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How Long Will A Buick Enclave Last? [ Reliability Explained ]

How Long Will A Buick Enclave Last? [ Reliability Explained ]

The Buick Enclave has come a long way down since 2018 as a reliable family vehicle. The midsize SUV can comfortably accommodate 7 people and has 3 rows. The wide plethora of integrations, visual appeal, and the lively engine of the Enclave make it one of the most outstanding picks in its class. In case you are willing to get an Enclave for your family, it’s worth considering the average lifeline of the car. In this article, we have comprehensively discussed this aspect, along with other particulars like reliability and maintenance. With these inputs, making a purchase decision would become easier for you.

How long will a Buick Enclave last?

As a pretty durable SUV, the Buick Enclave can serve you between 200K to 250K miles. However, owners need to adopt sensible driving habits and ensure timely maintenance to make their Enclaves attain a long lifeline. Therefore, if you consider the average annual mileage to be around 15K miles, the car would last for 13 to 17 years. After this, you might have to fork out repair costs frequently, making the maintenance uneconomical.

The models that the brand has launched since 2015 have a better reliability rating and track record. So, you can cruise along for 200K to 250K miles with minimal maintenance and repairs. The earlier models had several engine and transmission issues. So, some of the older models might serve you for only 200K miles. However, if you are ready to shell out additional repair costs, you can make them last longer. Many of the older models had poor ratings for their reliability. As per Consumer Reports, many of these models received 1/5 for their reliability.

Even though the Enclave had some problematic years, it continues to be a robust family car. Some of the older models have already cruised along close to the 300K mile mark. Proper maintenance and responsible ownership ensure a better durability for these cars. To make the most of your Buick Enclave, use quality parts and change the oil as per the recommended schedule. Timely tire rotations and balancing, along with smooth driving make the car last longer.

In case you decide to tow, make sure to stay within the recommended limits of 1,500 lbs. However, the owners can tow up to 5,000 lbs. with the Trailering Package.

 What is high mileage for Buick Enclave?

For a Buick Enclave, you should consider 100K miles to be the high mileage mark. Even though the vehicle might have much more life in it, you might have to replace too many parts after the first 100K miles. Therefore, the chances of component failure are quite high.

Before you finalize your decision to settle with a used Enclave, carry out a complete assessment of its maintenance records and functional aspects. With proper maintenance, you can even go for a second-hand Enclave with the odometer reading more than 100k miles.

Scrutinizing these aspects will help you make an intelligent purchase.

  • Maintenance record: To ensure that the previous owner was responsible enough to carry out timely maintenance, check out relevant documents that the owner might still have.
  • Seek expert help: Reach out to an independent mechanic or automobile repair store to scan the car. In case the vehicle has potential issues, you will get to know.

How reliable is the Buick Enclave?

In recent years, motoring experts and consumers have rated the Buick Enclave quite impressively. However, the older models are not too reliable, as they had more than a few issues. The chances of your Enclave requiring unscheduled repairs is around 0.54 times annually. The probability of your car running into severe technical glitches is 18%. As a Buick Enclave owner, you need to shell out around $720 annually to repair the parts.

Considering the average reliability rating for midsize SUVs to be 3.5 out of 5, RepairPal rates this car below average, at 3/5. Out of 26 SUVs in the midsize category, the platform places the Enclave in the 24th position.

The Buick Enclave 2020 received a consumer rating of 4.7 out of 5 in terms of reliability. This explains that the owners are happy with the newer models. On the other hand, J.D. Power rated this model 79/100, which looks quite respective.

Around 5% of these cars cross the 150K miles mark, which looks quite impressive.

Common problems in Buick Enclave

As a potential buyer, you should be familiar with the common issues that your Buick Enclave might have. Based on previous records, here are some of the common problems that these cars might have.

1. Transmission issues

It was the transmission problem that ruined the reputation of Buick Enclave. In some models, they did not go over 40 mph. Besides, the transmission refuses to go in reverse. GM had fitted the same transmission in many Chevys, which caused the same kind of problem in these cars. A manufacturing defect was at the root of this issue. Even when the owners replaced the transmission, the same problem continued to haunt them. So, if you are planning to go for a used car, check out whether it had any problem with the transmission, such as slipping, heating, or issue in going reverse. This issue crops up at around 80K miles. The models that the manufacturer launched up to 2017 had this issue.

2. Check engine light

When you notice the engine lights coming on, the problem might not be too grave. At times, a simple issue like a loose fuel cap might cause the dashboard light to illuminate it. So, you simply have to get the fuel cap tightened. Sometimes, you need to go for a replacement if the situation demands. Usually, you can diagnose this issue by forking out around $100.

3. Software problems

Your SUV might have software issues in case you skip regular maintenance. To ensure that this problem doesn’t bother you, get a software update and computer reset. This would keep away bugs from affecting the normal functioning of the SUV. In case the car experiences software issues, you would notice some strange behavior.

4. Contamination of coolants

In Enclaves, the manufacturers integrate coolants that would serve you for the initial 100K miles. However, contamination in the coolant might require you to get them replaced earlier than this. So, make sure to inspect all the reservoirs and hoses. There might be cracks which can lead to the contamination of the coolants.

5. Electronics problems

Some of the Buick Enclave models have problems in electronics. Some of these glitches can cost you expensive, and you might have to shell out more than $1000 to get them fixed. Therefore, check the electronics carefully when you decide to go for a used Enclave.

Best and worst models

The models that the manufacturer sold 2019 onwards are reliable. So far, very few issues have surfaced against these models. The reliability ratings also look decent. The Buick Enclave 2020 has got an impressive reliability rating of 5/5, as per Consumer Reports. This car comes with a standard multimedia system with an 8-inch touchscreen. In case you are looking for a first-generation model, go for one between 2015 and 2017. The manufacturer launched the second-generation Enclave models in 2018. These cars had some transmission issues. Besides, certain early production issues were evident in the car as these vehicles had automatic transmission (9-speed).

It would be wise not to purchase the Buick Enclave 2008. The number of complaints related to transmission failure was quite large. Many of these vehicles also encountered teething issues in the early years. The older models of Enclave from the first generation involved high repair costs between 60K and 80K miles. The owners had to shell out around $3,500 to get these issues fixed.

The early models also had some other issues like leakage in water pipes, timing chain stretch, climate control problems, and failure of the power steering pump. The timing chain , water pump, and transmission issues were so extensive in the 2008 and 2009 models that the brand extended the coverage of warranty for the respective parts to 120K miles or 10 years.

What is the average maintenance cost of a Buick Enclave?

For the older models, the maintenance costs would be more than what you should be shelling out for an average SUV. However, the newer models are more reliable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The parts are easy to procure from the market, so replacing them won’t be an issue. In the older models, transmission issues were evident. So, when your Enclave starts breaking down, it will drain your resources.

The average midsize SUV requires around $573 as the average maintenance cost. However, you need to fork out around $720 annually for the Enclave, which is relatively higher. Also, this amount exceeds the average maintenance cost for all vehicles, which is $652.

As per CarEdge, the first ten years of the Enclave would require their owners to shell out around $8,660 as maintenance and repair costs. This, too, is higher than the average repair and maintenance costs of all SUVs by $220.

How long do Buick Enclave brakes last?

The brake pads of your Enclave would last between 30K and 60K miles, depending on your driving environment and style. As a thumb rule, you should consider the 40K mile mark as the time for the replacement of these brake pads.

How long do Buick Enclave tires last?

You can expect the Buick Enclave tires to serve you for 3 to 5 years. This equates to around 50K to 60K miles on the odometer. However, adverse road conditions, climate, and poor driving habits might degrade the tires much faster.

How long do Buick Enclave engines last?

The Enclave engines would serve you for 200K to 250K miles, or a maximum of 17 years with proper maintenance. After this, they would degrade drastically, and you need to spend heavily on repairs.

How long do Buick Enclave batteries last?

On average, the batteries of the Buick Enclave last for three to five years. The type of battery, climate, and your driving habits have a direct impact on the battery life.

How long does Buick Enclave spark plugs last?

As per the scheduled maintenance, you need to replace the spark plugs of your Enclave every 100K miles. These iridium-dipped components have a longer lifeline than the regular plugs, and deliver better performance.

How to make your Buick Enclave last longer?

  • To make the most of your Enclave, refrain from aggressive driving and use quality fluids and parts.
  • Comply with the maintenance timetable that the manufacturer recommends strictly.
  • Replace the damaged parts before they turn into more severe issues.
  • Get rid of grime and dirt from the undercarriage, so that rust doesn’t affect the vehicle.
  • Top up the coolants, transmission fluids, and engine oil, and change the brakes as per the recommended schedule.
  • Keep away elements from affecting your Enclave by storing the car in a properly-covered garage.


While the statistics demonstrating the reliability of the older Enclave models don’t look appealing, you can settle with one of the more recent models. However, it doesn’t make sense to acquire one of these SUVs without an extended warranty. In the first five years, the Enclave depreciates by 54%. So, you can’t expect a decent resale value even if you sell it off after a few years. A careful decision on your end would enable you to pick the right model.