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8 Cheapest Car Brands to Repair In 2022 : [ Updated List ]

8 Cheapest Car Brands to Repair In 2022 : [ Updated List ]

Numerous car brands in every country worldwide are sold explicitly for their cheap repair and maintenance costs. And this is the primary reason they enjoy a healthy consumer base in that country and worldwide. Different brands compete with each other to earn credibility in the market.

Most people consider a car’s price tag when considering the overall expenses they would incur. But the cost of a vehicle is much more than that. You have to think about:

  • Gas costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Repairs costs

These costs will vary depending on the type of car you buy. Yes, repairs can be cheap in most brands because parts will be cheap and easy to find.

The same can be on a higher side as well. There are many car brands prevalent in the international market that promise you cheaper repair costs.  For a perfect choice, let’s look at some of those best and cheapest car brands.

1. Honda

Honda’s models have received multiple best-selling vehicle awards like the CR-V model.  The brand has achieved an incredible pace of growth even after the pandemic.  It has generated about 13 trillion in revenue in the recent year.

There are 72 models of this brand available in the UAE automotive industry.  It faces stiff competition from other trusted brands like Toyota, Ford, and Nissan.  Many good models are offered to temporary buyers. The lineup includes the HR-V, E, Accord, and City.

Of this variant lineup, the most affordable model is Honda City 1-5L-DX, priced at AED 57900.  The brand offers the Toyota Yaris at AED 59990 to compete in terms of affordability. The Odyssey is the most luxurious model of the brand with a base price of AED 189900.

Regarding luxury cars, Honda’s rival is the Toyota Previa which is offered in the market at AED 132200. There are an average of 1300 Honda models available in the UAE resale market.

Why Are Honda’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

According to RepairPal, Honda’s average repairing cost is around $428 compared to an average of $652 for other brands, and this makes Honda an accessible brand and the least expensive vehicle to maintain.

2. MG

UAE is a huge market to target car buyers.  MG is also one of the well-known brands prevalent in the UAE market.  It is currently offering seven models to the interested buyers of the brand.

MG 5 is the most affordable model of this brand.  The buyers receive it at a base price of AED 43995.  Regarding the most expensive model of the brand, MG RX8 offers 2 Ot-lux-Awd, which start at AED 110145.

A range of inventory options is available to choose from.  The variety in the inventory includes SUVs, compacts, and sedans.  The total value of MG’s stock is around AED 335475.  The average price to be paid by a potential buyer of this brand is AED 47925.

It has carved a trusted position in the UAE market by the quality of its offerings.  The recently launched models by MG include MG GT, MG RX 8 Black Edition, etc.

Why Are MG’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

MG owners receive the first five services for free (labor charges included), and they can select from two different maintenance plans. Also, MG Hector’s ownership cost is around $0.006 per kilometer for petrol, whereas $0.0062 for the diesel version.

3. Volkswagen

This flagship brand of Volkswagen Group has a large target market in various countries.  It was started in 1937, and since then, it has grown appreciably.  Brands have many options to offer to the target market.

Four models of Volkswagen are available in the United Arab Emirates market, and the Volkswagen Tiguan is the top model in terms of affordability. Touareg 3-This is the most luxurious car the brand has to offer.  The base price of the model starts from AED 320700.

Crossovers, hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans are the inventory lineup offered by Volkswagen. The average price of a Volkswagen model in the UAE is around AED 89793.  The total value of brand inventory in the UAE is AED 359174.  There are a lot of options available for Volkswagen models in the resale market in the UAE.

Why Are Volkswagen’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

As said by RepairPal, it costs around $676 annually to maintain a Volkswagen car which is higher than other brands. However, according to a recent Vincentric study, Volkswagen’s 2021 models show better conservation costs.

4. Pajero

In today’s era, Pajero models are rapidly achieving milestones.  Several models have been launched to earn a trusted place in the automotive industry of different parts of the world.  The A1 is the recent model launched under the Platinum variant of the Habtoor brand.

It offers 3.5L and 3.8L engines to potential buyers. The target market of the brand was niche customers.  It gives you the best off-road experience with excellent efficiency. The models of Pajero offer various advanced features to potential buyers.

Some of the advanced features of the model include parking sensors, exhaust cover, 3M tint, exclusive design, and many more. The brand focused on manufacturing recreational vehicles for buyers.  Pajero works on bringing innovation to every model it launches.

Why Are Pajero’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

The exact repairing cost of Pajero Sport is challenging to estimate because labor and parts are priced differently at each dealership.  Therefore, the initial maintenance cost sometimes rises for this car. Still, in the long run, it is durable and reliable, thus reducing your overall expenditure and making it one of the cheapest cars to repair.

5. Hyundai

Hyundai is one of the most sought-after brands in the automotive industry.  The brand has been operating in the car industry since 1967. The brand has around 6000 dealerships across the world.  The brand’s 50 years of work have made it a trusted choice in many parts of the world.  The UAE is also one of the target areas of the brand.

There are 16 models for sale in the target market. The Hyundai Grand i10 is the most affordable model offered by the brand at AED 39999. The most expensive model offered by Hyundai is the Azera 3-5l-v6- Premium, with base prices starting at AED 164999.

The inventory lineup of this efficient model comprises one crossover. 5 Hatchbacks, 4 Sears, 5 SUVs, and 1 Van.  The average cost of buying a Hyundai model in the United Arab Emirates is around AED 73923. There are various premium options available in the resale market of Hyundai.

Why Are Hyundai’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

Even though, according to CarBrain, Hyundai cars are diagnosed with engine failures, unstable controls, and other issues. RepairPal says that a Hyundai car only needs $468 on average per year in repairs.

6. Toyota

For nearly 15 years, research firms, including J.D. Power, ranked Toyota and its luxury line Lexus the best automobile brands in categories of durability, quality, and reliability. This is why Toyota also tops the list of profitable car makers with a profit of $13.7 billion in the fiscal year ended March 2007.

Why Are Toyota’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

Compared to other brands, the cost of repairing Toyotas is low because they are manufactured while considering easy repairs and affordability. This claim is further approved by the fact that Toyota owners only pay $441 per year in maintenance costs compared to $652 on other brands, as said by RepairPal.

7. Nissan

Nissan is an automotive brand, and its headquarter is situated in Japan. This renowned automotive brand manufactures cars and trucks under its brand name.  In 1998, Nissan allied with Renault.  It was a successful alliance with worldwide sales of 8,280,000 in 2012.

The UAE car market is currently selling several brands to consumers.

Out of the 71 car brands prevalent in the market, Nissan has managed to revive a successful niche over the years. The brand has a fantastic lineup of models like Aria, Sunny, Ultima, Civilian, and the most affordable Nissan Micra 1 5i-SV, which costs around AED 45450 for potential buyers. Toyota is in a race to compete with this Nissan model with the launch of the Toyota Yaris sedan for AED 59900.

The GT-R Nismo is Nissan’s most expensive car sold in the United Arab Emirates, priced at AED 787809, competing with reliable Audi models. Mercedes Benz in the market. The UAE car market also offers dealers an option to sell used cars. The average price of a used car from Nissan is around AED 26673 and competes with Toyota at AED 385604.

Why Are Nissan’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

Many unknown factors affect the cost of a car repair, such as the availability of parts, labor charges, and the cost of the elements themselves. However, ReportPal reported that the average repair cost when you own a Nissan car is around $500, making it a durable vehicle. This should indicate the relative cost of a Nissan repair, even though we cannot pinpoint the labor and availability variables.

8. KIA

Kia has been part of the UAE for many years.  It was started in 1944, and since then, it has achieved many achievements.  It has achieved vibrant growth in the passing years.  The brand works on making people’s lives more prosperous and more beautiful.

It has 19 models to present to the people of the UAE.  Talking about the most affordable model of KIA, the KIA Pegas is there  Pegas AED is offered for a series of 41900. KIA’s most luxurious and fancy car is the K900 5-OI-GDI-V8, with a base price of AED 320000.

The list of KIAs in the United Arab Emirates is quite impressive.  The list includes two compacts, two hatchbacks, one mini-van, seven sedans, and 1 SUV.  The average price paid for buying the KIA model is around AED 785999.

There are various models at the most affordable prices, even in the resale market in UAE.  The brand always works on launching models that go beyond people’s expectations.

Why Are KIA’s Cars Cheap To Repair?

As an accessible brand with a high-reliability rating, KIA is significantly cheaper to maintain than the average automobile, with annual repair costs of about $474—less than the average vehicle maintenance cost of $652.


The automotive industry has a vast worldwide reach.  There is a set of trusted brands in many countries.  People are attracted to a specific group of brands.

When it comes to maintaining a car, cheap isn’t always the best. However, be wary of additional services offered at dealerships, as these can usually be done by another shop (or by you) for much less. It’s also not difficult to do some regular services yourself.

The decision to buy a car should be taken only after analyzing all the aspects.  After considering all your requirements for the vehicle, you can easily choose from the available options.