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Cars Similar to Honda Clarity EV : 12 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar to Honda Clarity EV : 12 Alternatives To See

As an automobile enthusiast, you might be repenting Honda’s decision to discontinue the popular model, Clarity. As the brand moves closer to collaborating with General Motors to develop more affordable electric vehicles, you won’t find new Clarity hybrid or electric vehicles hitting the road. Well, if you are ready to purchase the closest alternative for the Honda Clarity, you should find it by the time you read this article till its end. Read on to know the best alternatives you should go for, along with their features.

Cars Similar to Honda Clarity EV

Scan through this list of vehicles that are similar to the Honda Clarity EV.

1. Honda Accord Hybrid 2022

Well, if you find it tough to get rid of your obsession with Honda, the Accord Hybrid 2022 would be a great pick. In fact, Honda has infused almost all the capabilities of the Clarity in their Accord model.

The Accord comes at $27,320 for the base trim. This is a sedan, delivering an impressive fuel economy in the city (48 mpg) as well as the highways (47 mpg). Moreover, the Accord takes 6.7 seconds to reach 60 mph. This is much more spontaneous than the Honda Clarity.

Coming to the looks, the Accord shares a similarity with several other sedans. In that sense, it comes with a generic look. However, this should not refrain a potential car owner from slashing the Accord from the list. The Accord comes integrated with all the modern amenities like a touchscreen, along with a rear-view camera.

2. Nissan Leaf 2022

Rather than investing in a hybrid car, you might be willing to settle for an affordable electric vehicle. The Nissan Leaf 2022, which comes at a base price of around $20,000, would be a viable alternative to the Clarity. Even with this car, the driver can zoom to 60 mph within 8 seconds.

In case you are willing to upgrade the Nissan Leaf to its Plus model, you need to shell out the same amount that you needed to acquire a Clarity PHEV. Even though the Leaf isn’t a sports car, it’s fast enough to accelerate to 60 seconds in 7 seconds.

The Nissan Leaf offers an impressive fuel economy. On highways, it can cruise along for 99 Kms, while it can hit 123 MPGe when you drive on city roads. Based on your driving style and the battery, the car can even record a driving range of 226 miles. The car is compatible with a 44V charger, and you need around 40 minutes to charge the vehicle. Therefore, one can even use the lunch break to get the EV refueled. This should be adequate to fulfill all kinds of work needs. Evidently, the Nissan Leaf can be a good alternative for the Honda Clarity.

3. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2022

You have too many hybrid cars from Japanese automobile makers even when you move away from Honda. The Toyota Camry would be a great option for you, and it comes at about the same price as the Accord. However, this car has got a few advantages over the Accord. In cities, it delivers around 51 mpg, while it rises to 54 mpg on highways. Therefore, this car happens to be a close competitor of the Accord.

Even when it comes to acceleration, you can reach 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. Therefore, it outperforms both the Honda Clarity and Accord in this regard. However, accelerating your car too fast will result in poor fuel economy. You won’t be accelerating the Camry so aggressively, right?

4. Porsche Taycan 2022

As EVs continue to lure automobile owners with their impressive fuel economy and performance, the Porsche Taycan 2022 has gained popularity. The Taycan can speed up to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Moreover, you have the Turbo S feature in this car, which can even help you zip to the 60-mph speed in 2.6 seconds. Therefore, this is one of the fastest accelerating EVs out there in the market.

However, this car comes with a high price tag. The electric engine, along with excellent performance engineering inflates the price. While the basic model costs a little more than $82,000, you need to shell out as much as $185,000 for the Turbo S. When you compare similar models considering the capabilities of a Clarity, you would go for the basic version, and not for the Turbo S. Given that Porsche has got an established brand image as a luxury car manufacturer, these cars cost much more than the previous ones on this list.

5. Kia EV6 2022

Car owners looking for a dependable electric family SUV might consider the Kia EV6 2022 to be a good choice as an alternative to the Honda Clarity. However, the basic price of the Kia model is $40,900, which is a bit higher than the Accord or similar cars. The Kia promises smooth rides and fast acceleration, thereby justifying its price.

Besides, the car delivers an impressive range, which can last between 232 and 310 miles. Eventually, you can return home worry-free and charge the EV. Moreover, this Kia model can tow a load up to 2,300 pounds. Therefore, the owners can carry gear even when they don’t go for a larger SUV.

Although the car frame is the same to ensure responsible handling, this is a slightly bigger car. Now, you might be thinking that the larger size leads to a compromise in speed. However, this car can run faster than the Porsche Taycan basic version. It can reach the 60-mph speed in just 3.5 seconds.

6. Honda e 2022

Well, this is a supermini with impressive powers and offers decent performance. The Honda e 2022 is light and nimble, and you can get the vehicle charged in a quick time. So, you can have brief stops and charge the EV on your journey.

However, this car is not yet available in the US. Honda is not sure about how the US automobile market would respond to the EV. However, the brand is likely to reconsider the option of launching this hatchback in the US.

7. Tesla Model 3 2022

Well, you might be familiar with the name ‘Tesla’ when it comes to electric vehicles. This established brand has come up with a mid-priced sedan, which you might consider as an alternative to the Honda Clarity EV. The Model 3, which comes at $46,990, looks reasonably priced. Besides, car enthusiasts can invest a few more thousand dollars to upgrade the trim to the Performance model. You would love the powerful acceleration of the car. It takes around 3.1 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph with the performance version. Besides, the brand assures a seamless drivability, as the car is capable of delivering an impressive range of 358 miles.

8. MINI SE Hardtop 2-Door 2022

If you consider purchasing an alternative to the Honda Clarity EV, you can go for the two-door MINI SE Hardtop. Compared to the Nissan Leaf, this car comes at a little extra cost. Before any kind of modification, you need to shell out around $33,900. However, it’s a bit slower than some of the other cars on this list. You would need around 6.9 seconds to hit the 60-mph mark. Still, this kind of acceleration looks quite decent.

Considering the range of an EV, the MINI SE Hardtop has room to improve its mileage. A single charge can make the vehicle travel for around 110 miles. This is lower than many other EVs, and you might have to charge up the car frequently. However, it takes just 30 minutes to charge the battery, so you need not wait too long on your way.

9. Toyota Mirai 2022

Rather than having a battery-powered engine, this EV comes with a hydrogen-based model. Although this technology is yet to gain popularity, it is unique, and you might consider purchasing the Toyota Mirai 2022 as an alternative to the Honda Clarity. To accelerate to 60 mph, this model needs around 9.1 seconds. Apparently, this is a little slow when you consider other cars that we have listed here. However, the fuel economy looks impressive and you might decide to settle with this vehicle. One can quickly refuel hydrogen cells, so you won’t have to wait long at the charging stations.

The price tag of the Toyota Mirai 2022 looks a bit high, at $49,500. This is due to the availability of all sorts of modern amenities that owners would love to enjoy. The digital instrument display looks futuristic. Moreover, the touchscreen display is massive. However, you should consider the competitive cost of hydrogen fuel before purchasing this car. For a change, the Toyota Mirai looks impressive.

10. Toyota Prius Prime 2022

This is yet another hybrid competitor that Toyota has launched, and it’s worth considering it as a replacement for the Honda Clarity EV. The Prius Prime comes at an affordable base price of $28,220. The car accelerates moderately fast, and takes around 7.3 seconds to reach 60 mph. However, car owners would appreciate the soft punch that the car delivers when it starts at a low speed. However, when you exceed the recommended speed limits for city roads, it strains the car more than the Accord or the Camry.

Altogether, the hybrid car is not bad. In case you come across a lucrative deal, it would be wise to grasp it. It’s not yet the best of picks that one can go for.

11. Chevrolet Bolt EV 2022

Compared to cars like the Kia EV6, this one from Chevrolet is more affordable owing to its smaller size. Coming to the speed, it looks decent. The car can accelerate to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds. Compared to other sedans, this car offers a greater cargo space.

The base price of this model is $31,500. This is around 25% lower than the EV6. Both the Kia and the Bolt are good cars with their respective perks. However, the Bolt comes at a lower price tag, which might appeal to a wider range of customers.

12. Ford F-150 Lightning 2022

Well, this is a truck that comes from the branded automobile manufacturer, Ford. It has four doors, and Ford has decided to come up with an EV in the form of a truck. It has got an impressive hauling capacity of 7,700 pounds. Therefore, if you are considering an alternative to the Honda Clarity EV, you can go for this vehicle, particularly if hauling happens to be your priority.

Ford has come up with such a nomenclature to highlight its electrical engine. Besides, the acceleration looks quite impressive. The truck can zoom to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. At 230 miles, the driving range looks good. However, the MPGe is around 68, which is lower than that in smaller cars. Once you acquire this truck, it would be wise to charge the vehicle overnight at your home. This implies that you can avoid stopping at the charging stations.

The pricing looks fine, with the lowest trim coming at $39,974. One should be comfortable to fork out this amount for an SUV in the midsize category with a lower capacity to tow. Even though this is a truck, it stands a good opportunity to serve as an alternative to the Honda Clarity EV.


Well, you have several EVs to choose from this list when you consider a replacement for the Honda Clarity. Depending on your budget as well as driving styles, you own the liberty to customize the models. We have listed these EVs from reputable brands that are likely to fulfill the aspirations of car enthusiasts. Explore the models in depth before proceeding with your purchase decision.