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What Size Toolbox Fits A Tacoma? [ Updated 2022 Guide ]

What Size Toolbox Fits A Tacoma? [ Updated 2022 Guide ]

Tacoma’s finest toolbox makes life better and more accessible by keeping your tools safe, organized, and available anytime you need them. A toolbox should be included in every Tacoma since it is simple to install and provides excellent security for your tools and accessories. Another tremendous advantage of having a toolbox is storing fishing equipment, camping equipment, golf clubs, and other large items.

Simply mount a robust, weather-resistant, lockable toolbox to your Tacoma bed. Remember that not all truck tool boxes are created equal, and you don’t want your toolbox to become an oversized junk drawer, so research the best Tacoma toolboxes available.

What size toolbox fits a Tacoma?

The Better Built 73210285 is used to make a tool chest for my 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Surprisingly, it has a low-profile crossover classic style that complements nearly all 2nd generation Tacoma models. The toolbox took up only 12″ of cargo space due to its thin design. Thanks to the two front-facing handles with quick pull-style latches that provide a more secure locking system, this box is easy to open.

Another noticeable feature about the box is how simple it is to close with just a click. Unlike other toolboxes on the market, this one does not require you to slam the lids shut tightly. It also accommodates all truck tools, recreational equipment, and fishing rods, with enough room left over for other items.

Another fit for Tacoma is Zee DZ8537B which is a good product because it will suit any model of Toyota Tacoma. Another attractive feature of this chest is its lightweight aluminum construction with a black powder coat finish. The glossy black toolbox did not rust after being exposed to rain, humidity, and moisture for an extended time. As a result, it is recommended to anyone who travels during the rainy season.

Thanks to the handles on each side, which reduces the trouble of lifting the toolbox, which weighs roughly 37 lbs. It comes with all necessary gear, including self-tapping screws, to secure it to the truck’s bed. A sliding plastic tray that glides back and forth is also helpful for storing smaller objects.

2020 Toyota Tacoma toolbox size

The dimensions of Toyota Tacoma 2020 are L: 37″ x L1: 14″ x H: 19.5″ x H1: 8.5″ x W: 7.75″. It is a chest box with a single lid.

2021 Toyota Tacoma toolbox size

The Volume of the Toyota Tacoma 2021 toolbox is 5.4 cubic ft.; L 63″ x W 14.75″ x H 14.37″. Made of plastic material, this toolbox is A crossover.

2002 Toyota Tacoma toolbox size

L 60″ x W 20″ x H 19″ are the dimensions of Toyota Tacoma 2002 toolbox.

2001 Toyota Tacoma toolbox size

60″ Length x 19.25″ Width x 13.5″ Height are the dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma 2001 toolbox, and its Volume is 7.6 Cu.

1998 Toyota Tacoma toolbox size

The dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma 1998 toolbox are 60″ in Length x 19.25″ Width x 13.5″ in height; which is a crossover and made of bright aluminum.

Ways to measure a toolbox for a Toyota Tacoma

Measure the distance between the bed rails

This distance determines the most incredible breadth your toolbox can reach. From the outside of one-bed rail to the outside of the other, measure the distance. When looking for toolboxes, keep in mind that there are two length measurements: the wider top that sits on the bed rails and the smaller base that fits between the rails.

Measure the height of the walls of your bed

Measure the height of the bed from the base to the ceiling of the rail for this number. This measurement will determine how tall your toolbox can go. Most typical boxes will not extend to the floor. However, certain oversized tool chests may be taller than your bed and may not fit.

Calculate the distance between your wheel wells’ base and the bulkhead

Determine the amount of space between the bulkhead and the floor of the wheel wells on each side of your box. There should be no clearance concerns with full-size truck beds, both long and short, and Mid-size truck beds with more temporary beds may be an option.

Things to consider when selecting a toolbox for your Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to selecting the ideal toolbox for your Toyota Tacoma truck, the following are some considerations to make:

1) The truck’s bed size

Vehicle tool boxes are often divided into size groups based on the truck you drive. Check the truck bed’s internal dimensions to ensure it will fit. It prevents you from having a toolbox hanging off the sides. The measurements you should take for the toolbox for your truck bed are:

  • The bed wall height.
  • Distance between outside bed rails.
  • Distance between the wheel wall base and bulkhead.

2) Cargo carrying capacity

Consider how much capacity you’ll require. If you frequently transport huge merchandise and power tools, you’ll need a larger box. If you require quick access to small devices, choose a narrower toolbox.

3) Accessibility

A side mount toolbox will allow simple access to your gear and reduce the need to extend too much while reaching for your tools if your truck bed will be routinely occupied.

4) Truck toolbox type

Knowing the many sorts of truck tool boxes available can make it easier to select the right one for you. The following are some examples of toolboxes:

  • Toolbox for crossovers

The most frequent type of truck toolbox is this one. The bed rails support the crossover toolbox, which is mounted against the back of your truck. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Crossover toolboxes are typically built with a single lid that opens back, while others have two doors that open in the middle. It splits the weight of the cover, making it easier to open and close.

  • Toolbox with a side mount

A crossover toolbox isn’t the best option when your vehicle bed is stuffed with goods. The gear in the crossover box’s middle will be difficult to access.

It is where the side mount comes in, which is mounted on the truck bed’s sidewalls to provide simple access. They can be made longer to accommodate larger equipment.

  • Toolbox with specialized tools

They’re excellent for adding extra storage space. They are available in various styles, including a stand-alone tool chest, a trapezoidal box that is great for trailers, and one that can be fitted below the wheel wells for additional storage.


Customers will find it easier to get the best toolbox for Tacoma if they follow the buying tips and take notes on the essential aspects to consider. Matching existing task requirements to the functions of the ideal gadget, like with any other product selection process, is the most efficient method. When you have the best piece in your possession, look after it. As a result, the toolbox will be a long-term collaborator, supporting our work with exceptional durability and functionality.