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5 SUVs Similar to the BMW X6 In 2022

5 SUVs Similar to the BMW X6 In 2022

BMW X6 is a luxury car that doesn’t disappoint. Being a luxury SUV, it looks as lavish as a premium car like a sedan. This vehicle is rounded from the bottom and has a top-notch grille, making it distinctive. Also, this car can tow up to 7200 pounds.

Everything is supremely functional and comfortable inside this vehicle. BMW X6 is a wholesome SUV but can put a dent in your pockets – it is expensive (starts from $70,100). Don’t worry; we will introduce you to some SUVs similar to the BMW X6. In this way, you would get the best of both worlds.

SUVs Similar to the BMW X6

In the lower price range, you can get cars with many essences of BMW X6 exteriors. All of these supreme SUVs perform great, look like a million bucks and have comfort all around.

We will make sure that you won’t only get to see the similarity in exteriors but interiors too. After all, internal parts are what will get the vehicle moving and show that glamour on the roads.

1. Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan is a sporty crossover SUV which has four facets in the name of Trim – Base, S, Turbo, and GTS. Porsche Macan GTS and Turbo are the trim levels that have increased powers. Both have 375 horsepower turbocharged engines to provide that extra zeal.

Porsche Macan looks fantastically regal just like BMW X6. Both cars look just like they have come out of the future. Let’s look further into this car and find out whether it fits in the rundown of SUVs similar to the BMW X6.

AWD Will Make The Car Roar On Roads – AWD is the best powertrain as it balances the car by balancing the wheels and both the former cars have AWD.

AWD divides the force on all the wheels so that car may not fall victim to the worst surfaces. Also, with AWD you can accelerate better without worrying much about the damage.

AWD is better than the other drivetrains for SUVs as all the wheels control themselves individually. Thus, making it possible to balance an overpowering (heavy) vehicle like Porsche Macan.

Range And Mileage Are Touching Skies – First of all Porsche Macan and BMW X6 run on petrol. Second, according to their price ($1,04,259 and $1,75,455), they present the best mileage of 11.4 kmpl and 10.3.

The maximum range of the Porsche Macan is 747 km, just a few kilometers down than BMW X6. But for this small gap in the range, you have to pay heavy money. We think it’s better to invest in a car like Porsche Macan because it will also incur low maintenance costs apart from its low price.

Plenty of Cargo Space To Let You Breathe – Usually, we expect luxurious crossover SUVs to be spacious but Porsche Macan is two steps ahead of that.

It has 17.2 cubic feet of cargo space, which can be exaggerated by folding the rear seat. The back of the rear seat is made from the best material to let you put the heaviest of the load on it.

2. Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes GLE Coupe has everything that you desire in a jumbo SUV. You tend to get a lot of comfort in the shape of comfortable ventilated and heated seats, noiseless cabin, and on-the-go features. This model starts from the value of $78,450 which is a great deal keeping in mind the added perks you get.

Exteriors Are Beyond The Scale of 10 – Mercedes Benz cars are known to be heartthrobs of the automobile industry because of their appearance. Gladly, the Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe has absorbed itself more in the water of stylishness.

The front of the car looks balanced with the right shape of exhausters and headlights. Even the grill has that authentic feel of being a grill, making the car more splendid.

Opposite this, the rear part is a little bit down to earth that not at all look boring. Overall, the car looks classy from the coupe-styled middle part. Also, this coupe-style gifts more space by heightening the roof a little bit more.

Superior Transmission Than The Others – Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe has 9-speed transmission which means extended gear ratios. When one has these many options in the gearbox, the acceleration becomes a more fun process. So, your driving experience would be extremely smooth with the Mercedes GLE Coupe just like BMW X6.

Safety Features Fitting GLE Inside SUVs Similar To BMW X6 – Both the comparable cars i.e. BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe take care of human and car safety. On the dashboard, you would find an active parking assistant and blind spot monitor.

Other than this, these cars automatically activate alerts if they are sensing some unexpected behavior (drowsiness) on behalf of the driver or passengers.

3. BMW X7

BMW X7 is the definition of power and performance! This luxurious 5-seater SUV comes with three engine assimilations, which are quite good. The exteriors of this car are very similar to BMW X6 because of being the rendition of the same company.

With proper care and regular mechanical check-ups, this car will last around 2,50,000 miles. This is quite a good age for an SUV that is regular at work to outpour brilliant performance. Let’s see how this vehicle gets included in the SUVs similar to the BMW X6.

BMW X7 Exteriors Are Something To Look Forward To – As we told you earlier, you can expect BMW X6 to look a lot like BMW X7. Certainly, both these automobiles are put under ultra-luxurious SUV categories. BMW X7 looks 70% like BMW X6; we have to eliminate that 30% because of its shape.

BMW X7 is quite boxy and it has a square hood. Expect from this, the classic grill, sharpy headlights, taillights, the elongated bumper – all seem like they have been copy-pasted from one to another. Even the wheels have that same steel thong detailing.

Advanced Features That You Won’t Get Elsewhere – Recently, BMW has upgraded its technology and satiated the former and the latter with the same.

There is a 12.3 inches touchscreen that is superbly clear and doesn’t leave a mark in the navigation. Besides this, there are automatic configurations that get connected to Apple or Android. You would enjoy your long journey with the “on the face” infotainment system.

In BMW X7 you would also get a sliding sunroof which is quite convenient with its sliding technology. The best part is – you can even open the sunroof with the help of a command tablet (you just have to install the BMW app and open the command link).

4. Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 is a premium-looking SUV with a regal appearance like BMW X6. This sporty car is available in 7 colors; all of them have been kept looking at wider choices. Even the empowering exteriors of this sporty number go well with the subtle colors.

Can Volvo XC90 match the presence of BMW X6 or is it better? Can it boast loudly of its performance to be put on the same list as SUVs similar to BMW X6?

Superb Fuel Economy To Boast Of Volvo XC90 – If we have to consider the fuel economy under the price of both (Volvo XC90 and BMW X6) then it is brilliant. Volvo XC90 has a fuel economy of 25 MPG overall.

Similarly, BMW X6 has fuel economy on the positive side at 23 MPG. Considerably, the fuel tank capacity of both these powerful cars is significant.

This capacity perfectly supports the “power needs” of the vehicle. You can fill Volvo XC90 up to 18.8 gallons and BMW X6 has somewhat the same size fuel tank.

The Dimensions Make Better Room For All – BMW X6 and Volvo XC90 both are large SUVs which makes a point for better space. The total length of the Volvo XC90 is 195 inches and that of the BMW X6 is close to 194 inches.

Even the width of the car is similar. Now, when both these cars have great dimensions they provide better room for passengers as well as the functional parts of the vehicle.

5. Audi Q8

Like BMW X6, Audi Q8 has detailed grill grill (even though the grill has a bigger design). The hood has been sculpted in a similar straight manner in both cars.

Also, the headlights have that stretched elongated look from the bottom. Wholesomely, the former and the latter would be a great symbol of elegance to keep in your backyard.

We have confirmed that both these luxury SUV options are alike but does one outperform the other? It’s time to have a look.

The Overall Value Of Audi Q8 Is Superb – Luxurious wheels like Audi Q8 and BMW X6 always bring a golden value with them. According to the charge “the value of BMW X6 will significantly fall after 5 years and that too by 39%” and “Audi Q8 will depreciate at the rate of 41% after 5 years. This deal is just shining because compared to the other luxury brands, the resale value of these premium automobiles is high.

Good Space For Your Luggage – People first consider the space before buying a big luxury SUV, especially cargo space. Both Audi Q8 and BMW X6 have sufficient cargo space before and after shifting the rear seats.

When the cargo seats are folded till the end, the space becomes 60.7 cubic feet in Audi Q8. You should expect the same situation in BMW X6. That’s how Audi Q8 has set its foot to become a good contender in SUVs similar to the BMW X6.

The Bigger The Car, The More Space It Withholds for you – Audi Q8 and BMW X6 are the types of cars that people mostly prefer for their space. The exteriors of these luxury SUVs are too large and similar in dimensions. The bigger exteriors make larger room for the seats, making it possible to move inside the car.


Today we not only talked about the SUVs that look similar to BW X6 but how they match with its other components too.

We have mentioned Porsche Macan, Audi Q8, Mercedes GLE Coupe, BMW X7, and Volvo XC90. All these supreme SUVs have similar-looking exteriors but they do have different price factors.

You can easily narrow down the choices according to different components. Deliberately, considering the internal aspects, we have put in the options that are different from each other. Hope you will end up taking just the right one for you!