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Nissan SUV Models In 2022 :[SUV’s, Mid & Small Range]

Nissan SUV Models In 2022 :[SUV’s, Mid & Small Range]

Nissan Motors live with a motto “perfection or nothing” and so they prove it through their fantastic car models. And SUVs have not remained untouched by that perfection. Having said that these SUVs have a plethora of features like outstanding mileage, good looks, top-notch engine, and many more. Also, the SUV models introduced by Nissan are very diverse as compared to the other leading brand.

Now without keeping you waiting, let’s introduce you to the Nissan SUV models that are worth every penny of yours.

Nissan SUV Models

When people want to buy an SUV generally, they look for spaciousness, off-road capabilities, cargo space, bulkiness, etc. The answer to all these expectations is fulfilled by Nissan as they are one of the best manufacturers of SUV models and types.

Nissan Rogue are some of the SUV names that we are disclosing right now but we have more than 4 special cars to talk about. These sporty utility cars are the present as well as the future of the broad car world. This directly means that these vehicles will perform immensely well by saving your fuel, energy, and car sources.

1. Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano

When you look at Nissan Murano, you feel there is nothing like it. Not only the exterior is fantastic but the interior is super tech-friendly. The more tech-friendly a car is, the more convenient it will serve you.

Furthermore, Nissan Murano has a lot more advantages over its kitty. So, let’s find out more about them and check out why Nissan Murano is the best seller among many SUVs created by Nissan.

Fulfills Off-Road Duty With Effectiveness – Nissan Murano is a midsize SUV that is as effective offroad as it is on road. This vehicle runs on AWD, which means that it easily holds the road or other difficulties. Thanks to the low power usage, you would be saving significantly on fuel.

Engine Efficiency Is Far Superior To Other SUVs – You cannot talk about an SUV being powerful if its engine is a big thumbs down. Subsequently, Nissan Murano has an effective V6 engine, leading to better acceleration every time you launch high speed. The cylinders in this engine are arranged in a zigzag manner, leading to better performance.

More Spacy Which It Should Be – According to the standard, an SUV should have a legroom of more than 40 inches and headroom should be somewhere above 39 inches. Well, Nissan Murano has front legroom of 40.5 inches and the back one is 39 inches in width. Comparatively, headroom is approximately one inch smaller in the front and the rear.

This directly implies that when you are investing in Nissan Murano, you are in for spaciousness and comfort.

2. Nissan Rogue 2022

Nissan Rogue

Image Credit : Nissan Official Site

Nissan Rogue stands out with its very detailed and classy exterior. Also, it has a long lifespan of 13 years. It is for sure that in those 13 years you wouldn’t ask for any other SUV because Nissan Rogue is brilliant. So, why this vehicle is counted in the best Nissan SUV models? Your answer is below.

You Would Not Fall Low On Money – Nissan Rogue has a price tag of $27,150 which is satisfactory. We are saying that is satisfactory because it is providing extreme comfortability to passengers. Inside this compact SUV, you would find cushiony seats just like recliners at your home.

The dashboard, steering mechanism, gear, seats, and space cabins – everything is detailed and quick to respond. In this way, the driver and passengers won’t have difficulty adjusting themselves rather the vehicle would mold itself with your needs.

The Exterior Is Superb – You can easily identify Nissan Rogue from a distance because of its distinctive personality. Having said that, the vehicle has a small yet classic-looking grill. Apart from the grill, there are two pairs of headlights fitted to each corner of the car which contributes to the major distinctiveness of the front.

The manufacturer has given extra attention to details to make this vehicle top the charts of the best Nissan SUV models.

3. Nissan Kicks S

Nissan Kicks

Just like the name sounds, Nissan Kicks is just powerful and kickstarts every part with equally good force. Nissan Kicks S comes in the subcompact category but provides just as power struck features as available in the bulky SUV models. It’s time to dig deep into the nature of Nissan Kicks S and find out if it suits you.

It Promises Your Safety – Your security is a crucial factor for Nissan Kicks S so it promises you a decent security package. Consequently, this package covers your safety as well as the safety of the car.

Nissan Kicks S has an automatic braking robot to stop the car or give an alert at the time of any red zone happening. Also, there are lane crossing sensors that let you shift on road carefully and with optimum care.

Specified And Well-Designed Interior – Inside the car, the dashboard has optimum space to keep little things. Also, the air vents are fixed at the middle and the far end to spread cool air at the rear part too. Besides this, there is an infotainment system with a big LED screen to get you set for a long journey. Everything has been specified with different colors so that the driver can shift their hands quite steadily.

You Are Set With Good Infotainment System – When you are looking forward to buying Nissan Kicks S, look forward to a good infotainment system too. Precisely, you are getting a big 8-inch touch screen to give instructions as clearly as possible. Also, this touch screen glides like butter.

There is apple car play as well as android connectivity to relax you more. Likewise, some speakers have perfect bass, volume, and pitch in the front and the rear. Don’t worry about the high volume because your cabins are sound proof and no volume will disturb the onlookers.

4. Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada is that big SUV that does need a big introduction. Accordingly, it’s a big size SUV in which 8-9 people can easily fit which shows its magnificence. To show the magnificence factor further, this jumbo SUV has plenty of cargo space. All this information was only the tip of the iceberg so keep reading to know about this vehicle.

Good Traction Off-Road and On-Road – If you are ready to invest in a cumbersome SUV, then Nissan Armada is just it. And what makes it “IT” is its drivetrain which is AWD and RWD based.

Both these drives may change according to the suitability of the weather, road conditions, driver’s choice, etc. Factually, your tires will bear less harm because of the less stress and more traction – all hail to AWD and RWD combination. That’s the benefit of big SUVs that they do not lack in the major fulfillment expected by a buyer.

Fuel Economy Is Standard – The MPG provided by Nissan Armada is 14 in the circuit of the city and 19 on the roads of the highway. Consequently, this mileage is good when we put into consideration the fuel used. All credit goes to the efficient engine which plays a big role in saving a lot of fuel and in return it is giving the most power.

The Better The Steering, The Better The Wheels – The steering process offers a diameter of 41.3 feet in Nissan Armada. Not many people know that the more would be the diameter the less tight would be the steering to turn as well as the wheel. This SUV automatically lets you have a smooth u-turn or any turn through its rack-pinion steering type. As a bulky SUV has AWD and RWD, rack pinion steering let you have maximum control of the tire moving mechanism.

5. Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder looks like a robot because of its intelligent-looking exterior and interior. This broad SUV also has a good ground clearance so that there is no or minimum harm when the car hits any unexpected material on the road. Likewise, this sport utility vehicle is in talks in the world of cars because of its reliability factor.

So, what’s great striking Nissan Pathfinder, and how did it got included in the list of well-made Nissan SUV cars?

Towing Capacity Is The Star Of The Show – Nissan Pathfinder is just the twin of a pickup truck considering its towing capabilities. Nissan Pathfinder is manufactured in such a way that it can tow up to 6000 pounds in one go. You can go for a long ride with extra luggage because you are getting the room as well as the chance of carrying heavy weights.

Mind you, in that 6000 pounds capacity you have to count yourself as it is the overall capacity. With this SUV caliber, you can even go to the places like mountains, desserts, or any adventure places you like.

Spaciousness Like No Other – First of all you get a lot of configuration options when you are purchasing a Nissan Pathfinder. Moreover, third-row seats can be bent from 90 degrees to 0 degrees to provide more space for the cargo.

Also, the headroom and legroom are very broad that you can spend the entire journey sleeping relaxedly. That’s how Nissan Pathfinder is counted among the best Nissan SUV models of all time.

You Are Getting Many Assistants – While you will be driving Pathfinder, you will have a lot of assisting robots to guide you on the lane, guide you about safety, and guide you about warnings.

There are cameras attached to the wheels which give you a direct view. Also, when there is a sudden crossing of a car from behind, there are automatic brakes. There is a pedestrian crossing assistant as well as a lane shifting robot. On a whole, all these features become the best safety package that one could hope to be available in bulky SUVs.

6. Nissan Rogue Sport

Nissan Rogue Sport

People often confuse Nissan Rogue with Nissan Rogue Sport, but they are both unique. Nissan Rogue Sport is high in reliability and has a standard life of approx. 200,000 miles. This compact crossover SUV has the most comfortable seats which the company boasts of. And we don’t see the reason to not boast of the highest degree of comfort!

Easeful Ride With Drivetrain And Tires – Nissan Rogue Sport has been named like this because of its super excellent boom performance. This SUV is FWD based, meaning more pressure is on the front wheels. Don’t worry, the front wheels work as a warrior to have a better grip on snowy and muddy surfaces.

Nissan Rogue’s Exteriors Are Everything – Nissan Rogue Sport’s exteriors are just a little bit undermined than what you find on Nissan Rogue. Accordingly, Nissan Rogue Sport is priced at 24,260 which is quite appropriate according to the external body.

First of all, you are getting 8 color options beforehand you decide to invest in this midsize SUV. There are colors like Scarlet, Metallic, and Silver which will make your choice extraordinary. Likewise, you can go for basic colors like black or grey according to your mind.

Secondly, everything starting from the bumper to the rear end is made with specifications so that people looking at the vehicle stare twice. The wheels are aluminum made which suits well all the color options.

Miles Per Gallon Is At The Standard Point – Nissan Rogue Sport is pretty economical with its average mileage. This high-performing vehicle gives runs on 31 MPG on average on the highway. In this way, you would save a lot of fuel plus there is no compromise in the performance level of this SUV. So if you are willing to invest in Nissan Rogue Sport you will be called a good citizen for saving the environment from excess carbon discharge.

7. Nissan Rogue 2021

Nissan Rogue has better handling than its previous versions and is counted in 2-3rd position in the list of best Nissan SUVs. Also, this compact SUV model has changed its weight for improved performance and brilliant towing capacity. So let’s dig deep into the parts of the Nissan Rogue 2021 and find out why you should buy it.

Accessibility Is Their Motto – What’s the point of a convenient SUV if it does not come in handy! 2021 Nissan Rogue has cabin doors that can open up to 90 degrees so that passengers can enter with ease into the spacious cabins.

When the talks are about the tech features, Nissan Rogue 2021 has many and those features are everyone’s cup of tea.

Consequently, a well-defined and designed infotainment system has a broad 8-inch touchscreen, Apple Car Play setup, WiFi spots, and android connection setup.

All these sections of the dashboard are quite accessible from the driver’s seat as well as the front passenger seat.

High Compression Ratio Is A Good Sign – A compression ratio is what decides how much fuel would be consumed at what speed rate. Nissan Rogue 2021 reflects the compression ratio as 12:0:1 which is pretty high. Also, the more the compression ratio, the more would be the energy squeezed down the piston. This way your SUV is being a Piggy Bank because it is saving you the cost of the weary engine and other parts.

Effective Ground Clearance – The availability of ground clearance is 8.2 inches in Rogue 2021. Now we cannot tell the full process of ground clearance but what we can tell about is its benefits to you and your compacted SUV.

The ground clearance determines where you can take your car and how clear is the road. This SUV has a positive ground clearance so that you can take it out of your car to have the best adventures in the world with clear scenery.


We have laid down all the names under the Nissan SUV category that you can opt from. Also, we have categorized each car according to its size so that you won’t have to research a lot. Every SUV model has its advantage from the bumper to the boot.

Also, there are more benefits attached to each SUV vehicle rather than disadvantages.

While Nissan Murano has an effective engine, Nissan Rogue 2022 won’t disappoint you with its economic features. Nissan Rogue Sport performs as sportily as it sounds and Nissan Pathfinder has an excellent towing capacity.