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Does Ford Expedition Require Premium Gas? [ Answered ]

Does Ford Expedition Require Premium Gas? [ Answered ]

When I bought my first Ford Expedition, I intended to keep the gas tank in the best shape. But I found it confusing to tell the difference between premium and regular gas for my Ford expedition at first.

Does Ford Expedition require premium gas?

Not really. All Ford model engines are compatible with both premium and regular gasoline. But premium gas is more expensive than its regular counterpart.

I wrote this article to share my experiences with premium gas on Ford Expedition. I have also shared the type of gas not to use on Ford Expeditions. Take the time to read through to avoid making mistakes at the gas station.

Does Ford Expedition Require Premium Gas?

No. Ford Expedition engines do not require premium gasoline to run. The advanced Ford engine technology runs on regular and premium gas without damage. But I recommend reading the manual to know the exact fuel recommendation for your Ford. (1)

Premium fuel is suitable for Ford Expedition during hot weather and camping adventures. The high octane fuel improves the engine performance and generates more power to tow a camping trailer in rugged road conditions.

Besides that, premium gas contains high-quality detergents and additives that help remove the carbon deposit on the engine. Regular engine cleaning helps increase its service life and reduce toxic emissions to the environment.

The high octane rating gasoline also helps prevent the vehicle from premature explosion due to pre-ignition. Ford Expeditions have a higher piston compression ratio that might cause engine knocking when using lower octane rating fuel.

But premium gas is super expensive and not ideal for saving money. Ford recommends using regular unleaded gas for all its models instead of premium fuel. These gas types have a slight difference in combustion rate.

I also recommend using one gas type consistently on your Ford Expedition to avoid engine issues. Interchanging the fuel may reduce the service life of your Ford Expedition engine and even cause damage over time.

Do not panic if you accidentally mixed premium and regular gasoline in your Ford Expedition gas tank. The gas types will result in a middle octane level, and your vehicle engine will survive without any issue.

What Type of Gas Does Ford Expedition Need?

All Ford Expedition models use regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 due to their engine optimization. But if you have a fat wallet, switch to premium grade to enjoy improved performance. (2)

The golden rule is to read the vehicle manual to know the exact fuel type requirement for your Ford Expedition. If your Ford Expedition model has a higher engine compression ratio, consider premium gas over its regular counterpart.

A Ford Expedition engine designed for regular fuel will not experience any additional benefits after pumping it with premium gas. Remember, premium fuel does not improve engine performance and vehicle towing power.

Regular gas has a high carbon content compared to its premium counterpart. These carbons may accumulate in the engine to result in black emissions. Remember air pollution from the emissions is against the rules and regulations of environmental conservation.

I recommend pumping premium gas to your Ford Expedition once or twice a month to clean the carbon deposits on the engine. The premium-grade fuel has high-quality detergents and additives ideal for cleaning the engine.

If you find it challenging to choose between premium and regular gas, consult a professional Ford dealer within your locality. The best advice is to stick to either regular or premium gas consistently.

What Kind of Gas Does Ford Expedition 2021 Take?

2021 Ford Expedition has an optimized engine for regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87-90. But I recommend checking under the hood to determine the exact fuel specification for your Ford Expedition. (3)

Ford Company recommends either regular or premium-grade fuel for your 2021 expedition model. But the premium grade fuel is more expensive than its regular counterpart. These fuel grades do not determine the performance of your vehicle.

If you have more questions about regular and premium gasoline differences, I recommend visiting a nearby Ford Service center for consultation. Besides that, these service centers have the latest Ford gas information chart.

What Kind of Gas Does a 2020 Ford Expedition Take?

A 2020 Ford Expedition runs on regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87. Avoid lower octane gas since it will damage your fuel and emission control systems.

Ford also recommends regular unleaded fuel for the 2020 expedition model over its premium counterpart. Be sure to read through the manual to know the exact gas type for your Ford. (5)

Another option is to visit the nearest Ford service center to check out the gas specification chart for different Ford Expedition models.

If you use premium-grade fuel, the vehicle won’t experience additional benefits. The 2020 Ford Expedition model has an optimized engine compatible with regular fuel.

What Type of Gas Should You Not Use on Ford Expedition?

Biodiesel Gas

Biodiesel is compatible with diesel engines only. Ford Expedition models come with petroleum engines suitable for regular and premium grade fuels.

Flex Fuel (E85)

Ford Expedition models cannot handle gasoline with more than 10% ethanol due to low energy production to run the engine. Oxygenated blends are suitable for Flex-Fuel vehicles. (6)

Gasoline with Additives

Most additives contain metallic elements that deposit on the engine to result in damages that render the warranty void. Do not pump your Ford expedition with gasoline rich in additives to increase the engine service life.

MMT Rich Gasoline

MMT is an abbreviation for methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl. It is an octane booster that many gas stations add to their fuel. Ford prohibits using gasoline with MMT to protect your expedition engine from damage.

Gas Type of Ford Expedition by Year

Ford Expedition comes in four generations with different engine designs. Some optimized engines are compatible with regular gas and others with premium-grade fuel (7). Below is a fuel requirement list for Ford Expedition by year:

2018-Present Models

These are fourth-generation expeditions that run on regular or premium unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 87-92. Premium gasoline help some expedition models experience increased horsepower for towing.

2007-2017 Models

There are third-generation expeditions compatible with regular unleaded fuel of 87 octane ratings. The 2009 models come with an Ecoboost engine that can run on premium fuel with an octane rating of 91 or higher.

2003-2006 Models

These Ford Expedition models are the second-generation with an optimized engine that runs on regular unleaded gasoline of 87 octane ratings only. Using premium gasoline in these engines won’t increase the performance.

1997-2002 Models

These Ford Expeditions are the first-generation compatible with regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87. Switching to premium-grade fuel won’t result in additional benefits.

How Much It Cost to Fill Up a Ford Expedition?

The average cost to fill up a Ford Expedition is about $106. But the cost is variable depending on the model and your geographical location. (8)

A four-wheel-drive Ford expedition may cost $128 to fill up the Tank in California. The same Ford Expedition model may cost $85 in Oklahoma and $98 in New York.

A two-wheel-drive Ford expedition cost $109 to fill up the tank in California. The same model will cost $71 in Oklahoma and $84 in New York.

Most Ford Expedition models have excellent mileage on gas than their competitors. Below is a table showing the average costs of filling up a 2018 Ford Expedition 2WD:

Gas Tank Size 23.3 gallons
Cost to Fill the Gas Tank $71
Cost to Drive 25 Miles $3.94
Annual Fuel Costs (Estimates) $2350

What’s the Ford Expedition Gas Tank Size?

Year Engine Type Tank Capacity
2018-Present 2WD


Max 2WD

Max 4WD

23.6 gallons

23.6 gallons

27.8 gallons

27.8 gallons

2007-2017 2WD


34 gallons

34 gallons

2003-2006 2WD


28 gallons

28 gallons

1997-2002 2WD


26 gallons

30 gallons


A Ford Expedition does not require premium gas to run since its optimized engine is compatible with regular unleaded gas of 87 octane ratings. Premium gasoline is ideal for those Ford Expedition models with a high engine compression ratio.

A 91 and above octane rating fuel is ideal for providing additional power for towing. But it does not have any significant impact on Ford Expeditions with a low engine compression ratio. It is also not suitable to save money due to the high prices.

Ford Company recommends using regular unleaded gas with 87 and above octane ratings. If the octane ratings are below 87, the fuel will damage the engine over time. Feel free to share this information with your friends or family.