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What Is Tlc For Cars? Here’s The Full Explanation With Benefits

What Is Tlc For Cars? Here’s The Full Explanation With Benefits

What is TLC for a car? If you’re searching for this, you have landed in the right place. In simple terms, TLC stands for “tender loving care.”

You might have heard or used the term for a human being, but have you ever imagined your car also needs a TLC, i.e., tender loving care?

TLC for a car involves all those things required to keep your car’s performance like new and keep in mind its safety.

It is because if you take care of your car, your car will also look after you. To know more about TLC for cars, like its benefits and disadvantages, read further.

What does TLC mean for a car?

As the name reads, TLC means giving your car some tender love and care you might have given to the person you love the most.

In cars, this tender love and care involve looking after the car inside out, checking the performance stats, changing the old parts that are not working to their capacity, and much more.

It’s believed that if you take care of your car, the car will take care of you and keep your safety as its priority.

Benefits of car TLC

There are numerous benefits of car TLC as discussed in the below points.

TLC will ensure that your car is less likely to break down

It is the best and most awarding benefit of car TLC. As said above, TLC for a car usually sums up under a good service inside out.

If you invest in frequent TLC for your car, there will be fewer chances of breaking down in the midway. Yes, being a machine, your car can involve minor to significant breakdowns with time and anywhere.

But with some TLC, including regular service, you can deter them. Hence, if the car gets the tender love and cares it needs with time, it will run better and longer.

TLC ensures your all-around safety while driving

As said while driving, your car’s better condition will mean your overall safety and the same of the other passengers.

Imagine if you’re driving with worn-out brakes or the windows or doors cannot close or lock properly. How dangerous is this?

Moreover, suppose your car does not have proper servicing.

In that case, some internal problems will also keep occurring, like imbalance, improper track alignment, noisy cabin, and overall poor car performance in every aspect.

Plus, a frequent TLC will mean a better fuel economy even if you drive at a higher speed.

Besides, this will save you many bucks as you won’t have to drive to the pump house for frequent engine refilling. Hence, giving your car the required tender love and care is a must.

You’ll save yourself a few bucks by regularly looking after your car.

Your car can entail minor to major internal or external issues with time and anywhere. However, their tendency to get repaired under a regular budget will decrease as their damage level increases.

In other words, by getting routine service and maintenance done of your car as and when required, you can prevent the minor issues from getting more significant.

As the issues gain intensity, you’ll need to spend a more hefty price than what you would have to pay earlier.

For example, if you notice your car getting unable to deliver its optimum performance, get it checked as soon as possible.

TLC means keeping intact the strength of your car

TLC not only keeping an eye on the internal section of your car like the engine section. It also means giving equal weightage to the external car body too.

For example, as the car body is of metal, it’s prone to ordinary rusting, and its intensity can deteriorate if you don’t take care of it.

Rusting affects not only the build quality of your car but also hampers the body’s strength. If the rusting increases, it may even cause the car to break down after a minute hit.

Hence, investing in some tender love and care of your car can keep your car’s looks and strength intact.

Disadvantages of car TLC

You might what disadvantage TLC of a car will present to you, but in reality, car TLC does has some disadvantages you’d know.

So, the first and most common disadvantage of car tender love and care is that it involves lots of money of yours.

That is, if you take your car for regular servicing, it will incur more costs. Second, the time consumption is high if you wish to give your car some tender love and care.

Even if you resort to frequent cleaning of your car from inside and outside, you’ll need to spend a handsome amount of time doing this.

Another common disadvantage associated with tender love and care of any car is that more than required servicing of the car is sometimes responsible for a quick breakdown.

You can ascertain this because the more you check your car for breakdown, its tendency to breakdown will increase with time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is TLC registration in NYC?

Ans: TLC registration in NYC costs differently based upon the gross weight of your car. For example, if your car weighs 4,551-4,650 lbs., the TLC registration cost is around $83.50.

If the weight is above that, the cost increases by a few dollars, which you can infer from the TLC center in NYC.

Can I buy a TLC plate?

Ans: Yes, you can get a TLC plate for your car after completing the required paperwork that includes an exam, etc. However, remember that TLC license plates are non-transferable from one name to another.


Many individuals comprehend that TLC signifies “exceptional consideration” or, in other words, tender love and care.

And it’s true! Usually, we talk about TLC for a person. Notwithstanding, vehicles need a little TLC moreover.

It is evident if you drive a tip-top and high-performance vehicle. It’s a famous saying that if you manage to take care of your vehicle, your vehicle will manage you in the same way.

Managing your vehicle can, in like manner, mean more money in your pocket, figuratively speaking.

As you’d know that after some time, be it any vehicle, it ought to wear out. It is the sole reason why you need to invest in the standard 360-degree upkeep of your vehicle.

In case you let these things create, it can obliterate your vehicle. It can similarly be super costly to fix a vehicle later as opposed to managing it today.