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Cars Similar To Chevy Spark : 10 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar To Chevy Spark : 10 Alternatives To See

The US streets witnessed the launch of a bold model, the Chevy Spark in 2013. With its aggressive looks, the car appealed mostly to younger drivers. The interior façade looks exciting in this model, as the car comes integrated with the seven-inch touchscreen. Even though the vehicle comes in the small car category, it’s power-packed. You would appreciate the 4G Wi-Fi (LTE) and Chevy MyLink as a part of the infotainment system. The engine can clock 40 mpg on highways.

What makes the Spark enticing for young drivers is the exterior paint colors. One can pick from the likes of coral pink, electric blue, and neon green. Well, if you are planning to settle for a Chevy Spark, you might also be willing to explore the features that its competitors bring to you. So, we have shortlisted some of the similar cars in this article for your convenience.

Cars similar to Chevy Spark

Check out some of the cars that share certain features with the Chevy Spark.

1. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is slightly larger as compared to the Chevy Spark. So, you can seat five people in this vehicle, rather than four. However, it comes with several features that you would find in the Spark. Besides, owners have the liberty to customize the car with the available styles and colors to fit their needs. For instance, Ford has come up with three variants of the Fiesta in terms of body styles. These are the convertible, hatchback, and the sedan.

The mileage of the hatchback looks decent, with 41 mpg on highways and 31 mpg in the cities. It takes 8.9 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph. The styling of this car appeals to younger drivers. You would also appreciate its elegant touchscreen (8-inch), infotainment system, and AppLink. Integrated with the Ford Active Park Assist feature, it would be easy to park your car parallelly.

The 120-horsepower engine delivers a decent performance. You can get one of these models at prices ranging between $14,115 and $21,120, which looks quite affordable.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage

In case you are looking for a Chevy Spark alternative suitable for city driving, the Mitsubishi Mirage might be a good pick. This car is small, but its efficiency level looks impressive. Well, you might not find all the sparkling features that the Spark comes with in this model. Considering its affordability and gas mileage, it’s worth exploring the features of the Mitsubishi Mirage.

The 78-horsepower engine is capable of delivering a decent performance. The Mitsubishi Mirage comes in different trims, with the prices ranging between $13,995 and $19,845. The car can comfortably accommodate five passengers. The mileage looks pretty good, as the Mirage can travel 50 mpg on highways and 44 mpg on city roads.

These trim levels include the SELE, Black Edition, LE, and ES. While the SEL trim turns out to be the most luxurious, you can also settle for the basic ES trim. The Black Edition and LE models can accelerate to 60 mph in 12.5 seconds. Therefore, drivers need to be a little patient while they overtake. For the SEL trim, the acceleration time is 11.5 seconds, while the SELE trim can accomplish it in 10.5 seconds.

You would appreciate the car’s styling, as it comes with LED headlights. Besides, it is available across 5 different colors and comes with a chrome grille.

3. Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa continues to be a good competitor of the Chevy Spark. If gas mileage and affordability are your priorities, this car should be a great fit. Compared to the Fiesta and the Mirage, the Nissan Versa is a little bigger. So, if you want a family car with decent space, go for this one.

The 109-hp car can accelerate to 60 mph in 10.2 seconds. Capable of accommodating 5 people, it delivers an average mileage of 40 mpg in highways and 31 mpg in cities. The basic model comes at $17,490, which looks quite affordable.

Nissan has designed its Versa across different body styles. These include the convertible, hatchback, and the sedan. One can also choose from as many as six colors. Interestingly, the car offers a roomy interior, and the hatchback has lots of luggage space. Again, if you want to open the top to let the sunbeams stream in, go for the convertible. However, this car can seat four people comfortably.

4. Kia Rio Hatchback

Well, if you are looking for a car like the Chevy Spark, the Kia Rio Hatchback would be a decent choice. The manufacturers have prioritized practicality while designing this car, and the interiors are spacious enough. At the same time, families can carry a good load of cargo in the available space. It is ideal for accommodating five people. One can also narrow down the preferences in terms of color, choosing from bright shades like red, blue, and yellow. The Kia Rio Hatchback can accelerate to 60 miles in 10.8 seconds.

The 130-hp engine is powerful enough to fulfill the aspirations of families. The fuel economy could be better, as the car delivers 38 mpg in highways and 29 mpg in cities. The trims would cost you anything between $14,795 and $19,395. Considering the affordable price and decent collection of features, this car should be a strong competitor for the Spark.

5. Hyundai Accent

People with a fascination for Hyundai cars should consider its Accent as a viable replacement for their Chevy Sark. The 130-hp engine delivers a satisfactory performance. You would need around 11.3 seconds to accelerate to 60 miles an hour. The gas mileage of the Accent is average, as it delivers 38 miles a gallon on highways and 28 miles on city roads.

What attracts car owners to this model is the amazingly low price of the models. You can explore different trims between $13,900 and $17,400. Moreover, the interior space is adequate for five people to sit comfortably.

Hyundai has its own legacy for manufacturing dependable cars. Therefore, if you are looking forward to balancing reliability and affordability, this one should be an intelligent pick. The owners appreciate the stylish design of the Hyundai Accent, and can choose from a wide range of colors.

6. Honda Fit

While considering all the viable alternatives for the Chevy Spark, you cannot possibly overlook the Honda Fit. Elegant, good-performing, and powerful, this car has got a 130-hp engine. The pricing also looks affordable, and it would be wise to own a Honda vehicle between $16,190 and $19,090. The car can comfortably accommodate five people, which makes it a decent pick for families.’

Compared to other cars on this list, the acceleration and gas mileage of the Honda Accent looks average. It can zoom to 60 mph in 10.3 seconds, and deliver 38 mpg on highways. In cities, the gas mileage comes down to 29 mpg.

One can choose from colors like red, black, and white. Moreover, you can settle with either the hatchback or the sedan styles. In case you are looking for a family car offering slightly additional space, this model would be good to go with. The car offers a spacious space for cargo. Altogether, the Honda Fit should be a decent purchase for you, offering quite a few similar features as the Chevy Spark.

7. Mini Cooper

As a branded car, the Mini Cooper offers several sophisticated features. The engine power looks quite impressive at 181-hp. No wonder, why the car boasts a better acceleration when you look at the figures of most other cars on this list. You can attain the 60-mph speed in just 6.7 seconds.

However, owners should note that the Mini Cooper comes from the celebrated German automaker, BMW. This car needs premium fuel, which significantly increases its maintenance costs. Besides, the fuel economy looks dull, as it delivers around 32 mpg on highways and 23 mpg in cities. You can customize the trims at prices ranging between $21,900 and $37,200. Based on the model, this car can accommodate four to five people.

If you are looking for a stylish car to make the drives memorable and joyful, the Mini Cooper would be a good pick. Moreover, one can choose between the convertible and coupe body styles. The iconic style of the Mini Cooper makes it an outstanding vehicle. The safety features in this car also look decent. It comes with parking sensors and a backup camera. Lastly, owners can choose from several colors.

8. Chevrolet Bolt

Well, you can check out the Chevrolet Bolt, that can help you save money on gas. This is a powerful 200-hp vehicle that can help you reach 60 miles an hour in just 6.5 seconds. The fuel economy looks decent, as it can run 110 miles on highways and 128 miles in cities with a single charge. However, when you compare this range to other electric cars, the range looks slightly lower. The Chevrolet Bolt comes at the basic price of $37,495. This looks justified, as it comes packed with several sophisticated features.

Currently, you can go for the crossover and hatchback models of this car. Besides, the entertainment system looks great in this car. One can explore different trim levels of the car, like the Premier and the LT. The touchscreen display in the LT trim is large enough at 10.2 inches. Other features to refine your driving experience include rear park assistance, Wi-Fi, and a wide digital dashboard. Moreover, you would also appreciate the premium sound system from Bose and the heated seats of the car.

If you are ready to switch to an EV, you might consider the Bolt to be an alternative for the Spark.

9. Chevrolet Sonic

This is yet another popular model from Chevrolet. The Chevrolet Sonic comes with a decent 138-hp engine. It’s a good family car, capable of accommodating around five people. The car comes in the range between $14,095 and $17,895. The gas mileage looks moderate, as the Sonic can cruise along for 35 mpg on highways and 25 mpg on city roads.

So, it’s a pretty affordable model with lots of enticing features. Some of the sophisticated integrations that you would find in this car include the OnStar and the rearview camera. Besides, it is easy to customize the trims from several options such as the Premier, LT, and the LS. The car also has an inbuilt satellite radio. You would admire the elegant display with the touch screen in this car.

10. Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris happens to be one of the notable contenders of the Chevy Spark. It can accelerate to 60 mpg in 10.8 seconds. The car has got a 106-hp engine and delivers an average mileage. On highways, it can get you 36 mpg, which comes down to 29 mpg in cities. The Toyota Yaris can accommodate 5 people, which makes it ideal for families. The price range varies between $14,950 and $17,825, based on the trims and features.

In case you are hunting for an alternative to the Chevy Spark without hurting your budget, you should consider this branded car from Toyota. The manufacturer has ensured good customization abilities, launching this car across different colors. You would also love the generous storage space and the advanced infotainment system in this model.


Well, you have got at least ten cars similar to the Spark, including an electric car. While some of these offer similar mileage, others perform better. One can also customize the car based on the trim, design, and horsepower. So, you can now use your discretion to decide the right model that might suit your aspirations. Once you make a choice, you can explore the features of the car comprehensively.