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Led Tailgate Light Bar Problems : [Explained & Solved-2022 Updated]

Led Tailgate Light Bar Problems : [Explained & Solved-2022 Updated]

Of late, have you been encountering technical glitches with your truck’s LED tailgate light bar? When you switch the modes, they might refuse to operate or show just a low beam.

Not to worry, these are common flaws in automobiles that show up in case you have some issue with the internal parts. As a vehicle owner, you know how crucial your tailgate light bar happens to be when you drive in stormy weather or at night.

In case you have an issue with the light bar, make sure to get it fixed at the earliest. Negligence on your part might lead to mishaps or accidents. In the end, the lack of vision might affect you as well as other drivers on the road.

In case your LED tailgate light bar problem has been bothering you, you would be looking for a viable solution. In this article, we have addressed this tailgate light bar problem, offering you some easy solutions.

Common LED tailgate light bar problems

The function of tail lights is to provide enough illumination in the rear of your vehicle. Whenever you flip the button that turns the headlights on, the tail lights turn on. Besides, automatic sensors present in newer models help in turning on the tail lights in case the ambient brightness diminishes.

So, if you find a malfunctioning tailgate light, the experience can be annoying indeed. In most cases, the culprit behind problematic tailgate lights includes a bad wire, faulty fuse, or issues with the battery. When you change the faulty parts, you can mitigate the problems with the tailgate lights.

Let’s check the root causes that might lead to problems with the LED tailgate light bars.

1. Fuse errors

In many cases, a fuse error might lead to the middle light getting blank. In case you find this light going completely blank, or refusing to turn on, a faulty fuse might be the culprit.

2. Broken wire of the LED tailgate light bar

You might have problems with the tailgate light bar in case you have a broken or dirty wire. To solve this issue, you should be knowing the respective colors of the wires.

3. Low battery voltage problems

The last thing you might encounter with your LED tailgate light bar is a low voltage. In this case, the battery itself is to blame. There’s no other solution than to get the battery completely replaced to fix this issue.

Ways to fix LED tailgate light bar problems

Now that you are aware of the common reasons leading to problems in the LED tailgate light bar, check out the solutions that experts recommend.

1. Fixing the fuse problems

  • To get access to the fuse box, you need to pull up the truck’s hood. Use the strut to secure the same.
  • Check out the location of the LED light bar. It might be near the brake pedal or the steering wheel, or anywhere under the hood.
  • Once you locate the same, inspect the fuse for its condition. You would need a new one in case it has blown away.

In most cases, you will come across the LED tailgate light bar inside the wire cover that remains attached to the vehicle. This way, you can easily locate the faulty parts and get the trouble sorted.

2. Fixing the broken wire

In the first place, you need to know what each color of wire means for you. This way, the fixing process would turn out to be breezy. Follow the below procedure when you inspect the wire.

  • At the outset, find out the location of the LED tailgate light bar wire. Now check whether the plug has 4 pins, 5 pins, or 7 pins. You should be knowing the function of each wire by their respective colors.
  • Now, inspect the condition of the wire. Either they might have loads of dirt on them, or they might have broken.
  • Once you detect the problem with the wire, cut the insulation. This will expose the stable stripped wire. Now, establish a contact between two conductors. Do this to all other wires.
  • Take care not to connect one of the wire conductors to the rest, as it might lead to sparks and accidents.
  • Use a tape to cover them securely, so that there is no damage to the connection and it remains stable.

Take care to remove the battery’s negative terminator cable before you commence with the process.

3. Replacing the battery

In case a low voltage battery is at the root of the problem, you need to replace it. In case you are changing it for the first time, you would be looking for the right way to go about the process. Here’s how you need to replace the battery.

  • Let the truck charge for some time. Now, examine whether it fixes the low beam or voltage of the LED tailgate light bar. In case it doesn’t, you need to proceed to the subsequent step.
  • Put on electric-protected gloves, so that your hands remain secure. Now, you need to locate the front battery of the car.
  • You will come across a black cable, which is the negative terminator. Use a wrench to get it detached. Also, eliminate the plastic clamp during the process.
  • Remove the cover made of plastic and disconnect the red cable, which is the positive terminator. Make sure that there is no contact between the red and black cables. This might lead to accidents as a contact between the positive and negative terminators can lead to sparks.
  • The battery might weigh between 20 to 24 pounds, which you need to remove from the truck.
  • Now install the new battery in the system. Use an emery cloth or a 100-grit sandpaper to rub both the terminators of the new battery before installing it in your vehicle.
  • Test the connection after you close the truck’s hood. To make sure that you are following the right procedure, make sure to have a look at the manual of the owner.

Can you wire LED light bar directly to battery?

Yes, you can directly wire the LED light bar to the battery. If you can establish a connection between the light cables and the LED bar, it is also possible to do so with the battery.

However, a car battery carries adequate power to melt a wrench easily, that touches both the terminals. In case the LED bar or any part of the cable has a short circuit, it might lead to a fire. Therefore, make sure to have a fuse in place. Install it near the positive terminal of the battery, so that you remain safe.

Besides, connecting the LED light bar directly to the battery might lead to faster battery drainage. However, this system would be fine in case the relay completely disconnects the bar.


By now, you must be more confident than ever before when it comes to fixing LED tailgate light bar problems. At the outset, it is logical to inspect the system and find the actual cause behind the issue.

This way, you can effectively fix your problems. Failure of the tailgate light might mess up the intensity of the beam. In this article, we have explained the common fixes lucidly so that you can fix the issue yourself.

In case you are not comfortable with the process, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance from a mechanic. Under no condition can you wait long enough, as a malfunctioning light compromises the safety of the driver.