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15 Best SUVs for Snow : [ 2022 Updated ]

15 Best SUVs for Snow : [ 2022 Updated ]

Even if you are one of the best drivers and have all the driving tricks on your tip, driving in snow and managing the car is one of the most challenging deals.

Also, the best or the preferably safest car is needed to operate in the snow. Some of the main features required in the car to drive in snow conditions include blind-spot monitoring, effective drivetrain, stability control, and many more.

While driving in such a rigid environment, comfort is also necessary for the driver. If you often go in snow and want to upgrade your current vehicle to one designed for snow, here are the top SUVs you can consider.

15 SUVs For Snow

Before we get started with the SUVs, here’s a glance at the ground clearance of each vehicle that helps in a smooth drive across the frozen snow.

SUV Model Ground Clearance (inch)
Tesla Model X


Jeep Grand Cherokee


GMC Yukon XL


Mazda CX-5


Kia Telluride


Ford Expedition


Kia Sportage


Acura MDX


Mitsubishi Outlander


Land Rover Range Rover Sport


 Chevrolet Tahoe


Nissan Pathfinder


Jeep Wagoneer 10
Toyota RAV4


Toyota Sequoia



Let’s now discuss each of these SUVs in detail below.

1. Tesla Model X

As the market and the future are full of electric automobiles and battery-equipped vehicles, then choosing Tesla Model X is one of the best choices because it provides stability for the future also. When choosing the car to drive in the snow, some of the main features to be checked are tires.

While driving, 100% snow tires are the most important because they provide the traction and friction for the moment to steer the car. As for Tesla, it offers different types of tires from other models, but none of them are actual snow tires; most of them are all-season tires.

For the heavy snow, you would need to change to the winter tires; otherwise, they’ll work fine on light snow and storms. The calculated range is up to 348 miles.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep provides one of the best cars for driving in the snow as it is famous for its rigidness and for being used in harsh environments. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is available with a 4×4 system,s, and the traction management system gives extra power to the car to handle unknown territory.

Also, the Jeep provides multiple modes, for example, Auto, Sport, Rock, Snow, and Mud/Sand. All these modes give the car much better control in the snow if switched to any.

Another feature on the list is Quadra-Lift Suspension; this feature improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics by lowering the surface at highway speeds, whereas in off-road situations, the car lets you raise the vehicle to avoid any obstacle in the pathway.

When it comes to the performance of this car in the snow, it does the work. From working efficiently in the harsh weather to interpreting, these four vehicles stand out in each aspect.

3. GMC Yukon XL

This large SUV nearly has all the features in its bag for the winter and snow weather conditions, like having a powerful V8 engine with impressive towing capabilities. With this mighty engine power, the drive becomes safe and fun even in harsh conditions. GMC Yukon XL is also available with three trims and choices.

When choosing a car for snowy weather, one of the prior choices will be the GMC Yukon XL. It has an inbuilt 4WD that can be switched between 2WD to 4WD to auto, so the ride in the snow. It has the perfect tires to fit the weather. The SUV is much heavier in the back, so it eliminates the cause of fishtailing.

The best feature of the GMC Yukon XL is an Electronic Stability Control system called StabiliTrak. As the title of this feature gives, it helps keep the vehicle on track.

4. Mazda CX-5

Mazda is famous for its dual feature providing power with style. If you are interested in having a car drive with the parts to drive in the snow but want a kind with that, also Mazda CX-5 is a perfect choice. This SUV compacts the seating of passengers up to five. Mazda provides one of the best interiors for driving as well as if the outdoor condition is harsh, then the safety and comfort inside the car are well maintained.

The Mazda CX-5 has a variety of choices between eight different trim levels:- 2.5 Turbo Signature, 2.5 S Preferred, 2.5 S Premium, 2.5 S Premium Plus, 2.5 S Select, 2.5 Turbo, 2.5 S, and 2.5 S Carbon Edition.

It is equipped with the i-Activ AWD. This feature helps predict the throttle input, windshield wiper usage, throttle input, steering and braking patterns, and the outside temperature; this helps a lot while driving in the snow.

5. Kia Telluride

Kia provides the best features for the ride and further steps after being awarded numerous times for its unique exterior build and speed with a comfortable drive. In the Kia Telluride, up to 8 passenger seats with three-row seating provide proper space while driving many people.

If you want a complete package SUV, Kia Telluride might be perfect for you with the ideal pricing and package deal at a bargain price.

It has a 5500-pound towing capacity which makes it overcome any challenging hurdles in the path in harsh weather. The fantastic eight-speed automatic transmission can cover the maximum speed of 60 mph in 7.1 seconds.

The unique feature of Telluride is the front-wheel drive, but it can be switched into an all-wheel drive when needed. It can drive through 2 feet of snow with its part in sport and snow mode using snow tires and AWD.

6. Ford Expedition

Ford, as we all know, has been the best in the business since the start. And the Ford Expedition is one the best out there. It can be said that it is one of the best or the top-tier SUVs out in the market. It has a fuel-efficient engine and some futuristic features.

Having RWD, 4WD, and seating arrangement is available for 5-8 passengers. It is primarily famous for its family-friendly features and provides the best safety with the road comfort drive, even when the weather is snowy or if you’re driving on high terrains.

The Ford Expedition is mainly dedicated to driving in the snow when in snow mode; it also comes with Electronic Stability Control and high-quality Traction Control. Also, it has the four-wheel-drive capability with an advanced braking system, making it an ideal drive with the family in the snow.

7. Kia Sportage

With the exterior design, Kia has presented a fantastic view of the Kia Sportage. The method that went into this car is extraordinary, with headlights that look like aliens and bodywork bigger with the distinct grille design. It provides more cargo space with attractive features that offer a much larger dash.

Some of the best tech features it also provides attractive looks, like a 187-hp four-cylinder and a hybrid powertrain of 226-hp. In terms of range and mileage, the Kia Sportage gives competition to unique cars like Mazda CX-5 and the Honda CR-V. Overall it provides a lot more than it looks.

When you want a bold and stylish choice to drive in the snow, Kia Sportage is one of them, with it being all-wheel-drive, stability control, Driver Assist Technology features, traction control, and ABS. The only drawback or limitation you can find here will be the low ground clearance or, more like; it is somewhat limited.

8. Acura MDX

Acura has recently come up with a tear updating its range of SUVs, and one such is the three-row MDX bringing lots of goodies with its recent overhaul.

The SUV is styled like the compact RDX SUV and TLX sedan. The car’s interior has luxurious cabins made from high-quality material and top-notch features, making it worthy of having Acura’s premium badge.

This SUV has the base powertrain for this front driver consisting of a 290-hp 3.5-liter V-6 and a 10-speed automatic, as well as providing the all-wheel drive option.

Moreover, it has the feature of selecting a performance-orientated Type S model and will let you get a turbocharged 355-hp 3.0-liter V-6 and standard all-wheel drive.

Regarding performance in the snow, the Acura MDX is the right choice. The SUV works efficiently in winter when installed with snow tires, giving it an edge while driving in harsh cold weather. Not just that, but the vehicle’s safety features give it the upper hand in the market.

The vehicle has grabbed some excellent reviews from the owners facing extreme cold conditions. The MDX serves the purpose of handling and driving in the snow, while the anti-locking brake system keeps the tires from sliding.

9. Mitsubishi Outlander

The wider stance Mitsubishi Outlander has been presented in the market. This car comes with an inbuilt system of MI-PILOT Assist that helps a lot in traffic. Traffic Sign Recognition and Navigation help detect speed limits automatically, making it easy to change the speed limits easily.

One of the newest features of the Outlander is the Bose sound system (10 speakers and a digital subwoofer – in 9 different spots around the vehicle).

The engine of the car is 2360 cc which makes the drive smooth and comfortable. Also, in Outlander, the drivetrain is 4WD / AWD, which makes it a little bit different from the other cars available in the market as they come with the RWD feature in their drivetrain.

As a Japan-owned company designs Outlander, it will perform well in the snow as they have to cater to its public. It is an overall affordable ride in the snow when the budget is tight. AWD’s feature is considered excellent in snowy conditions as it provides great traction.

10. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Range Rovers have been proving to be the best sport or terrain cars in the market, giving harsh competition to competitors. The new Land Rover Range Rover Sport is one of the best examples of this with the grand size tires of 58.42 cm (23) wheels and 21″ Style 5126 wheels, some of its high-demand features.

As for the vibe and environment to enjoy inside the car for a comfortable and safe drive, a Meridian Sound System is available with the perfect feature of the Online Pack of Amazon Alexa and Data Plan.

Before taking the ride out in the snow, knowing all the features and how to use them is one of the necessary details you should follow. If not done correctly, it may harm the vehicle and one’s health.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport comes with three types of tires: Snow chains, Winter tires, and Snow traction systems; these varieties help a lot in snow conditions.

11. Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe is one of the full-size SUVs that Chevrolet has to offer. This premium SUV provides a luxurious experience to the customer. Tahoe is Chevrolet’s most versatile and advanced automobile.

The SUV is designed to give a stylish appearance alongside exceptional mechanical prowess. The interior provided a sense of luxurious cabins and updated technology with enough space for rear-seat passengers by giving second and third-row legroom.

Talking about the engine, this SUV is installed with a Duramax 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine that helps attain the machine’s full capability on the road.

On the other hand, the 6.0L V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management aids in the better performance of the vehicle. The wheels are 22 inches with wheel locks adaptable to every season.

Moreover, the vehicle has a Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension feature that helps optimize the ride height and comfort as the car adjusts to the road conditions.

One of the most highlighted features of Tahoe is the Super Cruise driver assistance technology that helps you go with hands-free driving up to 200,000 miles in US and Canada.

Due to the compatible ground clearance and powerful engine, the Tahoe SUV works fine in cold weather.

This vehicle is comparatively heavier than other SUVs, which benefits the driver while driving in snow. The high ground clearance of the car allows it to drive in deep snow, which otherwise can get the wheels struck.

12. Nissan Pathfinder

If you want a car built for the road in harsh weather, then the Nissan Pathfinder is just your choice. The vehicle offers seven different drive and terrain modes, so whether you want to ride in sand, snow, mud, or gravel, the Pathfinder will always have your back on the road. The car is built in such a way to handle any rough and challenging situation, from weather to pulling up loads, and it can do anything.

The Nissan Pathfinder is installed with a 284 horsepower, 3.5L V6 engine that gives a dynamic performance on the road.

Moreover, the new 9-speed automation transmission helps respond quickly to on-road situations while efficiently using the fuel. More power means a more excellent vehicle towing capacity; with that being said, the Pathfinder has a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs.

The Pathfinder 4×4 with selectable driving modes and snow tires proves beneficial while driving in cold weather. Better ground clearance helps the vehicle from getting stuck in the deep snow.

The Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System helps keep the inside temperature warm when the outside temperature drops.

13. Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer is the top-premium SUV in the American market, offering ancestral trust with the updated technology of the vehicle. With around 50 years of being in the market, the company has returned with the all-new features of the new Wagoneer with its legendary 4×4 capability.

The inside of the car offers eight passengers seats with three rows. Besides that, the vehicle gives enough space for storing your cargo. The Wagoneer is equipped with a 5.7L V8 engine with eTorque that delivers up to 392 horsepower and 404-pound feet of torque, giving excellent performance on the road.

The Jeep Wagoneer is the best option for driving out in the snowy weather. Selecting through different driving modes makes it easier to handle the vehicle when put on snow mode. The car is tested to have plenty of traction that helps while driving in deep snow.

14. Toyota RAV4

When looking for a Suv with an edge to its outer appearance, the Toyota RAV4 is the best option. The vehicle offers multi-terrain driving modes, precisely four modes to choose from: mud, sand, rock & dirt, and snow. When the feature is activated, the automobile adjusts the slippage and wheelspin.

The Hybrid LE is installed with a 2.5L 4-Cyl ECVT engine that imparts total efficiency on the road with all the safety measures considered.

The car’s interior comes with ambient lighting, which means the cabins get lightened up when the light goes down and lets you see through clearly. The best feature of the vehicle is the panoramic glass view that helps every passenger to have an outside idea through the roof and enjoy the scenery at its best.

The vehicle’s ground clearance and safety features make it safe and one of the best options to drive in snow. It offers around 8 inches of ground clearance which helps in going smoothly over 5 inches of snow.

15. Toyota Sequoia

Toyota cars are primarily famous for their large size and spacing inside the vehicle. The passenger seats inside it come in three rows giving enough space if you want to travel with the family and have some fun over the weekend.

Thanks to its iconic Tundra’s iForce MAX hybrid powertrain, Toyota Sequoia combines a potent 437 horsepower and 3.4-liter V-6 engine. Besides, there is an electric motor too. These features make the vehicle much more powerful than the Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe.

The great feature that Sequoia has is the 4WD capability. It makes the drive much smoother in the snow or any harsh weather conditions. A new feature added is causing the vehicle’s gearing system to be more suitable for the snow and ice.

And other excellent contents are Stability Control, an advanced brake system, and Traction Control.


So, here you go. Ultimately, the perfect car you should choose to drive in the snow should be well equipped for the weather.

Before buying, check the type of the tires first, then the features of intelligent control in the vehicle like stability control system and traction control to help in the sudden harsh or change in the weather.

Also, before buying any car, check the weather condition, ideally according to your region, and make a checklist that is needed for you in the car. For the snowy state, having comfort inside the vehicle is also necessary to check on that.