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12 Affordable Electric Cars With Good Range In 2022

12 Affordable Electric Cars With Good Range In 2022

Firstly, electric cars save a lot of your bucks by being fuelless, having minimum repairing cost, and coming under the government scheme. Plus, it saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to rush to a fuel station after every 1 week. The average mileage that an EV give is 194 miles as the car becomes somewhat light to give good performance.

Today, we will make you thorough with a rundown of the most affordable electric cars with a good range. Moreover, we will state the cars that tilt more towards positive aspects and are the best ones of their parent company.

Affordable Electric Cars With Good Range

1. Kia EV6

Car and driver have given this stylish SUV 9 out of 10 ratings. Also, this luxurious SUV runs on Rear Wheel Drive which is the best for off-road-centric cars.

On average, it takes a power plug to charge Kia EV6 within 60-70 hours fully. Kia EV6 has a battery of 58 and 78 kWh so you can choose either to make use of the car’s engine. GT Line is the best trim as you are getting dual drivetrains here too – RWD and AWD.

This Kia EV6 trim level is priced at $51,700; you can travel within the range of 250-260 miles. With this range, you can cross the states, and you won’t feel a need to get the battery charged the second time.

2. Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30 is a crossover SUV and is the first car model launched under the category of “electric cars” by Mazda. Since this is a standard EV, you have to charge it by plugging it in inside the 120 Volt setting (you can either go for an AC Outlet or refrigerator).

Apparently, among many electric cars put in line, Mazda MX 30 is counted as the top most affordable car model. The trim range starts from $33,470 and ends at $36,480. In this price quotation, you are getting a battery that will take you 100miles.

When you would look at Mazda MX-30 you would feel a little asymmetrical structure – it’s because its rear is compacted a lot more than the standard. But, it doesn’t affect the space and makes the experience more convenient by putting in choice two doors for one compartment.

3. Mini Cooper SE

Mini Cooper SE is one of the rarest cars that has made its point of being the unmatchable hatchback. It is priced at $29, 900 which is not common for an electric car with a caliber of going above 110 miles.

If there is one word to define the interiors of Mini Cooper SE then it would be “quirky”. Inside, you would feel like you are sitting in a world of circles. Each feature like the infotainment system, window shifters, and steering is given a round detailing.

Overall, this is a wholesome hatch and would fit your suitability if you don’t want to go for many luxuries. And this is how this vehicle is included in “affordable electric cars with good range”.

4. Hyundai Kona

One of the biggest advantages Hyundai Kona brings is its long life. Hyundai Kona can endure up to 200,000 miles. In its entire life circle, it will serve you with a brilliant infotainment system, responsive steering system, and maximum comfort.

Hyundai Kona runs on a 64 kWh battery and can travel for 452 kilometers (300 miles). Also, this vehicle takes its motion with FWD which leads to 50% more effective handling.

Apart from good functional features, this subcompact SUV has classic-looking external parts. These exteriors look like they have been plucked out of a luxurious car. Hyundai Kona Electric is also given a facelift but the manufacturers did not take away the essence of a true Hyundai car from it.

5. Kia Niro EV

According to Forbes “electric cars reduce the pollution to 50% which otherwise would have been more with the fuel cars”. This can be your reason for investing in electric cars, especially Kia Niro EV. And why we have highlighted Kia Niro EV here? In one inflow of charging, you can cover around 239 miles of the road.

According to greencareeports “every minute charging of Kia Niro EV would cost you $0.60. On top of that, this small SUV will make complete a round of charging in around 2-3 hours.

The cabins are very spacious inside the car and can give that comfortable vibe you only get at home. Additionally, the infotainment system laid out is extremely functional and responsive to the extreme.

6. Nissan Leaf

Whenever there is a discussion of the most affordable hatchbacks around the world “Nissan Leaf is not left behind”.

Yes, the price is a little higher than the fuel one but there are added benefits like automated driving, and heated and ventilated seats. There is even a screen that artificially channels the view of your present motion car.

Overall, Nissan Leaf consumes 18 kWh of energy for traveling for 100 km. With full battery charging, this electric automobile can cover 3 times the 100 kilometers of range.

There is a notion that cheaper cars do not have a complete line of features but in Nissan Leaf, you will get evident blind spot monitoring, flexible cruise control, and tire pressure assistance. Thus making this car apt for the best affordable electric cars with good range.

7. Chevrolet Bolt

This subcompact number can cross 259 miles when fully charged. The latest model of Chevrolet Bolt has been restyled and some new features are added. But this has not heightened its price but contrarily reduced it. Chevrolet Bolt can come straight to your garages without paying $31,995 – its starting trim price is this.

Chevrolet Bolt is available in the market with 2 trim levels among which the 2LT Trim stands out. There may not be much difference in the performance between the two, but the 2 LT trim takes more care of the driving aspect.

8. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 has got a starting tag of $57,490. This sedan is loaded with quality features that you won’t get elsewhere. Along with this, Tesla’s exteriors are just to die for.

This luxurious sedan looks just as amazing from each angle. The no-detail look makes it stand apart, which gives it the rich look you expect in a luxurious Tesla car. This exquisite car has got those huge wheels which aid the traction more and more with being active-at-work.

Also, this car can cover 358 miles with rim charged battery. Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that immediately picks up speed. Significantly, this car can immediately touch acceleration, which was not of the question for a fuel-based Tesla.

9. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an electric crossover SUV that deserves the appreciation people do. This SUV is RWD based which is good. Do you know why it’s a piece of good news?

When an EV is RWD based, it gives more space to a vehicle’s significant parts. Also, RWD offers better control in arid areas by balancing the power process. No, this is not the only reason why these are categorized as affordable electric cars with good range, there is more on the table.

It takes exactly 6.3 hours to charge Hyundai Ioniq 5 58 kWh battery. This time is very fast and will save a lot on your bank account. This crossover SUV also has very simplistic yet intelligent-looking dashboard features. It feels like you are looking at the “future” sitting inside the car.

10. Volkswagen ID.4

This car name may be too short but it is just the opposite of it!

Volkswagen ID.4 is an electric SUV with ample space for people and things. The design engineers of Volkswagen have especially given a flux to the space component. You can easily shift the rear seat to make more room for cargo space – this is one example of space flexibility.

There is one more advantage that is very underrated. One of the trim levels of Volkswagen ID.4 comes in an extra option on the side of the powertrain – AWD. With some extra money, you can invest in the AWD one. After all, AWD addition in the Volkswagen ID.4 will give the perfect formula for better speeding.

The AWD Models of Volkswagen ID.4 can stretch up to 255 miles of distance after charging for a few hours.

11. Tesla Model Y

According to a business insider “electric cars from Tesla are the most owned vehicles throughout the world” – We cannot agree more. Tesla Model Y has two trim levels among which one concentrates on speed and the other one the compatible performance.

The seats of the Tesla Model Y are extremely comfortable with their cushiony nature. Apart from the comfortable component, these seats can be adjusted to the maximum angle possible. Usually, this lets the driver have a better view of the path.

Tesla Model Y has two motors that can take you a maximum of 330 miles. In addition, Tesla has carefully placed its recharging centers in many places so that you can charge the battery without much nuisance. This automobile comes with two types of trims and both are priced just below $70,000.

12. Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EUV was launched in the year 2021 and it has many exquisite features not available in its peers. Firstly, it has a super cruise which helps to shift the lane automatically or manually. Secondly, it has its usual chevy house safety system which comprises Emergency Braking System, lane departure robot, Forward collision alerts, and much more.

Chevrolet Bolt EV LT is the best trim which is available at the price of $33,000. This car has a 65 kWhcaliber battery through which you can travel for 259 miles. You can take a long ride with Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

Conveniently, you can change the upper assemblance of the charging cable to increase the volts. This in return will determine the charging speed of your battery.


Overall, an electric car is much more cost-efficient than the regular one. Whether it is about maintenance or charging costs, above EVs are superior in almost all aspects compared to other vehicles.

The electric cars we mentioned here exults the technologies that will be used for many generations. Likewise, these technologies and range don’t come with the incurrence of extra money.

On average, the former vehicles take 3-4 hours to charge the battery up to the edge. Within this time frame, the battery decides to give you more than standard mileage.