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How Much Is It To Get Your Tires Rotated? [ 2022 Updated ]

How Much Is It To Get Your Tires Rotated? [ 2022 Updated ]

As every car owner should know, rotating the tires regularly is crucial in maximizing their longevity. Not all four tires face equal wear and tear as the load varies from one wheel to another.

By rotating the wheels every 5,000 miles or so, you can spread out the wear. You might be looking for an estimate of how much it costs to rotate tires.

Well, the cost varies from place to place, and factors such as any additional services you opt for would also count. Regardless, getting your tires rotating is definitely worth your money.

How much is it to get your tires rotated?

On average, getting the tires rotated costs between 10 to 20 dollars per wheel, but the total cost usually stays between USD 24 and USD 50. However, at some places, you may also have to shell out up to USD 120 in total.

Again, some places offer tire rotation at much cheaper costs and you might be able to get all four tires rotated for 10 to 15 dollars. It’s hard to estimate the prices to get your tires rotated, as it depends on several factors. Moreover, different places charge different rates for tire rotation services.

Of course, if you have the necessary tools, you could save all the money by rotating the tires. However, getting the job done by a professional is a much better choice.

Besides the fact that an experienced professional can do it much better, it also allows you to get the tires inspected by them. It’s best to just check out the tire stores or garages that offer tire rotation and see which one offers the best deal.

How much does Walmart tire rotation cost?

Walmart offers a cheap, cheap tire rotation – USD 2.50 per tire. It’s likely one of the first places that came to your mind when considering where to go for the tire rotation.

After all, Walmart doesn’t need any introduction – we all know that they sell an amazing variety of things, including tires. Especially if you’re a regular at Walmart, you might prefer to get the tire rotation done there.

Well, going to Walmart to have your tires rotated isn’t a bad idea, considering the affordable price they charge. Being able to get all four tires rotated at just USD 10 is a pretty good deal, far cheaper than the average cost.

You might want to note that the 2.50 dollars per tire deal doesn’t include balancing. A lifetime balance and rotation package at Walmart costs USD 14.00 per tire, which is still quite good anyway.

How much is a tire rotation at Jiffy Lube?

Tire rotation at Jiffy Lube costs USD 40. Although this is more expensive than a Walmart tire rotation, it is pretty much the average tire rotation cost anyway.

In this regard, you should keep in mind that the pricing for tire rotation varies from one Jiffy Lube location to another, depending on the average income rate in the state or area.

Jiffy Lube is a reliable company, which is why you might want to choose them for tire rotation.

Moreover, they also offer several other car maintenance services that you could avail while getting the tires rotated. Jiffy Lube holds a particularly good reputation for oil services, which also happens to be their primary focus.

Tire rotation cost at dealership

The cost of having your tires rotated at a brand dealership usually ranges from USD 20 to USD 45. It does vary from one dealership to another but usually stays within the same price range.

For instance, a tire rotation at a Toyota dealership may cost up to USD 45, while a Nissan dealership would charge USD 40 at most. At both dealerships, the tire rotation rates start at 20 USD.

One of the perks of visiting a dealership is that you may be able to get major discounts using coupons, potentially lowering the price by up to 50%. Toyota even offers completely free tire rotation for tires purchased through specific third-party tire stores, like Goodyear.

How much is a tire rotation at Discount Tire?

Tire rotation at Discount Tire is cheap– only costs USD 15. While this may not be as pocket-friendly as a Walmart tire rotation, it’s still a very good price compared to other places.

As described earlier, most places charge at least 20 to 25 US dollars for tire rotations. If affordability is a major concern for you but Walmart isn’t a convenient option, feel free to go to Discount Tire instead.

While we’re at it, you might also note that Discount Tire offers free rotations for tires purchased from them. Moreover, you can also use coupons to get discounts on the tire rotation cost if you aren’t eligible for a free rotation. Overall, Discount Tire is a great option and will help you save a good deal of money.

How much is a tire rotation at Valvoline?

You’ll have to shell out anything between USD 25 and USD 30 to have your tires rotated at Valvoline. While Valvoline doesn’t quite offer the cheapest tire rotations, they’re one of your top choices in terms of quality of work.

Valvoline holds the brand image of being one of the most professional places for car services, and they live up to it.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to complete a tire rotation at Valvoline, which is indeed rather impressive. Valvoline would be a great option if you are willing to spend a little more for the sake of quality and convenience.

What’s the Electric Vehicle Tire Rotation and Cost?

Tire rotation for an electric vehicle costs the same as any other vehicle when done at independent tire stores, but is more expensive at dealerships.

However, this isn’t always viable as independent stores and service centers might not have the right tools to work with an EV.

Tesla cars, for instance, require a great deal of precision and specific tools to rotate the tires safely. As the batteries lie on the underside of the car, one could accidentally puncture them by placing a jack in the wrong position.

Getting the tires of a Tesla car rotated at a Tesla dealership can be very expensive – it costs USD 150. Although this includes balancing, 150 US dollars for tire rotation might seem ridiculously expensive.

You’ll have to choose between going ahead with the costly tire rotation at a Tesla dealership or taking your chance with an independent service center. In case you choose the latter, check if the professional handling the job has experience with rotating tires for EVs.

Factors that can impact the cost of tire rotation

As you noticed so far, the cost of tire rotation varies significantly. Factors that affect tire rotation cost include:

1. Different brands

It is only normal that different businesses will charge different rates for their services as long as the price range mostly stays somewhat similar.

The amount that you’ll have to shell out depends largely on where you’re going for the tire rotation. Walmart is particularly known for its budget-friendly pricing, while you could also say the same about Discount Tire. Tesla dealerships, on the other hand, charge an exorbitant rate.

2. Place

The location of the store can affect the price too. Different states or areas in the US have different average income rates, based on which the brands may adjust the prices. Jiffy Lube, for example, charges varying prices across different states.

3. Other associated services

Whether you opt for only tire rotation or any other associated services will also impact the cost. For instance, it’s common (and recommended) to get your wheels balanced while rotating the tires.

As we demonstrated earlier, Walmart has a separate service package that includes both tire rotation and balancing, which costs more than just rotating the tires. Tesla’s example works too – they charge a much more expensive price than the rest but include balancing under it.

What’s the Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) Tire Rotation Cost?

On average, it will cost you 24 to 50 US dollars for a tire rotation on a front-wheel drive vehicle. For FWD vehicles, it is best to rotate the tires in an X-pattern by moving all the tires diagonally.

The forward cross is a common pattern for FWD cars too, where you move the front tire directly back and swap the rear axle tires diagonally to the front.

What’s the Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) Tire Rotation Cost?

A rear-wheel-drive tire rotation will cost you between USD 24 and 50 at most places. It’s best to follow the rearward cross pattern for these vehicles. This pattern involves moving the rear tires to the front without changing sides while rotating the front tire diagonally to the rear.

What’s the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Tire Rotation Cost?

For all-wheel-drive vehicles too, you’ll have to shell out something between USD 24 and 50 for the tire rotation. The rearward cross is the best pattern for AWD vehicles.

What’s the Four-Wheel-Drive Tire Rotation Cost?

Like all-wheel-drive vehicles, it will cost you around 24 to 50 USD to rotate tires on a 4WD vehicle. For these vehicles too, the rearward cross is the best pattern for tire rotation.

What’s the Electric Vehicle Tire Rotation and Cost?

Rotating an electric car’s tires can cost up to USD 150. While you can get the tires rotated at a regular garage for a cheaper price, EVs often require special tools and techniques. A Tesla service center will charge you 150 dollars for a tire rotation.

Is it possible to rotate your own tires?

Yes, you can rotate your tires yourself, provided you have the tools for it. You are going to need a torque wrench, a trolley jack, four axle stands, latex gloves, sockets, and a breaker bar. Follow these steps to rotate the tires:

  • Loosen all the nuts on the wheel using the breaker bar. Do this before jacking up the car – once you have raised the vehicle, it will be harder to do.
  • Using the jack, raise the car and position the axle stands. Lower the jack so that the vehicle remains raised by the stands, and finally remove it.
  • Remove all the wheel nuts using a regular ratchet with the correct socket. You can now remove the wheels.
  • Swap the wheels to their new positions and put the wheels back on. Tighten the nuts using your torque wrench.


You can get your tires rotated for free by doing it yourself, but feel free to hire a professional if you aren’t confident.

Buying the tools needed for tire rotation is a good idea only if you drive your car frequently and require rotations. Otherwise, it’s more cost-effective to just take your car to a garage or tire store for a tire rotation.