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P0496 Chevy Cruze: [ Causes, Solution & Meaning ] – Updated 2022

P0496 Chevy Cruze: [ Causes, Solution & Meaning ] – Updated 2022

If you own a Chevrolet Cruze, you might be aware of the P0496 code that sometimes illuminates the engine light. This is one of the OBD-II codes that might bother drivers.

At the outset, let us tell you that this is not an emergent warning signal. So, it won’t immediately jeopardize your drive. However, it makes sense to address the error code as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might inflict damage to the engine.

The P0496 code that appears in the Chevrolet Cruze commonly shows up in case the Vapor canister purge valve is malfunctioning. In case you have a defect in this component of the car, the error code might appear.

Let’s dig deeper into what this code means for your car, its causes, and whether or not you should continue driving with this code. Lastly, we have discussed a viable method to fix the P0496 error code.

What is the p0496 code for the Chevy Cruze?

In general, idle speed difficulties in your Chevy Cruze spark the P0496 error code. It happens due to a malfunctioning or damaged Vapor canister purge valve.

In order to detect the right idle speed, the engine of your Chevy Cruze has to rev up and down. So, when you come across this error code showing up on your scanner, it implies that the computer of your car feels that the EVAP mechanism is purging gasoline vapor at a time when it shouldn’t.

In this context, Chevy Cruze owners should notice that before the OBD2 systems came into vogue, the engine had to be heated and above idle, so that the systems could clean the canister.

On the other hand, OBD2 systems can get the canister purged whenever the engine operates. Particularly, when the car is idle, you might encounter the issue.

However, the ECM knows that when the purging remains activated, the fuel trim should undergo a little change.

Therefore, it inspects the system for it. In some automobiles, you will come across pumps capable of detecting leaks by offering additional input. In a nutshell, if the PCM or ECM can detect the flow of purge even when there was no such instruction, you will find the error code.

Now, you must note that the P0496 code is a low-priority problem. However, make sure to address the problem and don’t leave it for too long.

In case the problem starts affecting your Chevy Cruze, you might find it challenging to start the vehicle. Moreover, in the long run, it can affect the engine, leading to further complications.

On the other hand, the car might sustain serious damage to the engine in case the car is running rich. Therefore, you would have to fork out hefty repair expenses later on. Besides, it would also affect the fuel economy of your car.

What are the causes of p0496?

In general, you might come across the P0496 code in the instance of a failing solenoid or purge valve in the truck. However, this is not the only problem that can show you the error code.

Even some other glitches might spark this message. Therefore, experts recommend carrying out a comprehensive diagnosis before you replace any part of the car. A certified technician can help you out in this regard. Here’s a complete list of factors that might possibly trigger the P0496 code in your Chevy Cruze.

  • Malfunctioning vent valve or purge
  • In case you have plugged in the EVAP canister
  • Failure of the EVAP sensor
  • Fuel pressure
  • Short circuit in the electrical circuit
  • Defective wiring in the car
  • Broken purge valve in the charcoal canister
  • Defective vent solenoid
  • Leakage of the hose in the EVAP system

To do away with various error codes that require troubleshooting, it’s wise to keep an eye on the small vacuum leaks. Make sure to get the gas cap replaced firmly once you fill up the tank.

Also, when you try to fix hose leaks, don’t let the hoses touch other parks that might inflict damage to the system. To make the hoses enjoy a longer lifeline, treat your engine with an anti-corrosion agent.

How do I fix the code P0496 on my Chevy Cruze?

Although the P0496 error code is not severely alarming, experts recommend getting it fixed at the earliest. This keeps your Chevy Cruze in proper functional conditions for long. With the following guide, the owners will be able to evaluate and reset the codes to ensure a quick fix.

  • Inspect whether you have properly secured the gasoline cap and sealed it.
  • Inspect whether or not the purge solenoid valve needs a replacement, based on the vehicle and the corresponding age of the parts.
  • Correct the pressure sensor of the gasoline tank and the involved wiring. In case you don’t detect any leaks, inspect the signal line using your digital millimeter.
  • Now, you need to unplug the Charcoal Canister from the EVAP Pressure Sensor. You may also unplug the connecting hose. Subject the sensor to a little pressure with the pressure hand pump.

Now, when you carry out this process, you might detect a change in voltage. In case this isn’t within the specifications, you need to get the pressure sensor (EVAP) replaced. In case you can detect the issue through the recommended process, you can reach out to a certified automobile mechanic and get the problem addressed.

Should you drive with code p0496?

Technically, Chevy Cruze owners can drive even when the error code p0496 shows up. However, experts recommend not to do so for a prolonged period.

When you continue driving with the malfunctioning valve, the EVAP system in your vehicle becomes more susceptible to damage. Besides, this might harm some other components of your car.

Moreover, you might end up wasting your fuel and eventually release more contaminants to the environment than the desired level. Ultimately, when you ignore the error code, the problem could harm your car in the long run. Therefore, it would be wise to get the p0496 error code fixed as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of P0496 in Chevy Cruze?

The P0496 error code might manifest itself in different ways, and it might go beyond the illuminated light on your dashboard.

You might encounter additional concerns like issues with the performance of the engine or rough running. This happens when the gasoline vapors get purged at the wrong time.

Unfortunately, it is tough to detect most of the symptoms when you have this error. The reason is, the EVAP system remains typically closed. Therefore, it becomes challenging to detect problems with the purge flow like this one. These issues possibly point to the P0496 error.

  • Overheating engine
  • Glowing of the check engine line
  • The car bumps when you start it

When you have this issue, the engine of your Chevrolet Cruze might rev up and down, so that it can attain the right idle speed. Often, the P0496 comes along with issues like an irregular idle. Often, you would notice this error code appearing after you purchase gasoline. At the petrol station, the car might refuse to start completely.


The canister purge valve serves as the opening through which gasoline vapors, which had previously accumulated, get into the engine and burn.

So, a malfunctioning purge value would be worrisome, and you need to get it replaced. In general, you can get it replaced at a moderate price ranging from $110 to $170. This includes the cost of the parts as well as the labor charges, the latter being approximately $50.

So, rather than ignoring the P0496 error code and aggravating the issue to harm your car, it would be wise to address the issue and fix it immediately.