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Cars Similar To Hyundai Venue : 9 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar To Hyundai Venue : 9 Alternatives To See In 2022

Everything about Hyundai Venue is fantastic including its low cost. In this price factor, you are getting an SUV that is not only elegant from the outside but inside too.

If Hyundai Venue deserves compliments, it should be “evergreen and royal”. In-ground clearance, it behaves the same as sedans and other luxurious cars.

While we are boasting about the benefits of Hyundai Venue, it does lack some features. Poor sound insulation is one of its downfall features. We will tell you about cars similar to Hyundai Venue that share its best features and cancel its bad ones.

Cars Similar To Hyundai Venue

Fiat 500 X, Subaru XV, Jeep Compass, Chevrolet Trax, Ford Ecosport, and Hyundai Creta are the cars that should make you skip Hyundai Venue. Most of these SUVs are subcompact to have a perfect combination of small SUVs and larger ones.

Hyundai Venue has scored a reliability rate of 95.7 percent which is stated by the company itself. We are making sure that the alternatives we are introducing to you have a similar reliability rate.

Along with being highly reliable, each SUV has one or other unique parts. It’s time to get excited about the information that can ultimately lead to investing in your favorite SUV.

1. Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X has been named exactly like its performance. It has 500 times good fuel economy plus 500 times brilliant built.

Moreover, this SUV runs on petrol which adds more to its advantage and makes its resale value pretty high in the market. Now you will get to know why Fiat 500X is included in the rundown of “cars similar to Hyundai Venue.

Well, Though Space For Passengers And Luggage – Fiat 500x and Hyundai Venue has 5 seats with the main focus on ample headroom and legroom.

In the front, the legroom of the Fiat 500x is 41.4 inches and that of the Hyundai Venue is 41.3 inches. The headroom of the front is approx. 39.1 inches in the former and 39 inches in the latter. Well, you cannot expect more from a subcompact SUV.

Also, you can shop enough because Fiat 500x can manage 39.8 cubic feet of luggage. Hyundai Venue has a similar load space in the rear part.

MPG is Superior to Good – Small SUVs have got an extraordinary advantage to their credits. Universally, the standard MPG has been increased by 165% in all the subcompact cars like Fiat 500x and Hyundai Venue.

2. Subaru XV Crosstrek

Subaru Crosstrek

According to car buyers “in a crucial survey, Subaru XV Crosstrek was placed at 97th number from hundred in terms of reliability”. This compact SUV can be with you till the 17th-18th year after purchasing if you are willing to maintain it decently.

Additionally, one more factor adds to its value – the car has a distinct-looking exterior which has mainly influenced the purchasing decision of many people.

Measurements Are Fulfilling To See As Well As Comfort – When you take a look at Subaru XV Crosstrek or Hyundai Venue, both are of a similar height and width. And every detail added, gives charm to the overall measurements of these compact SUVs.

Precisely, the width of Hyundai Venue is 69.7 inches and that of Subaru XV is 71 inches. And the height is similar as the Venue is 61.6 inches tall and Subaru XV is taller at 63.6 inches.

The height of the overall vehicle would directly gift more space for headroom and legroom. So yes, Subaru XV and Hyundai Venue both have plenty of space inside them, therefore, following the rule “Car is for passengers and passengers are for car”.

3. Haval H2

Haval H2

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Haval H2 may have a little bit of a standardized look but it is not boring to look at. Its design shouts a lot of “branding” at the front and the rear but the name “Haval H2” doesn’t look cheap.

Moreover, this subcompact SUV will suit you if you like cars with on-point detailing. And similar exterior can be found in Hyundai Venue too. Let’s find out how a company like Haval managed to compete against Hyundai with this car?

Good Space – When you are investing in a vehicle like Haval H2 you are looking for space appropriateness. And both these small cars don’t let you down.

Having said that, you are going to have a stomachful journey as there is plenty of space to keep your eateries. There are wide spaces on the doors which comes pretty handy. Also, there are 2 cupholder stands.

Apart from being space friendly with your things, both cars provide comfort. Headroom, legroom, and shoulder room are wide enough to have a relaxing journey no matter what the distance is.

ANCAP Is Pretty More Than Decent – ANCAP is a rating that every car wants to pass but only a few can reach there. Haval H2 and Hyundai Venue, both are small SUVs that have a score of 4,5 out of 5 given by ANCAP.

And these automobiles are high on the rating because of their safety features like several airbags, disc brakes, and brilliant electronic stability control. Therefore

ANCAP and spaciousness are what make Haval H2 correctly fit into the category of “cars that are similar to Hyundai Venue”.

4. Chevrolet Trax


Chevrolet Trax runs on the 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, which means less pollution and more power. Ultimately, Chevrolet Trax is an example of “how an SUV should be”. This mini-sized SUV is highly reliable and has sporty features that are unmatchable by other SUVs but are closer to Hyundai Venue.

Braking System Compliments The Brilliant Built – A car can be thrown in the pit when it can’t be controlled. But Chevrolet Trax and Hyundai Venue have disc-based brakes which make the wheels stop when needed.

There is a disc attached to the inner built of front and rear tires which leads to better traction. All this good traction happened, will happen, and keep happening irrespective of what the speed is.

Plenty Of Room For You – The former and the latter have plenty of width and height to let you fit inside them. Hyundai Venue has a height of 61.6 inches and Chevrolet Trax is a tiny bit taller at 64.9 inches. Consequently, this presents some extra space for headroom and legroom inside.

In Hyundai Venue the headroom space is 39.4 inches and Chevrolet Trax has got a headroom of 39.6 inches. It is a big deal for a smaller SUV like Venue and Trax to have this much headroom.

Together with headroom, there is just the required space for legroom. Altogether you will have a pleasant journey or trip when you are delving into either car option.

5. Ford Ecosport

The EcoSport from Ford

Right the time Ecosport hits your ears, it sounds like a very noisy car but is it exactly the opposite. While this compact SUV has some features which work just like a sports car, it produces no harsh sound to be heard inside the car. A characteristic that makes the car more intelligent is its airtight windows which cancel the vehicle’s sound.

Drivetrain Is The Heart – We believe that the drivetrain is a feature that makes an SUV safe proof and fast. Ford Ecosport and Hyundai Venue, both have Front Wheel Drive.

This implies that the vehicle is daunting not at its back, but at the front. FWD saves a lot of fuel by independently handling the traction. Also, FWD can grip any surface like sandy, muddy or snowy with ease.

So, we can say the drivetrain mechanism of Ford Ecosport is what mainly contributes to Ecosport being included in the list of cars similar to Hyundai Venue.

SUV That Doesn’t Blink While Sensing Wrong –  Ford Ecosport cannot hurt you, roads, and other cars that’s why it has safety robots and locks.

This car is a true exception with having a plethora of safety features like Anti Braking System, Speed Determining Door Locks, child safety mechanism, airbags, and much more.

All these above features work in collaboration to secure and save you at all degrees. These features are not only part of Ecosport but Venue too. While many cars boast of their inventive features, it’s the safety feature that is prioritized by Hyundai and Ford.

6. Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta is exceptional with its features list and that is the reason there is very less competition for it. Also, this compact SUV has taken a massive makeover to be famous.

And so it is one of the most sold-out cars of Hyundai till today. We are also talking about a similar SUV of Hyundai which is Venue. Now the question arises – Is Creta an identical twin to Venue or an unidentical one?

Engine And Related Mechanisms Are Reliable – Both the above comparable SUVs run on petrol and the petrol runs like nerves in the engine with efficiency.

According to the national reviewers, “Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Venue are magnificent as they give the mileage of around 17 km”. This mileage is great and will lead to fuel efficiency at its best.

Lights Matter When You Are Investing – Lights can be neglected when you are driving in the morning but what about evening or night? Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Venue have tail lights that are halogen-based to let you see that back world easily. Moreover, headlight adjustment control can make the vision 10 times clearer.

7. Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass is an off-road vehicle that is pretty easy to maintain. While you would maintain it, you are getting services free so there is not much going from your pockets. In the market, this midsize SUV is pretty much hyped up so let’s see what are the reasons.

Your Comfort Is Priority – First of all, Jeep Compass is prioritizing the comfort of passengers and drivers as the seats can be adjusted to 8 settings. Secondly, these seats are fabric-based which demands a tiny bit of attention in terms of cleaning.

On top of all, your eyes would always be around soothing cabins that are of two calm shades. You can easily get a good sleep during a long journey inside such pleasant cabins. All these features also apply to the Hyundai venue and that is why these cars match shoulder to shoulder with one another.

8. Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet

The tech features inside the Kia Sonet are worth every penny you are spending on the car. On a whole, this compact SUV is quick to respond to any of the commands given. You can take the advantage of a wide touch screen that glides like butter.

Exteriors Are Good Looking And Detailed – Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue look quite uncanny standing next to each other. The only difference lies in the grill but other than that both these cars give the vibe of the “future”. We mean to say that they are not at all uninteresting to look at.

Since the exterior is the major quotient in the former and the latter, you should check out the colors available in them. There are many shades available of colors like Red, Silver, Black, and blue which would never go out of trend.

9. Kia Seltos

kia seltos

Kia Seltos has plenty of space for the front seat passengers and the back seat passengers. Factually, its price starts at $22,590 which is quite decent for a small crossover SUV.

The car has sportiness in its several features, which is how it does justice to the price you are paying. But is it countable under “cars similar to Hyundai Venue”?

Warranty That Approves Their Reliability – Hyundai, and Kia are pretty serious about their customers and hence introduced amazing warranties. Consequently, you get the warranty on these SUVs along with a separate warranty on the drivetrain.

Safety Is Promised – Both these similar cars are so secure to drive that NCAP has given a high rating for them. As compact SUVs like Seltos and Venue carry a burden of lots of luggage, it becomes crucial to keep the tires in check. For that, there is an inbuilt system to monitor the wheels here and then.


All the above cars are extremely good replacements for Hyundai Venue. Every car is as worthy and we can say even more worthy than Hyundai Venue. While Fiat 500 X is twinning with Hyundai Venue concerning the boot space and MPG, Subaru XV has pleasant exteriors.

At the same time, Chevrolet Trax has brilliant brakes and Ford Ecosport comes quite handy for driving. Apart from these compact SUVs, the other automobiles cover safety, good looks, and extreme comfort giving Hyundai Venue a run for its money.