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What’s The Ford Fusion Tune-up Cost? [ Including Maintenance ]

What’s The Ford Fusion Tune-up Cost? [ Including Maintenance ]

You might be a new Ford Fusion owner with limited information about tune-up composition and its costs. An auto tune-up helps keep the car in good shape by ensuring every component is working well. The Ford Fusion tune-up cost varies by model, age, and mileage coverage. The maintenance routine is a preventive measure that extends the vehicle’s lifespan.

What’s the Ford Fusion Tune Up Cost?

The average Ford Fusion tune-up cost is $342, including the full engine inspection, spark plugs replacement, coolant flush, throttle body clean, new air filters, transmission, and differential fluid change.  Below is a comprehensive Ford Fusion tune-up cost and everything you need to know.

What Is a Car Tune Up?

A car tune-up is a maintenance procedure that involves engine inspection and adjustment of components that affect combustion. A regular tune-up helps keep the vehicle in a topnotch condition and minimize frequent breakdowns.

The tune-up routine maintenance improves the vehicle performance, increases safety, and promotes fuel-saving. Every car owner needs to invest in this maintenance service to extend the engine’s lifespan and save money.

Mileage is a crucial factor to track since it helps determine when to schedule the tune-up. We recommend reading your car manual to find out more about tune-up recommendations.

Every car model has a unique recommendation for tune-up service. If you are new to the auto industry, consult a professional mechanic within your locality. The information will help keep track of your car’s routine maintenance.

If you own a Ford Fusion car, continue reading this article to learn more about the tune-up costs and other vital maintenance services. Failure to maintain routine services, your car will be unreliable and experience a short lifespan. (1)

What Does a Tune Up Consist of on a Ford Fusion?

A tune-up is a regular maintenance schedule that ensures the engine and other systems are in proper condition though this is dependent on the car’s make, model, age, and mileage (2). A Ford Fusion tune-up checklist consists of:

Spark Plugs Replacement

These components help initiate electric sparks in the engine to enhance combustion. If the spark plugs are worn-out, the engine will not work.

Replacing the worn-out spark plugs will resolve the engine problem. We recommend replacing convectional spark plugs every 30,000-50,000 miles.

Platinum-tipped spark plugs last for 50,000-120,000 miles. Poor fuel economy, engine misfiring, and lack of power are leading symptoms of worn-out spark plugs.

New Fuel Filters

Fuel filter replacement is a minor tune-up service due to modern technology and improved fuel quality. But it is a crucial routine for those using old Ford Fusion models.

Consider changing the Ford Fusion fuel filter every 30,000 miles. Dirty fuel will make your engine lack the power to accelerate uphill.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters are among the most underrated components during a tune-up maintenance schedule. These filters trap dust from entering the engine and damage cylinder walls.

Always change the Ford Fusion air filters every 15,000-30,000 miles. It will help avoid straining the engine and reducing its service life.

Throttle Body Clean

If the Ford Fusion covers high mileages, the carbon deposit on the throttle valve inhibits its function. The car will experience rough idling and stalling.

Take your vehicle to a professional mechanic nearby to clean the throttle body. We recommend keeping mileage track to determine when to clean the throttle body.

Fuel Induction Service

Another crucial tune-up service that many Ford Fusion owners should consider since it helps remove carbon deposits on the intake valves and pistons.

Ford Fusion models with high mileage engines are vulnerable to problems. Take your vehicle to a mechanic to spray it with a special cleaning solution.

Timing Belt Replacement

Old Ford Fusion models have timing belts that need a maintenance schedule. They need replacement during the tune-up service routine.

Read through your Ford Fusion model manual to determine when to change the timing belt. But if you have a modern model, it uses a maintenance-free timing chain.

Battery Replacement

If the Ford Fusion engine turns slower than usual with dim dash lights, the car battery capacity is weaker or getting too low.

The mechanic will recommend a battery replacement during the tune-up procedure.  Be sure to drive the vehicle daily to keep the battery fully charged.

New Drive Belt

The serpentine belt can also be changed during the tune-up routine since it is highly susceptible to wear and tear. The component helps to run vital engine accessories.

A broken drive belt will cause engine overheating and loss of steering power. We recommend replacing the drive belt every 40,000-70,000 miles.

Signs Your Ford Fusion Needs a Tune Up

Many Ford Fusion owners quickly spot a mechanical problem in their rides. But they cannot schedule a regular maintenance routine to minimize these breakdown risks.

If you have been skipping tune-up services, your Ford Fusion model will begin displaying the following signs (3):

Warning Light On

Many drivers do not take the check engine light seriously since the car is still running without any problem. But this warning light is a sign that your vehicle needs a tune-up.

Stalling Car

If your Ford Fusion model stalls without warning, it is an indicator of bad spark plugs and a clogged fuel filter. Replacing these components during the tune-up service is crucial.

Reduce Braking Power

Functional brakes on Ford Fusion are responsive and effective. If the brakes need extra braking capacity, they will gradually decline. We recommend scheduling a regular tune-up to determine when to replace them.

Starting Engine Challenges

A misfiring engine due to worn-out spark plugs is a sign of tune-up service need. The issue will prevent your engine from starting. A tune-up routine will help detect the problem early and fix it.

Leaning Steering Wheel

If you cannot keep your Ford Fusion model straight on the highway, it is a sign of loose steering and misaligned wheels. Vehicle tune-up service comprises wheel alignment and steering correction.

Reduced Fuel Economy

If your car is not economical on fuel, schedule a tune-up service. It will help identify the exact cause and fix it before becoming a major issue.

Strange Noises

If you hear unfamiliar noises when driving your Ford Fusion model, it is a sign of an overdue tune-up service. The issue will be worse if the vehicle is not inspected as soon as possible.

Is It Worth Tune Up Ford Fusion?

Whether your Ford Fusion model has a traditional ignition system or a new one, it is important to seek tune-up services as per the car’s manual requirements.

Failure to regularly tune up the car, it will run into severe and costly problems to fix. A well-tuned Ford Fusion will run smoothly and promotes fuel-saving.

Tune-up services also help detect car problems at early stages. The maintenance routine helps the Ford Fusion owner save on repair costs.

Ford Fusion Tune Up Cost

The average Ford Fusion tune-up cost is about $342, which comprises spark plugs replacement and other essential components. But the price varies since it depends on the model, mileage, dealer, and age.

A Ford Fusion model needs regular tune-up service every year to correct issues that might shorten its lifespan. Research the best mechanic shop in your vicinity offering the service at an affordable price.

The table below shows an estimate of Ford Fusion maintenance costs every year: (4)

Ford Fusion Maintenance Costs ($)
TuneUp Cost 342
Repair and Maintenance 581
New Transmission 3500
Spark Plugs Replacement 124-146
Brakes Replacement 201-227
New Battery 179-186
New Air Filters 46-59
Oil Change 125-141
Coolant Change 121-152
Alternator Replacement 597-743
Tire Alignment and Rotation 79-100
Insurance 1570
New Tires 420-560 (set of 4)

Can You Tune Up a Ford Fusion?

You can tune up the engine to restore power and improve Ford Fusion power. But you need to have a tune-up kit and the necessary skills.

Tune-up routine helps the engine start and run smoothly with low emissions and excellent fuel economy. We recommend taking the vehicle to a professional mechanic.

How often does a Ford Fusion Need a Tune Up?

A Ford Fusion needs a regular tune-up routine to help detect engine and other components issues at early stages. We recommend scheduling a tune-up maintenance routine every year.

Ford recommends the first routine maintenance after 5000 miles. The Ford Fusion will later have to schedule a maintenance routine every 10,000 miles. Proper maintenance enhances higher performance and a longer engine lifespan.

How Long Does a Ford Fusion Tune Up Take?

The average time for tuning up a Ford Fusion is around two to four hours. But the time taken to tune up will also depend on the technician’s skills and the Ford Fusion model.

Modern Ford Fusion models are computerized and will take less time to tune up compared to their older counterparts since they have more mechanical parts. (5)


The average Ford Fusion tune-up cost is about $342 though it depends on the Ford dealer, model, age, and mileage. The tune costs comprise new spark plugs, fuel filters, and throttle body cleaning.

We recommend reading your Ford Fusion model manual to determine the exact period to tune up the vehicle. Another option is to consult a professional Ford mechanic about a tune-up routine. Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.