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15 Car Brands With Best Resale Value In 2022 : [Updated]

15 Car Brands With Best Resale Value In 2022 : [Updated]

Looking for a new car but unsure of what kind will best fit your needs? One approach is, to begin with, the car brands that have the best resale value.

You can gain self-assurance by seeing a wide variety of body styles from a variety of sectors all in one place. When it comes to their value retention, they’ll all have something in common. Whether you’ve had the car for a few years, plan to sell it soon, need to sell it for some other reason, or the insurance company declares it a total loss, this is vital information. We’ll lead you toward a few brands that are likely to maintain their value over time.

The following is a ranking of the best-selling car brands by resale value:

1. Toyota

When it comes to large MPVs, the Toyota Innova Crysta has no competition and is virtually entirely immune to car depreciation’s repercussions. For used cars, the Crysta holds its value exceptionally well and gives a great return on investment (ROI) – the reason why it has grown in popularity.

The tremendous demand for this car can be attributed to its powerful engine, exceptional durability, luxurious interior, and ease of maintenance. The resale value of this automobile is among the highest of any vehicle now on the Indian market. Value deterioration is virtually eliminated with the Crysta, as it retains up to 90% of its worth even after three years.

2. Ram

The Ram brand comes in the last position on our list of the most resale-worthy automobile manufacturers as previous owners estimate the resale value of Ram models to be the lowest. However, while other well-known automakers’ vehicles are heavier, the Ram brand can retain the same production level even when compared to the weight of their cars.

Compared to similar half-ton and smaller pickups, the resale price of a Ram 1500 is among the lowest available on the market. This becomes abundantly evident when one considers that Ram’s entire line of vehicles comprises pickup trucks.

Over the next five years, heavier-duty vehicles like the 2500 and 3500 are expected to retain more value than 1500, which is surprising. Compared to its competitors, Ram would fare better if it concentrated on the heavy-duty pickup truck market as its primary focus.

3. Chrysler

Resale values for Chrysler automobiles are low, and the brand consistently ranks at the bottom in three, five, and seven years of ownership compared to other automotive manufacturers.  This company’s most expensive 300 models have received poor reviews and would be more suited to a leasing company’s fleet than an individual buyer’s wallet.

It’s better to acquire a used Chrysler when the value has already started to fall so that the loss of value is taken care of by someone else, and you don’t have to. In order to get a fair deal on an older Chrysler, you should know that depreciation stops accumulating after around six years since the model was first introduced.

When it comes to Chrysler vehicles, the 2020 year model is our top pick for the one that offers the most value. When acquiring the 2020 model, you would pay an average of 83% of the price as if it were brand new, and the vehicle would still have 83% of its usable life remaining after purchase.

Due to their affordable price points, Chrysler automobiles from the 2019 and 2016 model years are a popular choice for many buyers. We consider a wide range of variables when compiling our lists. Initial new pricing, current prices, maintenance expenditures, and the remaining years of generally high expenses are all categories to consider. The Chrysler model year that came in first place in our rankings offers the best value for money regarding Chrysler vehicles. In terms of overall sales, this is the best-performing model year to date.

4. Dodge

After five years, Dodge’s value retention can be summarized as “average,” even if it improves. This is because it improves over time – this is the most precise and concise explanation. When it comes to calculating resale value, Dodge’s Challenger beats all of the company’s other vehicles, and this is aided by the fact that Journeys and Grand Caravans are not included in the calculations.

Additionally, because of Dodge’s dominance in the rental car market, the entire resale value of its vehicles is kept at a constant level. According to our forecasting, we believe that the Dodge vehicles manufactured in 2018 will be the most valuable of the company’s autos. The anticipation for this is palpable. While a new car would cost 69% of what you’d pay for the same model in 2019, it would still have 83% of its useful life if you bought it in 2019.

Aside from that, the 2018 and 2020 Dodge models are attractive on their own, and they offer a reasonable price for performance for their respective model years. For the remainder of the 2020 model year, these automobiles will come to the public in the United States of America.

5. Subaru

When considering the value retained throughout 3, 5, and 7 years of ownership, the Subaru scores first (#1) overall. The BRZ, Impreza, and Outback vehicles produced by Subaru deliver outstanding performance, which earned the business its excellent ranking.

In addition, Subaru has routinely surpassed practically every other automobile manufacturer when it comes to its long-term worth, making them the logical choice for people who are looking for a vehicle that will provide value over the long haul. No matter how old or new, you can’t go wrong with any of these options when you consider their track records of security and dependability.

Smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has become the industry standard in the meantime. In addition, this is significant because many of the company’s rivals either do not provide either of these technologies or only provide them on more expensive models.

The fact that the manufacturer focuses on producing sport utility vehicles (SUVs), which are among the most popular vehicle body styles, and provides all-wheel drive as a standard feature on almost all of its models is also helpful. In addition, much like Toyota, Subaru offers a comprehensive safety package, which contributes to the brand’s value. The Eyesight driver assistance system is standard equipment on the cheapest SUV that the Subaru brand offers, the 2020 Crosstrek.

6. Nissan

Over three, five, and seven-year time frames, the Nissan brand generates outcomes that are about average in terms of value retention, and it achieves a middle-of-the-pack position. Nissan’s pickup trucks, such as the Frontier and Titan, are its crown jewels, outperforming the company’s automobiles time and time again.

Be careful that you don’t get too excited about their sedans, though, because they’re popular with rental fleets, and there is a significant supply of pre-owned cars, which means they’ll be more affordable. To avoid unnecessary risk, it’s wise to pass on the LEAF and go with something else, as the LEAF is fraught with potential danger.

The 2020 Nissan model year is our top pick for the best value for Nissan vehicles. Buying a 2020 model would cost about 85% of what it would cost to buy it brand new, yet it would still have 83% of its useful life.

Nissan vehicles from the 2019 and 2018 models are also highly sought after due to their affordable pricing and high-quality amenities. We accumulate our ranking by studying and researching various factors like the initial new price, the current new price, the maintenance costs, and the remaining years of overall predictable costs. Our top-ranking Nissan model year is the most cost-effective model year of the Nissan lineup.

7. Lexus

For our investigation into the best luxury car brands, we’ll start with Lexus, Toyota’s top-line brand.

If you’re buying a Lexus, you can rest easy knowing that the manufacturer values safety and dependability just as much as it does for the rest of its line of standard-issue vehicles. On the other hand, Lexus vehicles and SUVs have a wide range of premium features that complement these advantages. Thanks to Lexus’ most recent technological breakthrough, you can expect your Lexus car’s value to hold steady for an extended period.

Lexus RX buyers may have been put off by a lack of Android Auto in prior generations. Still, this function will be included in the 2020 edition of the RX, which is expected to impact sales and values positively. The car already had Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa built-in.

8. Jeep Wrangler

For the Jeep Wrangler, staying loyal to its heritage is of utmost importance. It may have its roots in the original four-wheel-drive Willys constructed in 1941. Still, the Willys vehicle is considered to be the most legendary off-road vehicle that the business has ever produced and also features components that many people consider essential for off-roading. Live axles in both the front and rear, as well as triple-locking differentials, allow this vehicle to traverse rough terrain easily.

The Jeep has a high resale value on the used car market since it is an actual vehicle with a wide range of applications. It’s clear to Booth that many people are interested in buying a Jeep. That the vast majority of Jeep Wrangler owners will never be able to take advantage of their vehicle’s full off-road capabilities and everything that it has to offer is of little consequence.

9. Volkswagen

The best time to sell your Volkswagen is within the first three to five years of ownership when you have the best chance of recouping close to 60% of the vehicle’s original value. Even though time is an essential factor, it is not the only one. The value of your Volkswagen depends on a variety of criteria, including its condition, its mileage, and the market demand for it.

Automobiles made by Volkswagen are trendy, and for a good reason: in addition to being visually appealing, they also deliver excellent performance. However, your Volkswagen is more than just a mode of transportation to you. If you intend to sell your vehicle or trade it in for a more up-to-date model shortly, you’ll want to know how much it’s worth.

When you bought, leased, or financed your car, its value immediately depreciated. Some models decline by no more than 40% on average after three years of ownership; this is common for VWs. Your car’s condition is directly related to its mileage. If you’ve driven more than 100,000 miles, you may have to negotiate a lesser price. You should limit yourself to 15,000 kilometers in a single year of ownership.

10. Mercedes-benz

Competition among German automakers for having the highest resale value is no surprise to anyone. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are all on the list, and all of these companies create automobiles that depreciate significantly more quickly than the average vehicle.

Since Mercedes-Benz has been the most successful in terms of sales, this implies a greater demand for its products. Its E vehicles which include the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans and GLE sport utility vehicles, are at the top of their respective categories.

However, it is feasible to acquire the best possible level of beauty and refinement without having to spend the highest price for each model. Although these vehicles aren’t inexpensive, they’re relatively economical when considering all of the included features.

11. Mazda 3

Buying a brand-new vehicle has the terrible drawback of severe depreciation the moment you drive away from the dealership in your new car. In the first five years of ownership, most Mazdas will experience a value reduction of between 45 and 48 percent.

The number of miles that have been put on a used automobile is one of the essential aspects of assessing its worth. If the odometer on your Mazda has many miles on it (more than 100,000), this will most likely signal that its value has decreased. When driving a car, the ideal number of miles driven yearly is between 12,000 and 15,000.

If you own a popular model, a coveted trim level, or a limited edition color, the resale value of your Mazda may improve as a result. Because the Mazda CX-5 is by far the most popular model that Mazda offers, probably, finding a buyer for this vehicle will not be difficult.

12. Chevrolet

We found that Chevrolet was consistently in the middle of the pack compared to other brands. The Corvette and Silverado, two of Chevy’s best-selling models, gave the company a much-needed lift. However, Chevy SUVs were responsible primarily for the brand’s decline on average.

When it comes to Chevrolet vehicles, our top pick for the best value is the 2020 year model. It costs 87% less to buy a 2020 model than to buy it new, yet the vehicle still has 83% of its useful life remaining. These two years are highly sought-after for Chevy vehicles because of their fair values compared to other years.

Our rankings are based on various factors, including the initial new price, the current new price, the maintenance costs, and the remaining years of overall predictable costs. In terms of Chevrolet vehicles, the year that topped our rankings delivers the most value for your money.

13. Porsche

In the past, people thought that exotic automobile brands were only capable of producing susceptible cars that required a lot of money to maintain. As a result, the situation changed. In contrast, Porsche is aware of the first issue, and the business is working hard to find a solution immediately. As a result of numerous accolades, it is widely held to be an example of reliable service in the industry.

To understand why Porsche is regarded as one of the automotive manufacturers that continuously make vehicles with resale values that are among the fairest is straightforward: This is because there is a strong demand for pre-2000 models in the market today.

We can’t foresee which currently available versions will become highly sought after by collectors because we don’t have access to that data. The delivery of a brand new Porsche Speedster, on the other hand, is scheduled for 2020, and it’s a sure thing. Aside from its unique form, the Speedster is a tribute to the current generation of Porsche 911s, which are still in production at the time of this writing. In addition, the Porsche brand has been given a recognized name once again.

14. Kia

Since the KIA 2020 delivers the most significant overall value of all the KIA autos currently available for sale, we believe it is the best option. You could save about 83% on the cost of a brand-new model from 2020, but you’d get 83% more use out of it than you would from a brand-new model today. Additionally, KIA automobiles from the 2018 and 2019 model years are in high demand and provide excellent value for the money spent on the brand’s automobiles.

Model years fall between two specific dates in the calendar year. Several variables go into our rankings, but the most important are the starting price, the current price, the maintenance expenditures, and the number of years the vehicle has left with generally predictable expenses. A model year that ranks first in terms of KIA vehicles is the most current, which means that it is of the highest value to consumers.

15. Mitsubishi

Compared to other firms in the industry, Mitsubishi is in the bottom quartile in terms of value. It’s possible that even if you did better than expected, things could turn out worse. Mitsubishi Outlander and Sport’s resale values are correct after five years because they have been on the market long enough. There is a limit to the automobiles that can be compared because of this.

The 2020 Mitsubishi is our top pick for the best overall value model year. However, just 88% of the price increase would be paid for the 2020 model, which still has 83% of its life left. These two Mitsubishi model years, 2016 and 2019, have a lot to offer for the money and are among the best.

Some elements that influence our rankings are the initial new price, current price, maintenance costs, and the years remaining total estimated spending will occur. Our orders take into account all of these factors. We found the best value in the first-placed model year of Mitsubishi cars in our rankings.


With every car purchase, it is vital to know how much money you will make or lose if you decide to trade it in at some point. The resale value of a car tells you whether or not it is a wise financial decision to buy it. Subaru, Toyota, and Honda are some of the car brands with excellent resale values.

Cars like these are popular because of their well-known brands and high reputations. They also feature excellent dependability and cutting-edge technology, making them worthy investments for car owners. These automakers have figured out a method to keep the prices of their older models competitive, which is fantastic for car buyers.