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How To Reset Oil Light On Honda Accord?[Step By Step Tutorial-2022]

How To Reset Oil Light On Honda Accord?[Step By Step Tutorial-2022]

It’s critical to change the oil in your Honda Accord LX to keep it operating correctly. However, if the oil light is illuminated, you may have difficulties.

While you can’t reset the oil light on a Honda Accord, you can reset the oil life indicator on the instrument cluster. The oil light on the dashboard indicates a problem with the engine’s oil.

Most of the time, that signifies you’re out of oil. However, because you just had your oil changed, you could have another issue, such as a system leak or low oil pressure. In any event, get your car repaired as soon as possible.

How to change the oil light in the Honda accord?

It’s simple to reset this indicator if you’re talking about your oil life. Follow the steps below:

  • Toggle the switch to the “on” position.
  • Search the trip switch on the downright side of your cluster instrument after turning it on.
  • To select oil life, press it three or four times.
  • Press and hold the trip button for roughly ten seconds. The oil life should begin to flash at this point.
  • Release the trip button once the oil life flashes.
  • Then, for about 5 seconds, push and hold the trip button until the oil life resets to 100 percent.

8th generation Honda accord 2008 to 2012

The steps mentioned below are as follows:

  • Step 1: Start the vehicle engine and wait for it to warm up (one position before starting the engine).
  • Step 2: Hold the SELECT/RESET button down until the engine oil life indicator appears
  • Step 3: For more than 10 seconds, press and hold the SELECT/RESET button. The engine oil life indicator will glow along with the maintenance code.
  • Step 4: For more than 5 seconds, press and hold the SELECT/RESET button. The maintenance item code will be cleared, and the engine oil life will be reset to 100 percent.
  • Step 5: Check that the indicator has been reset by turning off the ignition and starting the engine.

9th generation Honda accord 2013

The following steps are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Strike the start key to switch ON mode but do not start the automobile.

Press the POWER key two times without keeping your foot on the brake position if your car has an ignition button.

  • Step 2: Go to the oil life screen.

So, once that’s done, press the Select/Reset knob on the instrument cluster maintenance oil life minder light reset to scroll to the Oil Life screen.

  • Step 3: Keep the Select/Reset knob pressed in.

Now you’ll hold the Select/Reset knob down for ten seconds, putting it into a mode where you can reset it. And once you’ve done that, the oil life will begin to blink.

  • Step 4: Release and re-press the Select/Reset knob.

Finally, after the oil life starts blinking, we’ll hit the knob for another five seconds to reset the oil life.

Below given is a link to a YouTube video for the same

10th generation Honda accord 2018 to 2021

The steps mentioned below are as follows:

  • Step1: Turn your automobile on but don’t start the engine.

First, make sure the car is in Park, which you can accomplish by clicking the POWER switch twice without stepping on the brake key in accessory mode.

  • Step2: To get to the main menu, press the HOME button.

The maintenance minder light reset button is positioned on the steering wheel.

  • Step3: Go to the maintenance section.

To access the maintenance option, use the Left Selector Wheel to navigate the menu.

  • Step4: Make a left-hand selection with the selector wheel.

To access the menu, turn the Wheel on the maintenance.

  • Step5: Activate the Selector Wheel once more.

Press the Selector Wheel to activate the reset mode once you’re on the remaining oil life screen.

  • Step6: To reset, pick the maintenance item or All Due Items.

After working on a maintenance item, press the Wheel to reset it.

Below given is a link to a YouTube video for the same


When your Honda’s maintenance light comes on, or you are changing the oil and filter, you’ll need to reset the maintenance minder system. Authorized Honda car dealers will reset your reminder system during service.

Still, if you change the oil yourself or had the service done somewhere else, manually change the oil maintenance light easily and quickly.