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Why Is The Nissan Versa So Cheap? [ We Answered Here ]

Why Is The Nissan Versa So Cheap? [ We Answered Here ]

The Nissan Versa has earned a distinction in the US automobile market due to its affordable pricing. The inexpensive subcompact car comes at prices almost 60% lower than what a brand-new car would cost! Naturally, if you are bracing up to purchase a new or a used Nissan Versa, you must be inquisitive about its unnaturally low pricing.

Well, the quality and reliability of the Nissan Versa loudly state that there’s nothing wrong with it. US News has ranked the 2022 Nissan Versa in the first position in the subcompact category. The stylish and user-friendly car has an edge over its competitors, such as the Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent in terms of affordability.

As a prospective car owner, you might be wondering how come the manufacturer affords to sell this model at this price. Let’s explore what makes the Nissan Versa so cheap.

Why is the Nissan Versa so cheap?

The latest 2022 model of the Nissan Versa comes at just $15,080, making it one of the most cost-effective subcompact cars in the US. The affordable pricing stems from the fact that these cars are small and come only with basic features. However, the manufacturer has been prudent enough to integrate the vehicle with some additional features that make driving fun!

Although the engine is not too powerful, it would serve your basic purpose of owning a car. Inexpensive fittings and reliable safety features give the money’s worth to the owners. Take a look at the prime aspects that make the Nissan Versa an inexpensive car.

1. Budget car

The USP of the manufacturer was to come up with an affordable car that performs the basic functions on the road. The model would appeal to car owners with its ‘low budget’ nature. Naturally, snobbish car owners wouldn’t be the ideal customers of the Nissan Versa. Taking the ‘class’ element out of the equation, the manufacturers could reach their goals of launching one of the ‘cheapest’ cars in the US markets.

2. Average engine power

Nissan Versa is a car you might find enough for everyday driving. Depending on the model, the horsepower of this car ranges between 109 and 122. While this might seem too low in comparison to popular cars on the market, the engine power is adequate to make the car fully functional. Rather than launching a performance-driven car, Nissan Versa offers something that would just cater to your navigation requirements!

The engine is uninspiring, and this is one of the key avenues where the manufacturers managed to curtail costs. The Nissan Versa lacks muscle, which is evident from the fact that the car takes 9.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 Kms. No wonder, why some reviews state that drivers need to be patient when they try to overtake other vehicles on the highway.

3. No luxury fittings

As you closely examine the interiors of the Nissan Versa, you would notice plenty of plastic components and fittings. Naturally, these inexpensive components helped the manufacturers come up with an economical model like this one! Unsurprisingly, it finds its name among the most inexpensive cars to hit the US roads. It lacks all sorts of high-end features like leather seats and other posh amenities. Eliminating massive chunks of manufacturing costs, the Nissan Versa has proven to be an extremely low-budget car.

Is Nissan Versa a reliable car?

RepairPal has rated the Nissan Versa 4 out of 5. Moreover, it ranks in the 9th position among 32 cars in its category. These figures speak tons about how reliable the Nissan Versa is.

Again, US News has ranked this car first in the subcompact category and tenth in the ‘small cars’ category. The 2022 model bagged the ‘Best Subcompact Car for the Money award’ from this platform. Overall, US News has rated the current model 7.9 out of 10. This is based on 19 standard parameters which the experts have compiled from different sources.

In terms of safety features, the car fares pretty well. It has standard safety features like the AEB and FCW. However, you can’t expect a subcompact car as cheap as this to deliver a luxurious driving experience. Dull handling and a stiff ride add to the discomfort.

At 32 mpg, the fuel economy of the Nissan Versa looks average. The driver’s seat lacks adequate support, and some models come with a tight rear seat. Coming to the engine, it’s uninspiring but capable, which supports competent handling. Considering the impressive gas mileage and smooth rides, it makes sense to purchase an affordable car. Besides, the intuitive tech features make the cabin pleasant. The Nissan Versa has a large trunk, considering its competitors. Overall, the calculated combination of utility and affordability makes it a reliable car.

What’s wrong with Nissan Versa?

While the car has earned an ‘affordable’ and ‘reliable’ tag, not all the years have been equally good for the vehicle in terms of reputation. Particularly, the 2009 and 2012 models had plenty of complaints. However, no automobile manufacturer can be completely flawless, and bad years come for all brands sooner or later. As such, there’s nothing wrong with the current model, as the manufacturer has addressed the issue that the buyers had raised in the past.

As per Car Complaints, there were 734 complaints and 150 problems in the 2009 Nissan Versa. Apparently, 2009 happens to be the worst year for the car. Around 33% of these problems involved the car’s suspension system. Most of these issues concerned broken coil springs. On average, the mileage issue cropped up when the cars traveled more than 70,650 miles.

Apart from this, the owners had a mixed array of complaints, ranging from exhaust system failure and door handles breaking to hubcaps falling off. Also, the 2012 model had pretty bad transmission issues.

Since 2014, most of the models have performed better. Nissan Versa owners haven’t complained of the past issues much after this period.

Why are used Nissans so cheap?

In the first place, the Nissan Versa happens to be one of the least expensive cars in the US in the new state. With age, these cars don’t hold their value. With depreciation costs kicking in, the resale value of the Nissan Versa drastically. A statistic reveals that after three years of use, Nissans experience around 33% depreciation in price. After the first five years, the cost would come just to its half!


Now, you know what makes the Nissan Versa so cheap. The apparent low price might give you the impression that the car is poor in terms of quality and performance. However, you should note that it has bagged 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability ratings, so you won’t have a bad experience!

Of course, it would be futile to expect luxury and comfort from a cheap car like the Nissan Versa. If you are willing to get a new car, consider the high depreciation rate and moderate engine power before making the purchase. For old car buyers, go for a thorough quality check, besides being strategic with the year of manufacturing.