fusion

With 600 Cold Cranking Amps, this car battery has proven to be a powerful alternative to the 96R battery. It weighs around 35 pounds and comes with decent dimensions that seamlessly fit into the vehicles.

Over the years, automobile users have vouched for the 2010 Ford Fusion as a substitute for the 96R battery, and no unusual issues have been reported. Besides, you would rarely encounter any failure with the 12-volt battery. The 2010 Ford Fusion car battery has three years of warranty.

3. Odyssey PC1200MJT

Odyssey PC1200MJT is a popular car battery that you can purchase rather than a 96R battery. At 12 volts, it delivers flawless performance over the standard lifeline.

The Odyssey PC1200MJT battery has a warranty of three years. It weighs slightly heavier than some of the other car batteries that we have mentioned on this list.

It is a 590 CCA battery that delivers optimal performance in a lightweight box. Besides, they last pretty long to deliver the value of your investment. The Odyssey PC1200MJT is a 45 Amps battery which, calculated at 25 Amps, comes to 108 minutes.

4. Duracell

The 96R Duracell battery is a reliable alternative to the 96R car battery. It is an ultra-flooded battery, capable of flawlessly delivering 90 reserve minutes.

The 600 CCA battery lasts for a long time, and this justifies why it costs slightly higher than some of the other batteries on our list. However, the Duracell car battery has a drawback, as the warranty provisions are not attractive to automobile owners.

5. Bosch

The reputed band, Bosch, has come up with 590 CCA batteries in the 96R group. The reserve capacity of Bosch car batteries is 95 minutes. At 10.4 pounds, these batteries are lightweight indeed.

In fact, it weighs way lower than most of the car batteries we have recommended on this list. With decent dimensions, the battery seamlessly fits into the vehicle.

Bosch, as an established manufacturer of automobile accessories, has infused the battery with a longer lifeline. In general, these branded car batteries serve for a longer duration than most of the other products on the market.

Moreover, Bosch offers a warranty for 4 years on these batteries. This warrants the quality of its car batteries.

Duracell and Bosch perform equally well when it comes to performance. Therefore, you might settle for Bosch car batteries as an alternative to the 96R batteries for your vehicle.

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How to look for 96R battery alternatives?

While deciding the 96R car battery alternatives, we have considered the batteries’ size, capacity, and voltage.

When you choose one of the recommended batteries, make sure that it is similar as per these parameters to the one that you are currently using in your vehicle. This ensures that you won’t face any compatibility issues when you get the new one.

  • Size of your car battery: The size of your car battery matters, as you need to fit the new one in the existing space. Therefore, you cannot afford to purchase a battery too small or too large. In case the battery moves around in the compartment, it can lead to potential damage. In case you use a wrong-sized battery, it would inflict damage to the alternator, causing it to fail frequently. It would also lead to low energy generation from the battery resulting from a damaged alternator. The vehicle would also experience short circuits frequently. Eventually, you would end up shelling out a lot of money on repairs and damage controls.
  • Battery capacity: The capacity of your car battery determines the amount of power it is capable of storing. So, you need to find a battery that corresponds to your needs. In case you need additional power in your car, make sure to go for a high-capacity battery. Likewise, if you need a lower amount of power, there’s no point shelling out extra for a high-capacity one.
  • Voltage: Most of the car batteries are of 12 Volts. When you make the purchase, check out the specifications of your car. To maintain a consistency in performance, it would be wise to continue using a battery of the same voltage.

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As per our research, we have presented the most viable alternatives for the 96R car battery. The 2010 Ford Fusion would be the best substitute, considering the kind of performance it delivers. Besides, the price looks moderately affordable.

However, considering popularity, you need to settle with the Optima Red car battery. Many automobile owners choose the Optima Red battery over others.

You might choose Bosch if this battery turns out to be too expensive for you. Bosch provides reliable car batteries with a significantly long warranty.

If you are somewhat adventurous, it would be wise to go for the Odyssey 96R car battery. It would significantly enhance the performance of your vehicle.