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Is A Ford Taurus A Good Car? How Long It Last? [ Answered ]

Is A Ford Taurus A Good Car? How Long It Last? [ Answered ]

The Ford Taurus has dominated American streets since the 1980s. Even today, the Taurus makes into the list of most sought sedans. Between 2019 and 2021, there was a brief discontinuation of this model. Currently, many car enthusiasts are eager to purchase one of the used models. Well, the Ford Taurus is a good car, given that the company has already sold over 3 million models all these years.

Let’s explore the reliability, common glitches, best year model, and other particulars of this car.

Is a Ford Taurus a good car?

You are probably thinking of the reliability of the Ford Taurus, right? Reliability is a standard parameter that can tell you how dependable the car is. As per J.D. Power, the Ford Taurus 2019 is a ‘Great’ car. It has bagged a reliability rating of 83 out of 100. Also, it is an ‘above average’ car as per RepairPal, with a score of 4 out of 5. You would have to shell out standard ownership costs, as the car involves a repair cost of $697 annually.

On online forums, Ford Taurus owners have heaped praises for the manufacturer, thanks to the long lifeline and promising performance. Assessing the common complaints, it appears that these cars have leakage issues in the engine oil pan gasket. This generates the odor of burning oil in the car.

Also, the Taurus happens to be one of the most dependable models from Ford. Around 11.46% of these cars hit the 150K miles benchmark.

In terms of depreciation, the Ford Taurus loses value relatively fast. The last model that the manufacturer launched in 2019 has lost around 36% of its value. On the other hand, the 2010 model has lost around 79% of its original value.

If you prioritize reliability, purchasing a Ford Taurus would be worth it. The reason is that it fares better than many other models when you consider the frequency and severity of the repairs.

What problems do Ford Taurus have?

Have a look at the common glitches with the Taurus that owners complained of over the years.

  • The older models between 2007 and 2009 had leakage issues with the engine oil pan gasket. The leakage of oil into the exhaust system from the gasket leads to a burning smell. You need to shell out $320 to $380 to fix the issue.
  • Under cold environmental conditions, you might find it challenging to start the car due to an idle valve for bypassing air.
  • Glitches in the sun load sensor, light switch, or the smart junction box might lead to malfunctioning automatic headlights.
  • Other issues include engine misfiring, and falling out of the magnet in the camshaft position.
  • The speed of AC might keep changing in some older models.

These issues might be a matter of concern if you settle for a used car that Ford had launched before 2017. The subsequent models are relatively new, and one needs to find out whether the manufacturer has addressed the issues in the recent ones.

What year Ford Taurus should I avoid?

If you decide to purchase a used Ford Taurus, make sure not to go for the models between 2003 and 2005. Particularly, the 2003 model is the worst-performing of the bunch.

  • Transmission issues continue to haunt Taurus owners with the 2003 model. As per Car Complaint, the transmission issue in this model required the owners to shell out $1,930 on average for repairs. Mostly, this glitch kicks in after the car travels approximately 93,200 miles.
  • For the 2005 model owners, the scenario was worse. The transmission failure problem involved an average repair cost of $2,170 at around 80,450 miles.
  • The Ford Taurus 2004 also had similar glitches, and the owners had to fork out around $2,200 at approximately 98,850 miles.

Some of the common issues leading to transmission failure include poor maintenance of the car’s fluid, failed solenoids of transmission, and low fluid levels. Transmission slipping and transmission lunges are some of the other problems owners have encountered in some models.

What year is the best Ford Taurus?

Statistics on Consumer Reports reveal 2014 to be the best year for the Ford Taurus.

So, car enthusiasts interested to purchase a full-size car should go for the 2014 model. You’ll admire its great acceleration and smooth ride. The car comes with a robust twin-turbo engine (V6). Currently, you will find one of these cars for around $21,000.

How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last?

Adhering to the recommended maintenance, you can use your Ford Taurus for up to 20 years. These powerful cars can last up to 200,000 miles, or even more. Considering the average annual mileage between 10K and 20K miles, these cars would serve you for 10 to 20 years.

The Ford Taurus would bother you relatively less with unscheduled repairs, approximately 0.18 times a year. The problem getting severe has an 11% probability. One of these cars even hit the 250K mile mark, which implies that with proper care, you can make the most out of your vehicles.

Interestingly, around 26.03% of these cars have their odometer recording 100K to 149K miles. Among the longest-lasting cars (passenger vehicles) that reach the 200K mark, the Ford Taurus finds itself in the 7th position. Around 1.6% of these cars hit this landmark, while the Toyota Avalon and the Honda Odyssey have better figures, with 2.5% of these cars reaching 200K miles, the Taurus fares better than the Honda Civic and the Toyota Camry Hybrid (both 1.2%).

Is Ford Tauruses Expensive To Maintain?

At $697, the annual maintenance cost of Tauruses looks reasonable. Compared to similar cars like the Mercury Milan ($623), the Chevrolet Impala ($503), and the Buick LaCrosse ($481), this might seem to be a little higher. However, the Ford Taurus has proven to be a reliable car, with less frequent technical glitches which aren’t too severe. This way, maintaining the cars won’t cost you too much. The model that Ford launched in 2019 requires only $314 as the annual maintenance charge.

Are Ford Tauruses parts expensive?

No, replacing the parts of your Ford Taurus wouldn’t involve too much cost.

Leakages in the engine oil pan gasket happen to be the most common issue with Ford Tauruses. However, this is not a major concern, and the repair costs are low. You need to shell out $320 to $380 to fix the leakage. Among other issues, you need to address engine misfire issues. Fixing the flaw would cost you around $88 to $111. During instances like engine stalls, you need to shell out a relatively low cost.


Ford Taurus has proven to be a reliable car, provided you choose the right year model. In 2021, Ford released a new model, but not much information is available on the performance of this car. Although the maintenance charges are a bit higher, it’s manageable. With proper care, you can make the car serve you over 200K miles. Evidently, the Ford Taurus is good to go as a passenger car with decent luxury.