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How Long Will A Subaru Last? How Many Miles? [ We Answered ]

How Long Will A Subaru Last? How Many Miles? [ We Answered ]

Subaru is famous for its stylish cars that come with absolute safety features for a smooth glide on the road. As they say, the brand follows their love for technology and uncompromising dedication toward safety when they design their cars. With superior crash energy absorption, you and your loved ones can drive comfortably and safely. Moreover, the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology goes a step forward to ensure your protection with supreme traction. The car’s stylish looks and advanced interior will add an edge to your style.

Before purchasing a Subaru, it’s crucial to know its mileage and performance. We have briefed you regarding these particulars in this article.

How long will a Subaru last?

A Subaru with proper care and maintenance will comfortably last for 200,000-250,000 miles.

Subaru owners say that if you follow regular servicing, there will hardly be any major repairs in the car. If you drive your car for an average of 15,000 miles in a year, your Subaru will last for more than 15 years. With some supportive elements like smooth terrain and warm weather, your Subaru might last up to 300,000 miles.

Will a Subaru last 20 years?

Subaru is famous for designing cars that can work more than any other counterparts can. Any person owning a Subaru and maintaining it properly has reported using it for around 20 years and over 300,000 miles. Especially, you can trust the Subaru Legacy, which can last for 20 years with good care. According to, an owner of a Subaru Legacy of 1992 claims that his car is still working fine even after 450,000 miles of usage.

In this case, the premium quality materials used in manufacturing Subaru cars with advanced technology play a vital role in increasing their life. It is mandatory to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule without fail, drive the car smoothly, and follow standard check-ups of the car if you want your car to stay with you for longer.

Are Subarus reliable cars?

In terms of reliability score, Subaru scores above average. This car has made a reputation for its toughness, reliability, and family friendliness. RepairPal has rated the Subaru 3.5/5. Besides, it bagged an impressive ranking in the 14th position out of 32 brands.

According to Consumer Reports, Subaru gets the seventh position for reliability out of 30 different car brands. Moreover, the U. S. News and World Reports also credited Subaru for reliability giving it 81 points out of 100. According to them, this brand stands in the fourth position out of 15 SUVs brands for reliability. The iSeeCars report says that Subaru comes in the top third position among the most reliable SUVs.

The best model year for Subaru was 2021 where it has received no serious complaints until now. It has bagged an award for top safety pick and has more passenger as well as cargo space than its predecessors have. On the contrary, Subaru faced a very rough response in 2013 and 2015 where it had 130 complaints from the users.

Do Subarus have a lot of problems?

No. Subaru reportedly does not face many problems as compared to its competitors. According to Repair Pal, Subaru might cause sudden minor issues, around thrice a year while its companion cars involve uncalled issues around four times annually. You should not face any issues at least in the first 100,000 miles of driving. If you use your car for 15,000 miles in a year, you can be sure not to face any major issues for around 6 years of use.

As you care for any other precious asset, you need to go for regular servicing of your Subaru to keep it functional. If you ignore maintenance and adapt to rash driving, it will deteriorate the car’s life span. After all, it is in your hands how well you treat your car to allow it to work efficiently.

 Most reliable Subarus models

The 2017 Crosstrek and the 2021 Forester happen to be the most reliable Subaru models. The 2021 Subaru Legacy scored 71 out of 100 for reliability by JD Power. They also claimed the car to be in the top ten for consumer comfort among similar sedans.

JD Power gave a score of 83 to 2021 Subaru Forester out of 100 for dependability. It has come under the top ten best SUVs of all brands. In case you are thinking about buying a used Subaru, you should opt for the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek, which scored 4 out of 5 for reliability as per Consumer Reports.

Do Subarus hold their value for a long time?

Subaru holds their value commendably as compared to similar cars. It does not require frequent repairs or cost you any serious investment if properly maintained. Therefore, it has a high resale value as compared to its counterparts. Subaru got the highest resale value in the year 2019, which was 79.5% of the original price. Even at that high resale value, the car still had 83.3% of its power and life left.

Subaru has a strong response to rust endurance. Around six generations have crossed while Subaru has maintained a good record in the market over 27 years. On top of that, it has received very few rust issue complaints. The galvanized metals provide necessary protection from rust, increasing their value.

Are Subarus worth the money?

People who have used a Subaru earlier do not simply enjoy the ride, but seem to be extremely loyal to the brand. Moreover, it is ideal for driving in colder areas due to its special AWD feature.

There are a few reasons that will compel you to buy a Subaru:

  • Reasonable: Almost all the models of Subaru start with the price range of mid $20,000. If you have your savings as well as a financial plan, the monthly payments will not put a lot of pressure on your pocket.
  • Reliable: You can trust Subaru for your safety and driving experience. The boxer engines ensure a smooth road trip. Moreover, these engines help Subaru to last a little longer than its rivals in the market. The premium quality parts used in the car ensure your safety.
  • Strong: Subaru Forester is one of the toughest cars on the road. The best engines with the best transmission, brakes, and suspension make the car strong enough to work problem-free for years.
  • AWD: The symmetrical all-wheel drive is unique. It derives power straight from the boxer engine that channels power to all the wheels to avoid slipping on the road. This warrants better control on the wheels, preventing torque steer.


So, now that you are aware of Subaru’s lifeline, you can decide whether it’s worth purchasing this amazing vehicle. If you are planning to buy a car that is reliable, versatile, reasonable, durable, and eco-friendly, you can choose a Subaru over others. With the recent models of Subaru, technology is getting better. You will appreciate the fresh features that look promising. The most accredited feature of Subaru is the EyeSight technology, which is available in many Subaru models like Forester, Crosstrek, Legacy, Outback, WRX, Ascent, and Impreza. This technology would safeguard you and your family well on the road. Altogether, a Subaru would be a decent and worthy purchase for you.