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Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Cost In 2022 : Detailed Analysis

Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Cost In 2022 : Detailed Analysis

While shopping for electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt, you might be wondering how long the battery would serve you before you need a replacement.

Besides, potential buyers would like to know the battery replacement cost. When you remain informed on all these particulars would help you stay financially prepared.

When it comes to electric cars, you must be knowing that the batteries degrade due to a phenomenon that experts term ‘calendar aging’. It is similar to the aging of humans and indicates a timeframe of aging over time.

The exposure of your car batteries and their use largely determine its performance. Currently, many automobile manufacturers, including Chevrolet, are coming up with hybrid vehicles that can operate on both electricity and gas. Besides, you will come across some pure electric cars on the market. Here, we are going to discuss the battery replacement cost of the Chevy Volt.

What’s the Chevy Volt battery replacement cost

Chevy Volt owners would need around $19200 on average to replace the batteries of these electric cars. However, the price largely depends on the quality of the battery.

It ranges between an extensive bracket of $3400 and $35000. It would cost you much more to get a new battery than a repurposed battery for this car.

Over time, you would expect your EV battery to deteriorate. In general, owners need to replace the Chevy Bolt battery after reaching the 100K mile mark. In case your car goes the distance, you might need this replacement a little later.

General Motors have come up with a warranty for the initial 100K miles or 8 years on the battery. This implies that the owners can rest assured of the battery life for this period. In case any issue arises with the engine within the warranty confines, the manufacturer would fix the issue.

However, be prepared to shell out the replacement cost of your Chevy Volt battery if the warranty period has expired in case you go for a used battery or one of the repurposed ones, the cost would be on the lower end. However, these batteries are not easily available, so you need to prepare yourself for the higher-priced ones.

Over time, it’s normal for your car batteries to lose their ability to hold the charge as well as vitality. Evidently, you need to factor in the replacement cost when you budget your purchase.

How long do the Chevy Volt batteries last?

On average, Chevy Volt batteries last for at least eight years. This equates to almost the initial 100K miles of the car. By this time, the battery would lose around 30% of its ability to retain the charge. With careful driving and the recommended maintenance, the battery would last a little more.

Factors that can impact the Volt battery replacement cost

The replacement cost of your Chevy Volt battery depends on several factors. We have highlighted some of these aspects for your convenience.

1. Battery size and capacity

The car aftermarket is pretty diverse in the US. Besides, every automobile component comes in different categories. Evidently, the size of the battery and its capacity goes a long way in determining its price.

Of course, replacing the battery of a luxury car would be different from that of a sedan or hatchback. These cars are different in terms of seating configurations and sizes.

Accordingly, their engines require different amounts of power. With bigger engines, the cars would be more powerful.

Therefore, this would have an impact on the battery size and the corresponding replacement cost. In this regard, the cost of replacing the battery of your Chevy Volt would be moderate.

2. Different battery standards

When you consider the international standards of battery, you can determine the cost of replacing one in your Chevrolet Volt. For instance, you can choose between the JIS (Japanese International Standard) and the DIN (European Standard).

Now, car batteries that adhere to the European Standard tend to be more expensive than their Japanese counterparts. Even if both these batteries fit your car and area of the same capacities, you need to shell out a higher amount for the batteries with European specifications.

Also, if you shop around for repurposed car batteries from Chevy Volt cars that are damaged following an accident, you might get one at a low cost.

3. in car battery

The technology in the battery of your Chevy Volt car largely determines its replacement cost. You will come across different batteries for cars. These include lithium-ion batteries, gel batteries, and lead-acid batteries that come with valve regulation.

Now, depending on the charging system in your car, you need to decide the corresponding type of battery that you would need.

4. Specifications and warranty

At times, when you shop for the battery of your Chevy Volt, you might come across similar batteries with different price tags. This might be due to the overall coverage and length of the warranty.

Car batteries that come with a longer warranty are likely to cost you more. With these batteries, you can enjoy a longer life in your car.

Besides, some batteries come with specific features that enable the owners to keep an eye on the levels of electrolytes. You need not tough the battery’s vent plugs to know this. Besides, the price might depend on the type of vent plug that the battery uses.

So, there’s no particular thumb rule to determine the batteries that would cost you higher. You simply need to consider the specifications and aspects that make the battery suitable for your car.

It would be wise to seek expert support in case you are not sure about the type of battery you should go for. The good thing in this regard is, you have tons of options to make your decision.


The electric car, Chevrolet Volt, is a standard car that comes with a lifeline of 200K miles. On average, you need to get the battery of this car replaced every 100K miles.

So, during the entire service life of the car, you need to replace the battery at least once. As for the cost, the highest cost might be $35,000.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the average cost of getting the battery replaced would be around $19200. Now that you are aware of the expected lifeline and replacement cost of your Chevy Volt battery, you can plan your purchase and budget accordingly.