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Toyota 4Runner vs Ford Bronco : [ Differences & Similarities ]

Toyota 4Runner vs Ford Bronco : [ Differences & Similarities ]

The off-roading powers of SUVs make them ideal for people who love to experience adrenaline rushes. Among the several midsize SUVs available in the US market, the Toyota 4Runner and the Ford Bronco continue to dominate the particular category. With its retro design, the Bronco has cherished instant success. On the other hand, the 4runner comes from Toyota, which happens to be a legendary automobile maker. It happens to be one of the most viable family cars.

In this article, you will get to know where each SUV stands in terms of performance and features. This will help you get an idea of their respective capabilities and performance. Interestingly, you have the four-wheel-drive feature in both the SUVs. They can deliver a memorable performance when you drive them off the cities. However, it makes sense to factor in other parameters and judge the capabilities of these two cars.

So, here we have discussed the capabilities of both these cars, considering some common aspects that should interest a potential car owner.

Toyota 4Runner vs Ford Bronco: Which one is better?

When you compare the Ford Bronco with the Toyota 4Runner, the latter proves to be a better pick. This SUV has got a brawny exterior. Some of the standard integrations in this vehicle include LED headlights and fog lights. In certain trims, Toyota has integrated 17-inch wheels in the car. Besides, the 2021 model brings you a comprehensive suite of safety features. These include automatic high beams, lane departure alert, pre-collision system, and dynamic radar cruise control.

The cargo space in the 4Runner is also more than what the Ford model brings to you. The 4Runner has got a more elegant interior. Some of the technological integrations that make this car a better pick include Apple CarPlay, a sound system with 8 speakers, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto. On the other hand, the Bronco has got a better fuel economy. It appears that both these cars compete neck-to-neck, and they come in the same category. It’s difficult to make a choice, but 4Runners do have a slight advantage over the Bronco when you consider all the standard parameters.

So, if you are to make a single choice, the 4Runner scores more than the Bronco. Let’s check out the individual performances of these two cars.

Differences between Toyota 4Runner vs Ford Bronco

Both the Ford Bronco and Toyota 4Runner have proven to be powerful SUVs, and come with their respective strengths. We have presented relevant information that would ease up the decision-making process for prospective buyers. With this information, you can make a tactical decision based on your individual needs.

1. Engine power and performance

Ford Bronco

In terms of efficiency and performance, the Ford Bronco enjoys an edge over the Toyota 4Runner. The reason is that this car brings several varieties in terms of powertrain. You have a 300-hp base engine in this car (4-cylinder, 2.3 liters). The engine is also available in automatic (10-speed) and manual (7-speed) variants. The manufacturer has designed this vehicle for adventure enthusiasts, integrating it with certain off-roading capabilities. The presence of ultra-low crawler gear in the manual transmission car enhances its off-roading strengths.

Besides, buyers can also go for a 2.7-liter engine (turbocharged) in their Bronco. This car has a manual transmission (10-speed). Not considering the body or engine type, the towing capacity would be 3,500 pounds. The standard features include a 4WD system (part-time) with low-mileage gearing. So, when the car needs additional power, the 4WD system kicks in automatically. This car comes integrated with the G.O.A.T (Goes Over Any Terrain), an effective terrain management system. In the basic model, you have the sand and slippery modes. However, when you go for the higher trims, you can enjoy other modes such as rock crawl, ruts/ mud, and Baja.

In the low range, the 4WD has more gear reduction that suits challenging terrains. It would be wise to go for the Bronco Badlands model in case you habitually climb over boulders. Compared to other models, this trim comes with more wheel travel. Besides, there is a disconnecting feature for the front-stabilizer bar. As a result, the stabilizer bar undergoes a temporary disengagement from the lower control arms of the suspension, thereby offering more clearance.

On the other hand, you can settle for the Ford Bronco Wildtrak in case you need to drive more over sand. While the Sasquatch package comes optional on the other models, it comes standard on the Wildtrak. This enhances the suspension significantly, providing more stability when you navigate over the sand.

Toyota 4Runner

You will come across only a single-engine car in the Toyota 4Runner. The 270-hp engine comes with a standard automatic transmission (5-speed). Even the torque in the 4Runner, along with other numbers, is lower than what you have in the base model of Ford. This restricts the performance of the 4Runner to a certain extent, although it is adequate to deliver the needed power. The 4Runner fails to generate the low-end grunt that the turbocharged engines in the Bronco can produce.

On the other hand, the 4Runner outperforms the Bronco when you consider its towing capacity. It can tow 5,000 pounds, which is more than the capacity of the Ford car.

Moreover, the 4Runner comes in a two-wheel-drive version as well, which isn’t too beneficial. To make the car cruise along rough terrains, you need to settle with the 4WD system. You can opt for both full-and part-time 4WD systems in their 4Runners. The 4WD is present only on the Limited trims. On the other hand, the part-time system is available in the Pro, Off-Road Premium, and TRD Off-Road models. Some of the modes that you can get on these trims include rock/dirt, rock, loose rock, mogul, and sand/mud.

The off-road hardware in the Toyota car comes close to what the Bronco offers. With these models, you would have all-terrain sires. Some of the drawbacks of this car include sluggish acceleration, slow steering, and touchy brakes. So, even if the 4Runner continues to be a popular SUV, the Ford Bronco beats it in terms of performance and efficiency.

2. Value and price

Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco comes in several trims, considering the 2021 model. These include the Wildtrak, Badlands, Outer Banks, Black Diamond, and the Big Bend. One can customize the model between the four and two-door versions. All the trims come in both these styles.

The two-door car has a 100-inch wheelbase, and it looks cool. It is suitable for carrying four people. The four-door Bronco is perfect for families, as the wheelbase is longer in these models. So, these cars can easily accommodate five people. Moreover, this version comes with additional cargo space.

The price ranges between $28,500 and $46,980 for the standard four-wheel versions. Besides, owners would appreciate the vast plethora of connected services in these cars. Besides, owners can keep the cars secure using the Bronco app for locking them. You can remotely start the car’s engine. Besides, the car offers you the feature of scheduling engine start. Moreover, you have a Wi-Fi hotspot in the car. However, Ford does not provide the privilege of scheduled maintenance to the owners on a complimentary basis.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is available across several trims, such as the TRD Pro, Limited, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, SR5, and TRD Off-Road Premium, among others. The conventional SUV comes with four doors. All standard models can accommodate five passengers. However, you can accommodate up to seven people in case you use the optional seat in the third row. In case you want the car for regular use, the three-row seating would be uncomfortable as the wheelbase is short and the floor is high.

The latest model that Toyota launched in 2022 is available at prices ranging between $37,305 and $52,120. In most of the trim levels, you have the rear-wheel-drive system, while the 4WD is optional. The TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road trims have the four-wheel drive as a standard integration.

Among the connected services, the 4Runner 2022 comes with automatic notifications for collisions, rapid roadside service access, live emergency assistance, and concierge services. However, this car lacks the feature of remote locking. Nevertheless, you would have the Wi-Fi Hotspot. Moreover, the owners would get a scheduled maintenance window for free for the first 25,000 miles or two years. Moreover, the 4Runner can hold its value better than the Ford Bronco.

3. Quality and reliability

In terms of reliability and quality, the Ford Bronco performs better than the Toyota 4Runner. The 2021 model of the Ford car comes with a standard warranty covering the first 36K miles or 3 years. You can also avail of roadside assistance for the same period. The powertrain warranty remains valid for 60K miles or 5 years.

As per J.D. Power, none of the 4Runner models ranked among the leading midsize SUVs in terms of dependability. The roadside assistance is relatively lower, valid for the first 25,000 miles or 2 years. The powertrain warranty and the standard warranty are similar to what you would get with a Bronco.

Clearly, the Bronco gains an edge over the Toyota model in terms of warranty coverage.

4. Driving assistance and safety

The Toyota 4Runner gets a preference when it comes to driving assistance and safety. In the Ford Bronco, you have a standard package of features including AEB, forward collision warning, high-beam headlight (automatic), and pedestrian detection. The off-road system for controlling cruise, the Ford Trail Control, comes with all standard models. This helps the drivers manage braking and throttle during steep descends and climbs at low speeds.

The safety features of this car look quite ordinary. The NHTSA or the IIHS is yet to rate the Ford Bronco in terms of safety.

All the standard trims of the 4Runner 2022 come with AEB and FCB, along with high-beam headlights (automatic), pedestrian detection, and LDW. However, some drivers prefer turning the audible alerts off as the system is excessively agile. The NHTSA has rated the Toyota 4Runner 4 out of 5 for its safety.

5. Technology and infotainment

With the Branco, owners enjoy the Sync 4 infotainment platform. The standard models come with a touchscreen display (8-inch). It also has standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Besides, you have two USB ports for the rear seats. On the basis of a subscription, one can also get a 12-inch display (optional) with voice recognition technology and a factory navigation system.

The 4Runners have equally popular infotainment systems. The touchscreen displays measure 8 inches, and it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Besides, you have the USB ports for the rear seats here as well, along with factory navigation. However, the voice navigation system could have been better.

6. Utility and comfort

Well, you need to consider your priorities when it comes to gauging the comfort and utility of the respective vehicles. For hauling gear, the 4Runner would be a better option. However, configuring the Bronco brings you many more options. So, you need to make a choice when you get the SUVs primarily for outdoor adventures.

Some of the Bronco models come with drain plugs and rubberized flooring that eases up cleaning. The seat upholstery has marine-grade vinyl to resist mildew. However, one of the drawbacks of the Bronco is that it might be challenging to access the cargo space.

The Toyota 4Runner, on the other hand, delivers better sun exposure. This can make your rides brighter. The interiors are decent, and the dials and buttons are of large size. So, even when you put on your gloves during winter, you won’t find it difficult to use the buttons. Moreover, this car offers more cargo space, which gives it a strategic advantage over the Bronco.

Similarities of Toyota 4Runner vs Ford Bronco

Both the 4Runner and the Bronco offer four-wheel-drive systems and come with almost equal horsepower in certain models. The seating capacities are also similar, unless you decide to use the third row in the 4Runner. Considering the dimensions, both the cars have similar appearances. However, the 4Runner has a higher wheelbase and more ground clearance. In the interiors, the headroom, shoulder room, and overall space look similar. Even the infotainment system has several features in common for both models.

Is 4Runner more comfortable than Ford Bronco?

Although the Bronco can accommodate five people, you can comfortably accommodate four passengers in the vehicle. However, the 4Runner can easily accommodate five people without compromising the comfort. In terms of cargo space, the 4Runner scores more than the Bronco. When you decide to go camping or on an off-road adventure, you need to carry more luggage. In these scenarios, the 4Runner would be a better choice. Moreover, you can add the third row to the 4Runner to accommodate 7 people when needed. Altogether, it would be wise to go with the 4Runner if you consider accommodation and comfort.

Is the Ford Bronco and 4Runner the same?

No, the Ford Bronco and the Toyota 4Runner are not the same. They belong to the same class of vehicles, and both are midsize SUVs. Even though these two cars perform well for off-road adventures, they have their own sets of features. The four-door Bronco has the same length as the 4Runner, but it comes with a shorter wheelbase. This gives the car a strategic advantage when you consider the penetration angle. On freeways, the rides tend to be quieter on Broncos.

Are 4Runner and Ford Bronco the same frame?

Both these off-roading SUVs have a body-on-frame design. Although these two SUVs do not directly compete with one another, they serve similar purposes. Both the cars can navigate through challenging terrains.

Is the Ford Bronco or 4Runner safer?

In terms of safety, the 4Runner gains an edge over the Bronco, since it has a 4-star rating from the NHTSA. Both these cars have advanced safety gears that assist in driving and keep the car safe. However, the Bronco is yet to receive any respectable rating from the NHTSA or the IIHS. Therefore, the 4Runner appears to be safer as compared to the Bronco.


When you narrow down the options, you need to make a call before you purchase your favorite SUV. Although the Bronco gives a tough competition to the 4Runner, the latter turns out to be a better choice. After all, Toyota’s legacy of developing dependable vehicles continues to give it an advantage. Even though the Bronco offers more options in configuring your vehicle, you need to prioritize the utility of the car on off-roads. This is where the 4Runner zooms past the Bronco. However, if you have a fascination for Ford cars, purchasing a customized Bronco model may be worth it. You need to prioritize your specific requirements and make an intelligible choice when you purchase one of these cars.