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How To Open Ford Fusion Hood? [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Open Ford Fusion Hood? [ Step By Step Guide ]

As a Ford Fusion owner, you must be knowing the right way to open the hood of this car from both inside and outside. Well, there are times when owners forget the key inside the car, or end up with a dead battery.

Of course, these troubling moments can frustrate you, but you need to find a way out. The last thing you would expect is the car’s hood getting stuck due to a faulty mechanism that you had deployed to open it.

Ultimately, when you get to open the Ford Fusion hood from the outside, you get to know the problem. Accordingly, you can work on it to sort it out.

In this article, you will get to know the best practices for opening the hood of your Ford Fusion. We have also discussed how you can open it from the outside.

How to open Ford Fusion hood?

You might want to open the Ford Fusion hood from the outside in case the battery is dead. In this situation, the following steps would help you open the hood.

  • In the first place, check out the key fob for the key.
  • Below the driver door handle, you would find a slot where you need to insert the key and unlock the door.
  • Next, find the latch for the hood release by the floor under the steering.
  • Once you release the hood by pulling, get out of your Ford Fusion.
  • Now move to the front of your car and search for the hood release on the right of the hood.
  • Simply open the hood and fix the necessary accessories or jumpstart your car.

If you are a first-timer, the Ford Fusion might confuse you as it comes with key fobs. Even if the key fob battery does or the car battery dies, there’s nothing to bother you. We have further discussed other means to access the contents of the hood in this article.

Opening the Ford Fusion hood with a dead battery

In case your Ford Fusion has a dead battery, you need to locate the key fob in the first place. This remote-control device is small and would help you start your car by unlocking it.

Ford integrates this electronic device into the cars, programming it to start, unlock, or lock your car. The key fob would let the owner keep the keys away in the pocket, and not carry them every time they leave the car.

However, a dead fob battery can cause issues, since you won’t be able to access your vehicle. Besides, if your Ford Fusion battery dies, you might encounter issues with the car key, particularly when the key fob isn’t able to open the car remotely.

So, if you are unable to unlock your car after its battery dies, you still have a way around it. You would come across a hidden key in the key fob itself. Find the slide present on the key fob. You need to take the key out by releasing this slide.

Under the driver’s door handle, you would find the key slot. Here, you need to insert the key to unlock the door. In this way, the hood latch would become accessible.

Considering the steering wheel, you would locate the hood latch on the left of the Ford Fusion’s floor.

Once you pull the release, the hood pop would eventually open. However, in this situation, you would notice that the hood is not opening completely. This would require you to get out of the car and prop it open.

When you are outside, find the hood latch on the side of the driver under the hood. Now open the hood by pulling the latch. This would enable you to access the battery under a covering of plastic.

Where do you pop the hood on a Ford Fusion?

In a Ford Fusion, you need to inspect the left side of the car or the steering wheel, close to the floor. Here, you would locate the hood latch. The hood pop would open only when you pull the hood release. The hood would open partially, and you should prop it open by exiting the car.

Using a dead key fob battery to start your Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion owners need not worry even if they have a dead-key fob battery. So, follow these steps that will help you start your car.

  • As we have explained, find the concealed key in the first place.
  • Insert the key in the slot of the Ford Fusion’s door handle. Thus, you can unlock the car. This would be located under the handle of the driver’s door.
  • Position yourself on the driver’s seat after unlocking the door.
  • In the steering console or the center console, you would find the key fob slot.
  • Make sure that the buttons face out when you insert it into the slot.
  • Push the start button using the key fob. You need to hold the brake down. This implies that the Ford Fusion would recognize the start and key fob.

When the Ford Fusion starts, visit a local automotive store or a Ford dealer and fetch a new key fob battery.

Can you open the Ford Fusion hood from outside?

Yes, it is possible to open the hood of your Ford Fusion from the outside.

At times, you might land up in a frustrating situation where the hood of your Ford Fusion doesn’t release from the inside of the car. In these circumstances, your approach must be a bit strategic. Although the process turns out to be time-intensive, it is possible to open the hood of your Ford Fusion from the outside.

How to open the Ford Fusion hood from outside?

  • You would need a long screwdriver with a flat head to open the hood of your Ford Fusion from the outside.
  • Locate the second piece of the grill on the front of the vehicle.
  • Insert the screwdriver with a flat head into the grill on the far drive side, considering the position of the grill.
  • There would be a metal notch, which you would feel. Push this notch to the right of the vehicle.
  • When the latch of the hood releases, you would hear a clicking noise.
  • Now, you need to carry out the same process on the vehicle’s far passenger side.
  • Find the metal latch in the second piece of the grill once again.
  • Repeat the same process as you press the hood latch release. In this case, you need to push this component to the right side of the vehicle.

Where is the hood latch located in Ford Fusion?

The hood latch in your Ford Fusion may be located in two places. As an owner, you need to access the first one inside the car, where the latch would be close to the floor beside the driver’s door. The second latch would be present under the hood of the car on the driver’s side.

What would happen if the hood latch of your Ford Fusion breaks?

Sometimes, the hood latch inside the car might break. However, this component would still be in a usable condition. One has to put aside the hood latch to get access to the release cable. When you put this component aside, you need to pull the release cable using a pair of pliers.

The hood latch inside the Ford Fusion might be delicate in some cars. If the latch under the hood breaks, you need to find another way out.

  • Pull the hood lever inside the Ford Fusion to make the hood pop.
  • Use vice grips or pliers to catch the metal hood lever and make sure that it releases the hood.
  • Taking this process might benefit from having someone around to help you open the hood.


Failing to open the hood of your car can land you in trouble. So, now you know the easiest solutions that would help you open the food of your Ford Fusion. Even if you find yourself locked outside, opening the hood wouldn’t be an issue for you.

Most importantly, Ford provides the additional key in the fob to bail you out of the mess. If you still have some issues, don’t hesitate to approach a Ford mechanic for further assistance.