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Is Audi More Expensive Than Mercedes? [ Find Out Why ]

Is Audi More Expensive Than Mercedes? [ Find Out Why ]

Audi is definitely one of the most expensive car brands out there, and so is Mercedes. If you are planning to purchase a luxury car soon, you’re probably comparing the top brands. To answer your question, no, a Mercedes is usually costlier than an Audi. However, the price varies from one model to another, and in some instances, you might find an Audi to be more expensive. Do keep in mind that this calculation is based on only the initial price, without taking into account any long-term costs.

Is Audi more expensive than Mercedes?

Mercedes still holds its place as the No. 1 luxury car brand, while Audi is in the third place. With that said, it comes as no surprise that a Mercedes is generally more expensive, as long as you are comparing similar cars. For instance, a 2021 Audi Q7 comes with a retail price tag of USD 54,950, while a 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class costs USD 76,500.

Now, although an Audi is usually cheaper than a Mercedes in terms of the initial cost, it can potentially be more expensive to maintain. This can drive up the overall price in the long run, which is something to consider before you decide whether to buy an Audi or a Mercedes.

Is Audi more prestigious than Mercedes?

When it comes to luxury cars, prestige happens to be a defining factor in choosing the right vehicle. You’d want a luxury car that stands out from the crowd and enhances your stature. One of the factors that have helped Mercedes hold their spot as the No. 1 luxury car brand is the brand’s prestige value. In general, Mercedes is more prestigious than Audi, which is why the former tends to have the wealthiest clients. However, potential buyers should consider certain aspects.

Car model and make

The car model you choose has a lot to do with the brand legacy it imparts. When it comes to Audi or BMW, not every model attracts equal esteem. The design features tend to give away the class of the car, and the low-end luxury models do not stand out as much. On the other hand, a Mercedes always stands out regardless of whether it is an A-class or an S-class, especially to the layman. As a brand, Mercedes definitely holds more prestige than Audi.


While Mercedes still rules as the most prestigious car brand, Audi is quickly growing into a more powerful player in the market. The latter depends largely on its image as a brand that constantly pursues innovation. Audi has been constantly coming up with various cutting-edge technologies and implementing them in models in various price ranges. Hence, if you want to stand out in terms of sophistication, Audi may be a better choice.


Mercedes’ long history as a luxury car brand has helped them retain their spot too. Over time, Mercedes has developed a firm hold over the market, establishing itself as a go-to luxury car brand for many. The rich history of Mercedes, together with the brand’s popularity among the wealthy, makes this brand more popular. Audi is relatively much newer to the luxury car market. Until not too long ago, many considered Audi to be just an upscale version of Volkswagen, rather than a true luxury brand.

Why Are Audis So Expensive?

Although an Audi is cheaper than a Mercedes, one cannot ignore the fact that Audis are still quite expensive. The high pricing is mostly a result of the high-end parts and latest technologies you’d find in an Audi. Here are three reasons why Audis tend to be expensive.


Firstly, if you are shopping for a luxury car, you should expect it to be expensive. Although Audi lags behind Mercedes, they’re still among the top 3 luxury car brands in the world. The brand has made a mark of its own in the German luxury automobile market. Hence, it’s only normal that Audis are expensive, with plenty of these cars priced at more than USD 100,000.

Brand positioning

Being one of the top luxury car brands gives Audi the flexibility to raise the prices without worrying much about a drop in sales. Audi’s reputation has helped them secure top-class clientele across the world. After all, not every buyer can afford a high-end luxury car and Audi’s target customers consist of those who can.


As pointed out previously, Audi deploys state-of-the-art technology in their cars. For instance, many consider Audi’s four-wheel-drive system to be the best in the world. Every new model comes with stunning features that help it stand out. Naturally, such technology doesn’t come cheap, and this reflects in the price of the cars.

Are Audis more expensive to repair?

A major pain point about owning an Audi is that your car will be expensive to repair and maintain. Be it an Audi A3, A4, or A6, they are all costlier to maintain compared to their equivalents from Mercedes or BMW. Among these, the largest difference applies to the A4, which is about 39% more expensive to repair than its Mercedes equivalent, the Mercedes Benz C-class.

Most vehicles have average repair costs of around USD 631. An Audi, however, involves yearly repair costs of USD 1,011 on average. This stark difference is not only because of Audi’s position as a luxury brand, but also the technologies they use.

Why Audis are expensive to maintain?

While Audis are definitely quite expensive to maintain, there are several reasons behind it:

High-quality parts

The replacement of damaged components comprises a major portion of an Audi’s maintenance costs. Now, German technology holds a special reputation when it comes to quality. As one of Germany’s best car manufacturers, Audi makes use of high-end parts too. Of course, such components are expensive and this drives up the repair costs.

Unique technologies

While Audis come with the latest technologies, there’s a catch. Such technologies are unique, which means you may not have a cheaper alternative available when your car needs repairs or maintenance. The car mechanics need to be accustomed to these technologies too, and you may have a hard time finding the right personnel for the job outside of Audi’s authorized service centers.

Luxury brand

Once again, Audi’s position as a leading luxury car brand comes into play. Naturally, a high-luxury vehicle would be more expensive to service than a regular car or a low-end luxury vehicle. Audi enjoys the freedom to price their components as they deem fit. After all, they are well aware that there aren’t many alternatives and the clientele consists of wealthy individuals anyway. However, this is the case with almost any high-end car brand anyway.

Audi vs. other car price comparison

Audi happens to be a great choice if you are trying to get a top-notch luxury vehicle at a relatively cheaper price compared to most brands of similar esteem. Here’s a comparison of the Audi A4 in relation to its competition. We have chosen the Audi A4 for this comparison due to its popularity as a well-balanced luxury car within a relatively smaller budget.

Model Price
2021 Audi A4 $39,100
2021 BMW 3-Series $41,250
2021 Cadillac CT4 $33,395
2021 Lexus IS $39,050
2021 Mercedes-Benz C-class $41,600
2021 Alpha Romeo Giulia $40,350


Considering Audi’s value as a brand and their reputation for top-notch quality, buying an Audi can be a good idea. However, do make sure to choose the right model and make, as not every car from the same brand is equally good. You’ll still have to shell out some extra expenses on repairs and maintenance, but that is the cost of the high-end technology Audi offers. If you prefer to go for a car with lower repair costs, you always have other options.