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Hisun Sector 1000 Problems & Solution In 2022 : [ Updated ]

Hisun Sector 1000 Problems & Solution In 2022 : [ Updated ]

It is a new and exciting model from Hisun, the company known for quality and craftsmanship. Their Sector 1000 is the world’s first four-stroke engine and has been explicitly designed to tackle the challenges of urban terrain.

The Hisun Sector 1000 is quiet and fuel-efficient, making it ideal for tackling the city streets while still offering the muscle required for taking on the trails out of town.

Common Hisun Sector 1000 Problems

The Hisun Sector 1000 is an amazing UTV model that can handle all kinds of terrain. Problems have however come up over the years despite the good track of the UTV.

Some of the common problems that have been experienced include; noise in the transmission, loss of power, failing p[ower steering and faulty braking system.

1. Gear shifting 

This is a common problem for Hisun sector 1000 problems. The first gear is too low, it is hard to get it started, and in the second gear engine is lugging, and the engine shifts up and down.

The second gear may be ok, but the engine may shift up and down as you get up to speed. If you are running a stock engine and in the higher gears, and you are lugging the engine, sometimes you won’t have enough power to climb a hill.

2. Transmission Noise

Noise in the transmission is a common problem with Hisun Sector 1000 and the new transmissions that have been used since 2005. The noise can be heard when the transmission is in any gear and is usually loudest when the transmission is in the first and third gear.

The noise can be heard from the driver’s seat and very loud from the vehicle’s rear. The noise is caused by the servo motor that drives the shift forks, and there is no way to repair only the servo motor and not replace the entire transmission.

3. Misfiring

If your Hisun is firing, but the engine is not running, you may have a bad timing chain. Clutch Problems and belt issues are also familiar with the Hisun Sector 1000.

The engine is a small, single-cylinder, four-stroke, with a kick-starter. The transmission is a chain and sprocket with a centrifugal clutch.

The belt that drives the centrifugal clutch has numerous issues. If the belt is off or the engine is not running, the belt can be removed and repaired.

4. High Idling

Idling is when the vehicle’s engine is running but has stopped or parked, such as at a stoplight or in traffic. When a vehicle has a high idling, it is wasting fuel.

This can result in higher fuel costs, as well as higher emissions.

High idling is a problem with the Hisun Sector 1000 UTV’sUTV’s engine. If you are experiencing high idling or your Hisun Sector 1000 UTV shuts off when you attempt to speed up; you may need to replace the flywheel.

You can replace the flywheel by removing the engine.

5. Braking

There are many good things to be said about the Hisun Sector 1000; it is an entry-level UTV that’s fast and agile, reasonably attractive and a light UTV.

These things make the Sector 1000 an incredibly fun UTV to drive, but there’s a problem: the brakes are terrible. It’s not just that the brakes are ineffective; the braking system is poorly designed.

The brakes on Sector 1000 compress the front suspension to slow the UTV. This is not a flawed concept. It is a bad idea for a UTV designed to be driven on uneven terrain and designed to be driven fast.

This is a prevalent problem on 1000 UTVs caused by low fluid levels in the brake fluid reservoir. The fluid reservoir is located behind the seat on the right-hand side of Sector 1000.

The Hisun manual calls for the fluid to be at the FULL mark. As the fluid depletes, so does the braking power.

The fluid reservoir has a built-in dipstick that lets you check fluid levels without taking the cap off each time.

6. Power Steering Failures

Power steering is a feature that many Hisun trucks are equipped with, and it is a great feature to use while you’re driving. The problem is that many trucks that have Hisun power steering are going out on the road with low levels or no fluid at all.

This is because Hisun is adding the power steering without adding the additional reservoir for the fluid. Not having the needed fluid for the power steering causes drivers to add fluid to the truck continuously.

This is a significant safety issue, and Hisun trucks need to be fixed soon.

How reliable is Hisun Sector 1000

The Sector 1000 is the latest addition to Hisun’sHisun’s ever-expanding line of utility vehicles. It is also the first production UTV made in China; the Hisun 1000 is a good UTV.

The engine is solid and reliable. The fuel tank is in the center, so the weight is distributed.

Spare parts are available and cost less than other brands. Hisun Sector 1000 UTV is a great UTV for the money.

It is very similar to the Polaris RZR line, and its drive train is as reliable as the one found in the Polaris Ranger line. The S1000 is widely available, and you can easily find parts for it.

The weak link for the S1000 is the plastic skid plate, which is notorious for cracking or breaking apart on rough terrain. The skid plate is easily replaced, however.

Is Hisun Sector 1000 Any Good

The Hisun 1000 is a Chinese-made utility vehicle available in India in two versions: the S series and the U series. The S series is a street-legal, 4-wheel drive, two-seater, while the U series is a three-wheeler and has a more open “cage” body.

The S series is more popular and is better suited for rough conditions, especially in terms of road ability and being more widely available. The S series has a 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine, which produces about 37 HP and a maximum torque of 29.5 ft. lbs.

The U series has a smaller 0.8-liter engine and only one-wheel drive, still performing amazingly.


In conclusion, Hisun’s Sector 1000 UTV is a few 4-wheeled UTVs that can rival the Honda Pioneer 500. However, the Hisun has a few shortcomings that detract from the overall package.

Hisun asks owners to check their engines, including spark plugs, carburetors, and fuel injection systems. Dealers will test, repair, and replace the engines free of charge, especially if you have not voided your warranty.