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11 Czech Car Brands To Look In 2022 With Updated List

11 Czech Car Brands To Look In 2022 With Updated List

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, plays a considerable role in the world’s automotive industry despite being a relatively smaller nation. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe, and its significant role in the world automotive industry can be owed to its skilled labor, excellent infrastructure, and favorable geographical location.

The country houses two of the world’s most modern factories, TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile) and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, and Skoda Motors, all of which jointly form the three major automakers in the country. The country, thus, has an enormous automotive industry.

11 Czech Car Brands

That said, it would be interesting to know about some influential Czech car brands. This article will teach you about 11 Czech car brands and the five best car models.

The Czech Car Brands discussed in this article are:

  1. Skoda Auto
  2. Tatra
  3. Kaipan
  4. MTX
  5. MV Motors (Luka)
  6. Lehar
  7. Gordon
  8. Innotech
  9. Svos
  10. B-Racing
  11. Velorex

1. Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto is a Czech automotive manufacturing company that manufactures motorcycles, buses, trucks, and automobiles. It was founded in 1895 by Vaclav Klement, a bookseller, and his friend, Václav Laurín, a local mechanic. They started by producing bicycles, then moved on to make motorcycles, and finally made a car in 1898. The company is headquartered in Mladá Boleslav.

It was the second-largest brand after Volkswagen Group in Central Europe, but in 1991, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. It has had almost a worldwide presence in 100 countries for over a century. The brand name covers two autonomous divisions in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the passenger car brand.

The word ‘Skoda’ etymology can be traced to the Czech word ‘sklad,’ which means workshop or repair shop and suggests its origin. The company has its manufacturing plants in Iran, Slovakia, and South America.

The primary five car models from this company are:

  • Superb
  • Octavia
  • Fabia
  • Yeti
  • Karoq

2. Tatra

Originally founded as ‘Schustala & Company’ in 1850 by Ingnaz Schustala, Tatra is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic. It started as a company that manufactured bricks and prams (baby carriages). As soon as it started, the company made its presence in Berlin, Wroclaw, Vienna, Chernovtsy, and Kiev, by 1860.

By the 1880s, the company started manufacturing railroad carriages. In 1897, the company began the production of cars under Hans Ledwinka’s leadership. The first car produced by Tatra Company was called President. The company has its headquarters in Kopřivnice, Moravia.

In the early 20th century, the company was rebranded as Kopřivnická vozovka AS. However, it started using a badge with the name ‘Tatra,’ influenced by the name of the Tatra mountain system. Post the Second World War, the company indulged in manufacturing trucks and luxury cars and was nationalized.

In the contemporary period, the company is manufacturing heavy trucks with a spine frame. This design allows the production of a lighter vehicle, which could bear heavy loads.

The five best car models produced by this company so far are:

  • Tatra V570
  • Tatra 77
  • Tatra 87
  • Tatra 600
  • Tatra 603

3. Kaipan

Compared to other Czech car brand companies, Kaipan is a relatively smaller company, founded in 1991 and headquartered in the city of Smržovka. The company produced its first car in 1997. The first car produced by this company was called Lotus 7. Most of the variants that succeeded it are similar to this model but have few variations to maintain a distinct corporate identity.

The company was mainly concerned with the manufacturing of sports convertibles. It aimed to expand the automobile industry in the Czech Republic by creating sports convertibles. The company thus offered an affordable sports car alternative to the people of the Czech Republic. And hence the company pioneered the sales of its sports cars for nearly two decades.

In addition to this, it also produces passenger transport equipment with a higher price segment. Its arsenal comprises two-seat roadsters and sports convertibles. 1.8L engines, turbocharged power the cars, and give 200 horsepower.

The five best car models from Kaipan Company in the Czech Republic are:

  • Kaipan 47
  • Kaipan 57
  • Kaipan 14
  • Kaipan 15
  • Kaipan 16

4. MTX

This car brand from the Czech Republic originated as a workshop for repairing Skoda cars. It was founded in 1969, with its headquarters in Prague, and started producing cars in 1969 itself. However, after its initial working as a workshop for repairing, the company’s mechanics manufactured their own sports car, which was a single-seat racing car called MTX 1-01.

Eventually, the company witnessed massive success in the coming decades. By the 1980s, the company presented many car models, which were of international repute. The models competed in many international competitions like Formula Easter, rally, buggy autocross, etc., and were mainly based on Skoda and Lada Chassis.

In 1990, the company developed a cabriolet based on Skoda Rapid’s model. Subsequently, a two-seater roadster was made on the Favorit model, and a convertible was made on the Felicia model, both affiliated with the Skoda brand.

Its 21 service centers are spread across Europe, while 20 more dealerships are developed in the areas around Europe. The company produces a variety of cars like Formula Cars, two-seat racing cars, buggies, road-racing motorcycles, touring racing cars, etc.

The five best models of cars produced by this company are:

  • MTX TQ 01
  • MTX 1-02
  • MTX 1-01
  • Buggy 2-02
  • VAZ 2101

5. MW Motors

Czech Republic’s MW Motors car brand is a relatively new company, set up in 2010, which manufactures affordable, safe, and stylish cars based on state-of-the-art electric technology. The company was founded by Maurice Ward, who now serves as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). It has its headquarters in Štěnovice, Czech Republic.

Maurice Ward is the person behind MW Motors Luka EV, an electric concept car developed by MW Motors. The model does not have a central electric motor but four-wheel hub motors. The body is fiberglass and set on an aluminum chassis, inspired by the Tatra JK 2500 prototype.

The battery of the car is quite powerful. It can help cover a distance of 300 km without charging and in one go. It is considered to have a retro-classical form despite being a modern electric car.

MW Motors aims to sell its cars at a meager price, wiping off any other electric vehicle. The technology they employ allows them to manufacture affordable and stylish cars. Additionally, they are pretty safe as well. They don’t spend much on advertising, and the customers can directly buy them, even online. This renders it a low cost.

The 4 Best MW Motors car models are:

  • Luka EV Traditional
  • Luka EV In-Wheel
  • MWM Spartan EV Ecological
  • MWM Spartan EV RHD
  • MWM Spartan EV Traditional

6. Lehar

Lehar is a European automobile manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1994 to manufacture a variety of spare parts, mainly for certain German vehicles used in the Second World War. In addition to that, the company also produces other sub-assemblies for those vehicles, makes whole renovations, and manufactures complete bodies.

Thus, the company specializes in military vehicles, and a part of the company is set up as a massive museum for military vehicles. The museum was largely rebuilt.

The main customers for the spare parts of German vehicles like BMW R 75, VW 82 Kubelwagen, NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad, Zundapp KS 750 and VW Schwimmwagen, were collectors. The manufacturing scale was so massive that they could even build new vehicles using those spare parts.

Eventually, the company started manufacturing complete vehicles, sub-assemblies, and spare parts.

The five best car models manufactured by this company are:

  • Stoewer
  • Krupp Protze
  • Steyer
  • Demag D7
  • Horch

7. Gordon

Gordon is another automobile company based in the Czech Republic. It is more commonly known as the Gordon Roadster because it specializes in two-seater roadster cars. The company was founded in 1997.

The company released its cars in series, and in 2010, it developed an electric lightweight car model with the help and cooperation of the University of Bohemia, Pilsen. The model secured the first position in the competition for the most interesting Czech electric car prototypes.

The Gordon Roadster is a lively, fast sports car with excellent technical features. The vehicles have an elegant interior, handcrafted, original leather, NARDI luxury steering wheel, unique and original dashboard controls design, a fantastic eye for detail, balanced proportions, front and rear fenders, and elegant shape of doors.

And guess what? You can even customize your car entirely.

The five best car series from this company are:

  • First Gordon Roadster Series
  • Second Series, Gordon Roadster 3.0
  • Electric Lightweight version of Gordon Roadster
  • Gordon Roadster Base 2022
  • Gordon Roadster Top 2022

8. Innotech

Innotech is another car company based in the Czech Republic, which is remarkable and known for its high quality and class of its service. It was founded in 1992. It is an automotive design and engineering company that promises good quality service delivery.

The company has a specialization in modifying and updating Corvette cars, for instance, the Innotech Corvette car. They also develop and design cars on their already existing models. They have dubbed their Innotech Mysterro, powered by a Corvette 5.7 liter V8 engine.

The company has an international presence and is indulged in the sale of car accessories and car spare parts, sedan cars, saloon cars, hatchback cars, lift-back cars, off-road vehicles, MPV cars, and SUV cars, etc.

The car models presented by Innotech Company are:

  • Innotech Mysterro
  • Innotech Corvette
  • Innotech Aspiron

9. Svos

The Svos Company in the Czech Republic pioneers the production of armored cars in Europe. It is a leading company in producing and supplying armored vehicles worldwide for many users. The company was founded in 1992 and followed basic principles of armored car production prevalent in Prelouc since 1918.

The company has an international market; it supplies armored cars to more than 60 countries. It is associated with a century-long company indulged in the production of military equipment in the region. It caters to protecting a wide variety of customers, e.g., UN Aid workers, peacekeepers, members of multinational corporations, embassy workers, private sector security personnel, and army and police units.

It manufactures a range of products, including Armoured cross-country vehicles, Armoured limousines, Armoured cash-carry vehicles, Special purpose armored vehicles, etc.

The 5 best car models developed by Svos Company are:

  • Svos 80
  • Vega
  • Perun
  • Toyota LC200
  • Mars

10. B-Racing

B-Racing is an automotive car manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic. The company was set up in 2011 with the primary motive to manufacture and sell the vehicles of kit-car types. Compared to other automotive companies in the Czech Republic, B-Racing is a comparatively small company, which describes itself as a family-type company.

The company offers the highest quality in its service and is determined to give something distinct and unique to its customers. The company mainly produces sports cars of kit-car type, through which it displays its love for sports vehicles. Petr Benes is the founder-CEO of the company.

The company has an international presence, with the K-1 Attack car as its flagship product. In addition to producing and selling the K-1 Attack car, the company also offers pre-built K-1 attack kits, custom modification, rent racing particular GTR, car service, and purchase and preparation of ‘moving parts’ of the K-1 Attack car.

5 best car models of the B-Racing Company are:

  • K-1 Attack Racing Version Race Circuit
  • K-1 Attack Racing Version Drag Racing
  • Turnkey Car K-1 Attack
  • Rent Racing Special K-1 Attack GTR
  • K-1 Attack Street Version

11. Velorex

Velorex is another automobile manufacturing company in the Czech Republic. Its foundation was laid in 1936 by two brothers, František and Mojmír Stránský, who were the owners of a bicycle repair shop. They began designing a three-wheeled car, which would be inexpensive, taking inspiration from the three-wheelers developed by Morgan Motor Company. By 1945, they were able to create their first batch of cars.

The cars of the Velorex company were built on the frame of a welded steel tubing, consisting of the bodywork of Vinyl, attached by turn-button fasteners, and stretched over the cage. Its three-wheelers have two wheels in the front and one wheel at the back, similar to other three-wheeler vehicles.

The company also designed some unique cars for the disabled.

The 5 best car models designed by Velorex company are:

  • Oskar 54
  • Oskar 16/250
  • Velorex 16/175
  • Velorex 16/350
  • Velorex 453-0


Czechoslovakia has had a history of top research and precision manufacturing. Besides, the automotive industry makes up around 9% of the GDP and is the largest industry. Around 25% of the country’s exports and manufacturing come from the automotive sector.

In this article, we had a look at some of the leading car manufacturing companies in the country. We learned that the diversity in the country’s automotive sector is as massive as the sector itself. The automotive industry in Czechoslovakia is enormous and is not limited to Skoda.