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What Does Service Advancetrac Mean On A Ford Fusion? [ Explained ]

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean On A Ford Fusion? [ Explained ]

During winter, the roads become highly slick because of ice buildup, and driving on such slippery terrain is a dangerous job. A slight lack of control ultimately leads to losing control over your vehicle.

So, to combat that situation, AdvanceTrac service is used to make your journey over slippery surfaces highly smooth. But, are you confused about what advancetrac service is? What is the purpose of this advancetrac service on your Ford Fusion? Read further to get answers to all your questions.

What does service Advancetrac Mean on a Ford Fusion?

An AdvanceTrac service comes with a design to maintain traction and balance. It is a very high technology designed to offer help to drivers so that they can navigate very tough driving situations.

It is a type of electrical stability system that assists drivers in navigating routes like snow, hills, dry pavement, and gravel. The improved friction would ultimately improve your Ford Fusion’s stopping ability and help to make driving over slippery surfaces much easier and safer.


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Why does the “Service AdvanceTrac” warning light come on?

Electronic sensors of your Ford Fusion collect information on the rotational speed of every wheel, like the vertical and horizontal motion of the electronic sensors.

Your Ford Fusion’s Service AdvanceTrac warning light can turn on because of several reasons. But it often pertains to sensor-related issues. Its indication could be due to various reasons like:

1. Faulty wheel speed sensor

The control unit could easily recognize inaccurate measurements and activate ABS light when the speed sensor fails. Ensure not to have low brake fluid levels and avoid damage to your speed sensor. Always maintain the tires in good condition to prevent the AdvanceTrac warning light from turning on.

2. Faulty wheel alignment

If your Ford Fusion experiences too many collisions in snowy areas due to potholes and curbs, then the wheel’s rotation could become erratic. If this happens, wheels with insufficient pressure could be subject to traction control. The warning light will illuminate due to this problem.

3. Faulty steering rack

The steering rack is the most crucial component of your Ford Fusion, receiving high-pressure hydraulic fluid and permitting drivers to steer the wheel with complete ease. If the steering rack fails, drivers can face difficulty in vehicle management, usually on rocky terrain.

4. Brake fluid during low levels

If your Ford Fusion brake fluid becomes low, you might drive differently. Due to this, the braking system in your Ford Fusion could get spongy and take time to come to a complete stoppage. It can lead to warning illumination and also damage other parts.

5. Low battery voltage

Due to low voltage or battery, the AdvanceTrac warning light can get illuminated that might also switch on due to an accident. Whenever the alternator in your Ford Fusion fails, the battery loses charge, and the vehicle loses its full power. This sudden power loss might cause the system to send false signals and cause the AdvanceTrac warning light to turn on.

How do I fix the service AdvanceTrac?

You can resolve advanceTrac services to make the vehicle fully functional. For this, you need to follow some ways to make it properly functional.

Inspection of wiring harness

Poor wiring system acts as one of the causes of Service AdvanceTrac. So it becomes essential to properly inspect the whole wiring harness present above the brake assembly.

Check correctly whether its plugs are adjusted in and out before tightening. You can even remove the harness and similar-looking plugs before getting them fixed together. Once done with this, turn on your vehicle to check whether service AdvanceTrac is off or not.

Diagnosing a problem with the OBDII scanner

If you do not face any problem with the wiring harness, another effortless method to fix service AdvanceTrac is using an OBDII scanner or a FORScan software. This software is one of the best software for analysis purposes and is free.

ABS module checking

A simple cable breaking could result in the occurrence of service AdvanceTrac, and the problem gets solved by changing soft codes. For this, you need to turn on the ignition and disconnect the battery’s negative terminal for 5 minutes. Due to this activity, the code gets reset, and you can solve the problem.


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Can I drive with the service AdvanceTrac?

When faced with service AdvanceTrac issues, you can drive your Ford Fusion with no hindrance. But, you have to ensure to properly adjust your vehicle when the light is on and require it to get repaired.

It becomes an important activity to lower the chance of your Ford Fusion losing control. AdvanceTrac issues do not affect your vehicle driving and grab your attention to an underlying fault in its system. However, we will advise having a proper check to restore your vehicle’s safety at an optimal level.

How do I reset my Ford AdvanceTrac?

You can reset your Ford Fusion AdvanceTrac by resetting the soft codes. You have to turn on the ignition when the vehicle is running. Open up the deck of your car and carefully unhook the battery’s negative terminal.

Ensure to keep it disconnected for around five minutes. We will suggest disconnecting the battery while the ignition is still on.

Otherwise, the codes will not reset if the battery gets disconnected while the ignition is still on. Another easy method is to turn the key in an anticlockwise direction three times after every two seconds.

How do I turn off the AdvanceTrac on my Ford Fusion?

To turn off the AdvanceTrac you require the stability control off switch. While driving your vehicle on a muddy road, a stuck wheel could become a common scenario.

You desire to gear up to speed, but the AdvanceTrac system does not allow it. This stability control switch is available besides the start or on or off switch. You can restore the AdvanceTrac system by pressing the switch.


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End Thoughts

So, this is all the information regarding the service AdvanceTrac system. It is helpful in regions of slippery terrains, snowfall areas, and extreme weather conditions to properly maintain the vehicle’s stability.

It ensures your safety on roads and enhances traction control by using selective engineering. Service AdvanceTrac system avoids slipping and spinning your Ford Fusion on heavy terrains and maintains its balance.