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Intech RV Problems : [ Know Some Common Problems Here ]

Intech RV Problems : [ Know Some Common Problems Here ]

Intech RV is a company that was launched in 2010 with excellent features and designs and is known for making trailers and campers. There are several problems with the vehicles of Intech RV, but most people love purchasing the car due to the outside alumni cage. Some common issues of the vehicle include less space for plumbing equipment placement and extra tires. Moreover, the walls of this vehicle have poor insulation, and therefore, people feel cold during the winter season due to the chilling walls. The car’s air filters also generate faulty noise due to the accumulation of dust in the air filters and the damaged fan motors.

Additionally, the blinds of the vehicle windows also break early due to poor build quality. These are some significant problems that are observable in the Intech RV. Apart from these, some good features like the vehicle possess a comfortable dining space for around 4-5 people. The campers also have big windows, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the environment. The significant defects faced by the customers after purchasing inTech RV are listed below.

Common Intech Rv Problems

1. Bad insulation

One of the major problems of this vehicle is the poor insulation problem. During the chilling winters, it affects the people when the interior walls fail to stop the cold from getting inside the car. The users have many complaints regarding cold issues while traveling to different places.

The cold problems are due to the inadequate insulation of the vehicle walls that cannot resist the chilling wind coming from outside. Due to the daily usage, the propane heaters fixed inside the inTech Rv also go wrong during winters. Therefore, it makes people feel cold at night and ultimately disturbs their sleep.

Moreover, due to the faulty manufacturing insulation of the vehicle, the water tanks and pipes also remain cold during winters. Sometimes, these pipes get frozen and burst out due to leaks in very cold regions. The lousy insulation of the walls also increases moisture content that causes molds to grow in different parts of the vehicle.

The optimum way to resolve this issue is to place fat cushioned pillows on the walls to protect the chilling cold from coming inside. You can also cover them with a layer of fiberglass to minimize heat loss. It will also help you maintain your camper’s inside temperature based on external conditions.

2. Large Bed Problem

These small RV vehicles have large-sized beds for the people when they sleep at night. However, queen-sized beds are good because they are comfortable, but the major problem is that they occupy too much space inside the small car. A significant issue of the inTech Rv is the small-sized interior, where people face problems moving around.

People inside the car also face problems while getting down from bed because the vehicle has only one non-insulated wall on the side of the bathroom. Most of the time, people complain about the injury on their feet while getting out of bed. The side tables, placed above the other, also occupy too much space.

These tables occupy space around the walls, making it challenging to move around the furniture. It isn’t very pleasant when you cannot move around the vehicle comfortably. Moreover, the camper car can only accommodate 2-3 people inside to live comfortably. Due to the big beds inside the inTech RVs, it is problematic to place the furniture, and it can be unpleasant for other people who need to climb other people to get out of bed.

This problem can be resolved by placing small beds and interior furniture inside the car. Moreover, you can also remove the furniture set above the other to increase space inside the vehicles. Using floor bedding instead of a king-sized bed might also prove effective.

3. Less storage space

Storage space has always been a significant issue for RV vehicles due to minimal cabinets and small-sized interiors. Moreover, when you go on extended trips with your inTech RV, you need to carry a large amount of luggage along with the camping tools that might be ineffective in such a case.

These small cabinet cars are not enough to accommodate more than three people, and it has minimal cabinets, making it challenging to store clothes while traveling. When people cannot fit their items of baggage and clothes in the storage and keep these pieces of luggage on the floor, they face issues while walking.

The bathrooms have significantly less space, and the height of the roof is also less inside the inTech RV. The less heightened roofs are also problematic because when the water droplets of the showers come in contact with the construction materials, it results in the scrapping of the roof and causes leakages.

Moreover, the small cabinets cannot protect the clothes from dust, and therefore, the clothes become dirty. Moreover, there is no storage space for the tires. Therefore, people will also have to carry an extra tires and luggage for an emergency. Moreover, there is no proper storage for the plumbing equipment either.

The best way to resolve this issue is by placing the luggage or the tires under the beds. You can use more hangers to keep clothes instead of directly inside the cabinets.

4. Noise in AC fans

Air conditioners are essential for the inTech RVs because they help you withstand high-temperature conditions. Sometimes, these AC fans become noisy, making it uncomfortable for people to sleep at night. The noise problems mean that there is some serious issue in the air conditioner and you cannot ignore it.

When you do not maintain the cleanliness of the inTech RVs, the dust particles get stuck in the condensers and filters that generate a rattling sound. When you see these sounds in your camper, you should get them checked soon. Else, it might not only damage your sleep at night but also ruin your travel plans.

The blower of the fan is easily accessible. Before contacting any mechanic, you can access the blower to check if the fan is running appropriately or not.

5. Damaged window blinds

Window blinds are essential for the inTech Rv cars because they protect the vehicle from scorching outside heat and sunlight. Moreover, the window blinds of these campers also offer a luxurious and relaxed look to the cars. Many inTech RV owners claim that the window blinds break within 5-6 months of purchase.

The breakage can occur when you frequently use the window blind string up and down. It also decreases the longevity and strength of the window panes. Sometimes, due to the low quality of the window blinds, they start cracking due to the exposure to excessive heat and sunlight. The damaged window might also let moisture inside and cause faster damage to the blinds.

The window blinds also have an age limit. When they become old, they lose their strength and reliability. However, these window blinds can be fixed with screws. Avoid pushing them up and down frequently because it might reduce the power of the blinds and make them damaged quickly.

Final Words

Multiple faults are addressed in the inTech RV vehicles. All of them make the car compact for 3-4 people. However, if you plan a trip with 6-7 members to some destination, the camper car would not be an optimum choice. Although these issues are solvable, they might ruin your travel plan if any major problem occurs while traveling on the road.

Issues like the storage space can be adjusted by using floor beds or hangers for keeping the clothes. It would be best to resolve the problem before you take out your RV on the road. Contact a mechanic and do a complete checking of your inTech RV before making a travel plan to any destination.