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12 Types Of Uber Cars To See In 2022 : [ Updated ]

12 Types Of Uber Cars To See In 2022 : [ Updated ]

Uber has been in the ride-hailing transportation industry for many, many years and is also one of the top players in the world, along with its main competitor, Ola. When Uber started, it only offered a few ride options to its users.

But, now, the Uber app has many ride options available for its users. All the ride options come with different features and utilities that make the trip very comfortable for its users.

In the article, I have explained all the different Uber rides available on the Uber app that you can choose. I have also defined their features, costs, various purposes, and rider capacity.

So, let’s start without any further delay.

12 Types of Uber Cars

Here are the 12 types of Uber cars with the best features for their users. Read more to explore the different types and which are the best for your trip.

  • Uber XL
  • Uber WAV
  • Uber LUX
  • Uber X
  • Uber Express Pool
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber Select
  • Uber SUV
  • Uber Pool
  • Uber Black
  • Uber Car Seat
  • Uber Pet

All these are discussed to a length below.

1. Uber XL

The Uber XL is the perfect car for anyone traveling with family or friends. When traveling abroad to an unfamiliar country, it is best to take the Uber Xl rather than taking a bus and getting lost in any destination. Uber XL is an inexpensive and convenient choice for any large group of individuals who enjoy using their transport when traveling from one place to another place together.

Typically the Uber XL cars are SUVs or minivans, which are the ideal choice to carry around 5 to 6 passengers around the city. The starting price for the UberXL is $2.15 for a minute, and for a mile, it is $1.68.

The additional cost for a minute is $0.26, and the other charges are $1.70. There aren’t any other extra requirements for Uber XL cars. However, they should not be manufactured before the year 2000.

2. Uber WAV

Uber WAV is for people who are looking for cars with wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Uber launched this program in 2014 to make it an easy ride for people who use wheelchairs. These cars are specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

All the vehicles are fitted with lifts or ramps that help their users to get out and in the cars.

There is also an abundance of room inside the car for wheelchairs. All Uber WAV drivers should finish the training program, which covers how to operate the lift or ramp.

So that they can help the users with disabilities get out and in the vehicle. The drivers should also fulfill Uber vehicle requirements that are distinctive to this ride.

All the Uber WAV cars should be either minivans or SUVs with three rows of seats. They should also be able to accommodate three wheelchairs. The Uber WAV does not cost you more or does not have any additional fees when compared to the other Uber ride types.

3. Uber LUX

The Uber LUX is the ideal option for anyone looking for a transportation mode that is completely rented out for themselves. The Uber LUX is the best choice when looking to attend a wedding ceremony, a bachelor party, or any occasion in style.

All the LUX cars are perfectly well-maintained and are classy. They should be full-sized luxury cars that are manufactured in the year 2012 or after.

Most Uber LUX cars include the Audi A8, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Tesla Models. All drivers driving the Uber LUX cars must ensure that they obtain and possess commercial-level registered insurance.

The initial price of the LUX cars is $15.65; for a minute, they are $0.52, and for a mile, they are $4.35. The other additional service costs are $1.80.

4. Uber X

Uber X is for anyone looking for rideshare to move around the city. Mostly Uber X cars are inclusive of sedan and SUV types. All the vehicles must meet the mentioned guidelines by Uber.

For example, all cars should have four passenger capacity, making it convenient for people to move from one location to another with their group on board.

Additionally, all the cars registered with Uber and those who accept an Uber X ride should contain four doors and must include a specified age limit. The age limit might differ from state to state, but the age should not be more than ten years.

The initial rate of Uber Fare for Uber X is $0.40 a mile or $0.14 a minute, and other fees of $1.58. If looking for rideshare, then Uber X is an excellent option as it will blow your mind as you move around the city without busting the pool.

5. Uber Express Pool

The Uber Express Pool is identical to the Uber Pool, where you share the car with a few others heading in the same direction. However, if you select Express Pool, you must go to the set pick-up location.

Also, on the Uber Express Pool, you will be dropped off at a particular point next to your destination, and you won’t be dropped off at our destination.

This feature significantly makes this ride cheaper compared to the other available Uber rides. Choosing the Uber Express Pool is more like riding the bus but more comfortably.

On the Express Pool, you will be able to choose only one seat, and you will have to share with a user heading in the same direction.

6. Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is for anyone who takes convenience exceptionally seriously. The passengers will get an ample, better-personalized ride experience with individualized controls.

Compared to the other Uber rides, the Uber Comfort has many more personalized features and vehicle types. The passengers can control the temperature and a more personal level in a more spacious car.

However, the drivers have a strict standard to maintain compared to the other Uber rides. The drivers should have completed a minimum of 500 rides with 4.85 ratings.

The cars should be made only in the previous five years and meet minimum leg area conditions. All the vehicles should maintain a stricter model measure. They also need to hold a higher benchmark in their quality and presentation.

The Uber Comfort ride cars allow users to choose their preferences before riding the vehicle, including temperature control, talk preferences, and multimedia volume management.

The Uber Comfort is a reasonably new ride option that provides the standard ride for a 20% – 30% price increase with a few extra comfort features.

7. Uber Select

Uber Select is a mid-tier option available in Uber between the Uber Pool and Uber X tiers. The Select is an option for riders who need slightly more convenience without spending luxury costs.

However, Uber Select is from July 2020, as Uber reduced their ride options. These rides offer highly-rated drivers and give their users a choice to more predictably know what types of cars they want.

Uber drivers should also have a specific amount of ride logs and maintain a high rating to become qualified Uber Select drivers. All the cars must have a bigger space to accommodate larger passengers and a ton of luggage.

All the Uber Select cars must be midsize sedans with a minimum of 4-doors that have synthetic leather or a leather interior. All the vehicles should accommodate at least four passengers.

The cars should not be more than ten years old. The basic fare is $5, and the minimum fare is $12. The rate for a minute is 61 cents and for a mile is $1.90.

8. Uber SUV

Uber SUVs are the perfect choice for anyone traveling from home to another city and returning. The Uber SUVs provide you with a ride that you will enjoy with an outstanding experience as all their cars are well-maintained and spacious.

Uber SUVs do not have any type of restrictions except for their age restriction, as they should not be older than the year 2012.

However, Uber drivers have a few requirements and must meet those catering standards to drive them. First, all the drivers must possess commercial-level insurance that is registered commercially.

Secondly, luxury cars like Mercedes GL-Class must maintain a much-increased insurance coverage. The starting price of the Uber SUV is  $14, $0.49 for a minute, and $4 for a mile.

9. Uber Pool

No, Uber Express Pool and this Uber Pool are not the same. The latter is for anyone on a budget looking to share their Uber ride with any unknown Uber user moving in the same direction.

This is the best way to cut costs while using a taxi around the city. Uber created Uber Pool as they wanted to enhance the riding experience for all users regardless of their grade, class, and economic circumstances.

When the order for an Uber Pool is placed, Uber compares it with their active users in the location to pair them with you to reach your destination.

Once the other rider in the same locality is found moving in the same direction as you, Uber will connect the ride by handing the savings to both riders.

However, a few requirements come along with the Uber Pool ride orders. First, the riding time is usually very long compared to the other Uber Cars. Second, you might have to bring another person to ensure everyone’s sufficient space in the car.

All the Uber Pool cars should contain four doors, the cars should not be more aged than ten years, and all the cars should have a minimum capacity to carry at least four passengers. The cost per ride on the Uber Pool is usually 40-50% cheaper than the other Uber cars, so you are assured of a fantastic ride without wasting your money.

10. Uber Black

Uber Black is an on-demand black vehicle benefit that enables you to order a ride in a luxury car with an experienced driver. This ride supplies its users with a more elegant presentation of a black body and interior with full black leather.

This is the most luxurious car choice available on Uber, offering its users professional drivers. Additionally, users can use many more benefits when using that service. All Uber Black cars must not be higher than five years. All the drivers should deliver excellent service and hold at least a 4.8-star rating.

The drivers should obtain a commercial driver’s license and dress up in a superior shirt to deliver a luxury experience. However, Uber Black cars are not open in all towns and are primarily available in large cities.

If your Uber Balck driver does not come within the time structure, then you are qualified for a $10 credit. The Uber Black rates differ between cities and are always more expensive than the other Uber rides.

The fares are also usually significantly more costly than introductory rates.

11. Uber Car Seat

Uber Car Seat is where the users can select the child car seat in the Uber app to have a safe ride with their kid. The service is suitable for children at least 31 inches in height and 22 pounds. The cut-off measure is 52 inches in height and 48 pounds.

The service comes with forward-facing seating. The Uber Car Seat option is currently open only in New York City.

All the users have the option to inspect the child seat before starting the ride. So that the users can decide if they like the installation and if it is safe or not. The Uber car seat option is available in the Uber X.

You can anticipate a midsize car, and your car seat can be installed in all the Uber XL cars. Uber Car Seat is similar in price to the Uber X, and an additional $10 service fee should be provided for installing it on the vehicle.

12. Uber Pet

Uber Pet is an option for Uber users to ride along with their pets. However, you will have to pay a little extra cost will apply. The users must fetch a towel and a few other equipment that allow the driver to maintain the car neat.

However, this is restricted only to a single pet, and the driver can also deny the ride in circumstances. Primarily dogs and cats are the only pets allowed on Uber rides.

However, birds, reptiles, and additional animals can also be taken with you during the ride using this program. This also needs to be discussed with the drivers beforehand, and if they do not like it, they can deny the service.

The Uber Pet ride is usually priced from three to six dollars. However, the costs might vary by city. The driver also has the privilege to demand an extra price for cleaning or when there is more than a single pet.


I hope this article has helped you to know more about the different Uber ride options that Uber provides. Also hope, each service mentioned enables you to choose the kind of Uber ride that is suitable for your trip.

Though Uber is a fairly straightforward experience, the company does not provide many tips on the various Uber rides available to its users. Also, as mentioned, there are no fixed charges, and the prices vary significantly, counting on your location and the time.