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Cars Similar to Chevy Camaro In 2022 : 10 Alternatives To See

Cars Similar to Chevy Camaro In 2022 : 10 Alternatives To See

Chevy Camaro is a name that many people have heard and own. According to a motor biscuit (a car review-based website), Chevrolet has sold close to 13,000 Camaro’s which is a non- imaginative number.

All the credit goes to the supremely edgy exterior as well as interiors of this sports car. Since Chevy Camaro has been on the tongue of many sports car enthusiasts, it has become the kind of weary too.

Today, we have come up with some cars that have things in common with Chevy Camaro. However, with these cars, you not miss on the essence of the Camaro. Now let’s look at the list of cars similar to the Chevy Camaro.

Cars Similar To Chevy Camaro : 10 Alternatives

Why there is a need to search for alters to Chevy Camaro? Because some people may find $25,000 for a sports car a little over the budget! The next reason could be that they have followed the success of the Camaro and want their car to be like it. And there can be many more reasons!

We have a queue of wheels – Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac G20, Dodge Charger, Honda Accord. This will answer all your reasons to skip Chevy Camaro today.

1. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is a sleek-looking sports car. Its front body is the most exciting to see as it has very small grills which give it a supreme giant look.

Ford has continuously upgraded the car for many years and till now it is showcased at its best. Now it’s time to find out what is it that makes Ford Mustang fall under the name – cars similar to Chevy Camaro.

Steering Is Very Comfortable And Mind-blowing – When Ford Mustang was taken to the racetrack, it was very smooth on the road because of the steering-wheel connection. The steering is quite controllable with its form grip as well as inbuilt structure. And a good steering mechanism always results in better acceleration.

The above mechanism matches with Chevy Camaro. Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are your best finds when you are craving excellent speed on racetracks as well as roads.

Excellent Seating And Interiors Details – The seats of Mustang and Camaro are superbly comfortable and can be adjusted farther to do comfy driving. The dashboard of both the vehicles has been set up in an intelligent way to assist the driver in one go. Also, there is a touch of hard plastic in these similar cars. The material through which the front part of the car has been designed gives the impression of upright stability.

2. Chevrolet Corvette C7

Chevrolet Corvette C7

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Both Corvette C7 and Camaro range are the representation of Chevrolet. Chevrolet Corvette C7 has ample tech features to give maximum comfort to the rear seat and front-seat passengers. Surprisingly, Corvette is made of a special material that shields a person 3 times more from external heat.

MPG is Quite Appropriate – It is a problem in sports cars that they often work on less mileage. But Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro do not disappoint. Both latter and the former get a fast acceleration at 27 and 29 MPG. It takes care of the overall health of the car as it helps to keep the valves in the engine fresh with all the overdriving.

Easy modifications And Additions – You don’t want your sports car to be in a weak state or the same in style. And this is the reason why Chevrolet provides many modifications to uplift the design or parts of Corvette and Camano. Moreover, Chevy Camaro and Chevy Corvette C7 give you the advantage of convertible roofs. Apart from the roof, you can additionally plug in the cool air system as well as heavy favorable brakes.

Superb Engine And Related Mechanisms – The excellent engine of Chevy Camaro and Corvette C7 works with direct injection of the fuel. When the engine starts, these cars ready themselves to give standard mileage. Also, both these comparable cars have a rear-wheel transmission that helps to equally divide the car’s weight. This in return will stretch the life of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 and Camaro for a long period.

3. Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger is what defines coolness. Its hood and tailgate are square from the side to give it a distinctive look from its peers. More than anything, Dodge Challenger looks like a vision that has been created for all the muscle car enthusiasts – it sure is a dream come true with its legacy. Previous were the special features of Dodge Challenger. Now let’s look at what’s common between Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro.

Better Than Standard Fuel Capacity And Engine Performance – Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro, both have decent tank capacity. Dodge Challenger can fill up to the rim with 6.4 liters and Chevy Camaro can get full to 6.2 liters. This will give a good appetite for the car to race for a good amount of time without any interruptions.

For a muscle car, horsepower is the heart of the car. Consequently, Dodge Challenger gives 485 hp and Camaro revenues 455 hp. Overall, this number will ensure you have abundant energy to continuously move your wheels.

Maximum Benefit Through The Build–Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro have been designed in a way that they provide ultimate space, comfort driving, and ease. Firstly, the wheelbase has been widened in circumference. In Chevy Camaro, the wheelbase is approximately 110 inches and Dodge Challenger holds the wheelbase of 116 inches.

Secondly, we are talking about the “new versions” of the above two cars, which have better headroom and legroom. This makes sure that the driver can f move fast in any direction without knocking the body in the car.

4. Pontiac G20 [ Discontinued ]

Pontiac is the most reliable car under the banner of “best muscle cars”. A factor has also upgraded the rank of Pontiac G20 – that its repair cost is very low. When the repair cost would be low, you won’t have to invest your bucks on extra maintenance. Instead, you can fuel your car to get the best of Pontiac G20.

Premium Kind Of Safety Features – Pontiac G20 and Chevrolet Camaro both have many safety features which make them even more reliable. You get airbags in all the directions – whether it is for the driver seat, passenger seat, or sides of the automobile. Sports cars generally are the ground of risk because of speed and that’s why Pontiac and Camaro have emphasized this.

Many Options According To Different Tastes – When it comes to choosing a color for Pontiac G20 and Chevy Camaro, there are unlimited options available. You get the most basic of colors like blue and red to metallic red and orange colors which are just exuberant. These colors give a tinge of newness and rawness to the above car options.

Apart from the appearance options, you also get optional packages including spoiler, defined lamps, brake package, and much more. And that is how Pontiac become one sports car contender in the list of “cars similar to Chevy Camaro”.

Camaro And Pontiac Have No Limit For Comfort – There are 4 seats inside Pontiac G20 and Chevy Camaro but at least 5 people can fit. Also, The legroom and headroom are quite broad to fix your position while giving desired race. Front-seat legroom provides the comfort of 42.1 inches and rear legroom of 37 inches in Pontiac G20. Similarly, in the Chevrolet Camaro, the legroom is widened to nearly 43 inches and the rear legroom conspires 29.9 inches.

5. Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

When it comes to sports cars, Dodge Charger is truly an exception. It has severely good external as well as the internal design. Along with the design, it has 4 doors, which highlight the car as 4 doors are made possible only by the Charger.

And yes, Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro do not stay behind when superbness meets. Dodge Charger does have many specialties in common with Chevy Camaro.

Infotainment? Don’t Worry – You would surely need some visual and hearing entertainment while crashing that silky road! Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro both have more than a decent infotainment system. You get a screen of 7 inches plus apple airplay connectivity plus quick phone integration plus much more.

The Looks Are Not Deceiving – Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro are two similar cars that touch the line of extremely good-looking muscle cars. The way the grill is placed in both cars looks similar.

Likewise, the shape of the headlights fills the corners in the same way in Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro. When you would look at the Dodge charger’s wheels after looking at Chevy Camaro’s you will feel like déjà vu! Because the wheels are majorly look alike.

6. Honda Accord


Honda Accord may not look like a typical sports car but with the performance it is. Factually, this automobile has a tight grip with its well-made tires. Now let’s see how this car fits in the mold of one of the best cars similar to the Chevy Camaro.

Exteriors Are Breathtaking – Honda Accord and Chevy Camaro are the other names of sporty vibe when it comes to their appearance. And We cannot talk of appearance without colors. Both the wheels have been put on the market in different metallic shades as well as subtle shades like pearly, black, and blue.

Also, Honda Accord may not be a fashionista like Chevy Camaro but it has got the measurements right. Honda Accord has a similar external size when put in front of Chevy Camaro thus giving the illusion of a basic Camaro.

A Safety Package To Let You Focus On Road – Both the above similar cars have one more thing which is common and that is safety mechanisms. Fortunately, the automobiles have ABS Brake systems and driver-passenger airbags. This will make sure you get out of the risk of driving at your desirable power.

7. Toyota 86

Toyota 86

Every sports car created by Toyota is very sturdy in the build and the Toyota 86 is no exception to that. Likewise, Its maintenance demands no big bucks from your side either. But the actual question is – do any of its features match with Chevy Camaro? Let’s check

Braking System Like No Other – The braking mechanisms in Toyota 86 and Chevy Camaro are disc-based which means the tires captivate the surface better. Moreover, these brakes are embedded in all the tires – front and rear. In sports cars, especially Toyota 86, it is crucial to control the acceleration correctly. And this type does just that by collaborating calipers, brake pads, and discs.

The Engine And Displacement Story Are Satisfactory – The engine story of Toyota 86 and Chevy Camaro starts with a big fuel chamber. After which fuel is added to the chambers with the method of direct injection. The power boosts with 122 suspensions by eating 2 liters of fuel. Overall, this mechanism is in favor of you economically and productively.

8. Subaru BRZ

BRZ Subaru

Subaru BRZ originally means accumulation of 6 stars and it fits just as well with the car’s charisma. Among sports cars, this model proves to be an economical pick. Mainly, it is easy to maintain as well as a brilliant performer according to the many users. Also, the same characteristics add significance to Chevy Camaro.

Tech Features Are Easily Manageable – While driving a sports car like Subaru BRZ or Chevy Camaro, all concentration is often on the way forward. That’s where the tech features of both the cars accommodate you well. The infotainment system including Apple Carplay, and Android Connectivity is very handy. At the same time, there are enough instructions to lead you to your desired environment in the car.

Tires to Lead You Well – First of all, the wheels present in Subaru BRZ and Chevy Camaro are made of aluminum to boast of. Secondly, there is a tire onlooking system that promises good control of Tire pressure capacity. Overall, the tires and their connectivity are best for you to be safe.

Brakes Are Better Than Decent – There is a 4-wheel anti-braking system in Subaru BRZ and Chevy Camaro. Consequently, it will ensure free wheels under intense pressure on the tires.

9. BMW M4


BMW looks like nothing you have seen before! It is the combination of perfect sportiness, brand thumbing, and exclusivity. Now we know how important is grip in muscle cars and so BMW M4 provides extreme grip on the road. Now it’s time to look at its mutual features with Chevy Camaro.

Superb MPH To Aid You Throughout – BMW M4 and Chevy Camaro come shoulder to shoulder when we talk about horsepower and the ultimate MPH. Chevy Camaro moves on the tracks with the speed of 124 MPH and BMW M4 at 121 MPH. This input is not bad considering it provides decent horsepower plus torque.

Fuel Economy Is Worth Everything – While you are investing your money in BMW M4 and Chevy Camaro, you won’t be disappointed much with its served economy. You are getting 23 MPG from BMW M4 and 29 MPG from Chevrolet Camaro. Also, the tank filling capacity is good so you would be able to cover a long distance without moving left or right at a fuel station.

10. Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT

Mustang GT is known for its flexibility on the road. The car can move in any direction because of the flexible components of its chassis.

Exteriors have Similar Measurements And Parts – More than anything, the exteriors of Mustang GT and Chevy Camaro look alike. In the front part what differs is the grill but the LED lights are of a similar shape. On a whole, all this comprised make Ford Mustang GT and Chevy Camaro unidentified twins.


Till now we discussed the world of Chevy Camaro and cars that are part of the same league. Above are the advantages of Ford Mustang GT, Subaru BRZ, Chevrolet Corvette C7, Pontiac G20, and other valuable cars.

What’s good is that all these vehicles hold a similar quotient compared to Chevy Camaro. So if you don’t like one or two features of the Chevy Camaro, you can always give these wheels a chance to move on that racing track.