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Code 82 Chevy Spark Meaning : [ Reset & Solution ]

Code 82 Chevy Spark Meaning : [ Reset & Solution ]

Being a Chevy Spark owner, it makes sense to know all the error codes that might pop up on your dashboard. In this article, we have discussed Code 82, which your Chevy Spark might display sometimes.

In brief, this is a notification that informs you that your car requires an oil change. However, it is not an emergency, and you can safely continue to operate your car. However, try to get the oil replaced as soon as possible. So, Code 82 in your Chevy Spark is not an explicit warning.

Chevy Spark code 82 meaning

As stated, Code 82 in your Chevy Spark indicates a necessary oil change. The code would appear every time between your oil changes, as the car travels 7,500 miles.

The manufacturer has designed the system to remind the owner of the necessary oil change. During this time, you might also consider getting the filters replaced.

You would find Code 82 showing up in your Chevy Spark in case the oil is below the 5% mark. In case the oil shop has overlooked the oil life meter reset, you might notice this error code often.

What causes Code 82 error in Chevy Spark?

Code 82 is not a highly critical condition message of your Chevy Spark, so you need not panic. You simply need to get the oil replaced as per your convenience. Evidently, you have got a reasonable timeframe to address the issue.

You need to change the oil in cars at regular intervals to ensure an optimal performance of the engine. With extensive use of your car, the engine starts accumulating residue. Timely replacement of the oil prevents this from happening.

When you pass this oil through the Chevy Spark’s engine, it travels through an oil filter. This process filters out a part of this residue.

However, when this process keeps repeating, the filter might also develop clogs, and incidentally loses its efficiency. This implies that the engine would become impure with debris that is not supposed to get into this chamber.

Ultimately, it takes a toll on the efficiency and performance of your car. A high-quality lubricant can keep your car’s engine in a good functional condition.

Ignoring an engine oil change can inflict damage to your engine. Ultimately, it reduces the lifeline of your Chevy Spark. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends a particular schedule to the owners for changing the filter and oil. In case you continue to overlook timely oil changes, the situation might aggravate beyond repair.

So, the manufacturer has come up with a system to notify the drivers well in time that they need to change the oil. When you notice Code 82, take care to do the needful. To make sure that your engine works well, do not delay the oil change.

Once you notice Code 82 in your Chevy Spark, try to get the oil replaced within a couple of days.

However, Chevy Spark owners should note that it is possible to reset the code even before you actually replace the oil. However, it would be wise to reset it only after you replace the oil, so that you don’t forget it altogether later on.

How do you reset the code on a Chevy 82?

  • Firstly, turn the key, so that it comes in the ‘On’ position.
  • Hit the ‘Menu’. Press this button for a while, and you will find the option called ‘Oil life’.
  • Wait until you find the option ‘reset’.
  • Also, you would notice some numbers demonstrating the oil life, which descends from 5. So, you can make out how much oil remains in the car.
  • Now find the CLR/SET option and press it. Hold the button down until the number rises upwards till 100%.

The process is over, and you have successfully reset the Code 82 in your Chevy Spark.

How to Reset a Chevy Spark Code 82?

If you want to reset Code 82 in your Chevy Spark, the process would take just a few minutes. It is easy to carry out the reset. Simply scan your car’s dashboard on the right side to locate the Menu option. Hold the button down by pressing it for a while. You would come across the Reset option.

Now simply hold and press down the Clear and Set Button. The numbers on the screen would go up, and ultimately it would reach 100%.

Well, this should be enough to reset the Code 82 in your Chevy Spark. Now, in order to get back to the main screen, you need to hit the Menu option once again.

Should You Drive with a Code 82?

Yes, it is safe to drive your Chevy Spark even if it displays the Code 82 notification. As you know, this is not an emergency message, so you simply need to take your time and get the oil changed within the next few days.

When you notice this message, you should be knowing that the oil life is 5% or less. The number that you can see along with the message tells you the remaining life of the engine oil.

So, it would be wise to get the oil replaced before it comes down to 1. This ensures that your Chevy Spark’s engine would have some oil at least to keep it functioning normally. Otherwise, the engine would undergo wear and tear faster. Ultimately, it would reduce the durability of your car.


Evidently, the Code 82 gives you a warning that you need to get the oil and filters replaced before it starts messing up with the performance of the engine.

With timely oil changes, you can keep your car in proper functional conditions. It would also enhance the lifeline of your Chevy Spark.

As a concerned driver, you already know that continuing to drive your car with the old oil would degrade its condition and affect its performance.

Thanks to the branded carmaker, they have come up with this mechanism to help the owners take timely action when it comes to oil changes and maintenance. So, the next time you find Code 82 on the screen, take your time and get the oil changed as per your convenience.