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​Hey there, How’s it going? Hope you are doing really well. Thanks for taking the time to check out our about page.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

My name is Rony.

Rony Vazquez

I am the founder of this automotive blog.

Here’s the thing – I am a crazy car lover. I ride them daily. I mean daily. They are my lifeline.


My goal for this website is to make automotive knowledge simple, easy, and safe. Many people take wrong advice from internet & face serious troubles with their cars or vehicles. I personally have dozen of experiences like that before I started this project.

Out of frustration and my willingness to help other people, I choose to write my personal & professional experience on this blog.

Oh I did not tell you I guess? I am working as a professional mechanic in my brick and motor business and run this blog at the same time?

There you go.

Also – I wanted to introduce to you my other team members who help me with research while I am busy in my garage.

They are really cool people who are passionate about vehicles in general and especially cars. And if you share that passion, we hope you’ll find the information here interesting.

​I could have done this alone. But No!!.. One can not do everything. Since I am a busy dad with my garage and many projects, it’s a must vital that someone should help me with all the moving parts of running this free site. I have a dedicated team of people who are helping me with certain aspects. They all are awesome just like you!!.. wanna see them? Head over to the meet the team page here

Meet The Team

Meet the Editor

David Moggy

Hello there, I’m David Moggy

I am 33 years old car enthusiastic.

I am also a proud father of 2 beautiful kids and own a bunch of cars and motorcycles.

Car enthusiastic & vehicle inspection is my USP

​My love for vehicles is not just limited to cars. If given the chance to do it all again, I would have taken a mechanical engineering degree and probably have my own car dealers.

​Why You Should Hear Me?

Here’s why you should hear me out:

  1. I am one of the biggest fans and curious people when it comes to the automobile industry.
  2. I owned a lot more cars than most people in our lifetime.
  3. My dad used to buy and sell cars while I was in school & from there I got the automotive environment.
  4. Anything I say is sure to have thorough research and proper information.


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​Not satisfied? wanna reach out to me? planning for a collaboration? contact me and my team over here.