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Popular Suv With Reclining Back Seats : [ #2 Is Out Favorite ]

Popular Suv With Reclining Back Seats : [ #2 Is Out Favorite ]

Car owners habitually look out for comfort, which happens to be a key criterion in their vehicles along with other factors like engine power, reliability, and safety. Particularly, when it comes to SUVs, you would love to pamper yourself with luxury. Heated rear seats, automatic windows, and several other comfort elements aggregate to deliver an all-encompassing experience. Now, you might be looking for SUVs that come with reclining back seats. Reclining seats enable people sitting in the second row to experience better comfort. In cars that have this feature, you can adjust the rear seat to fit in more cargo, or add to your coziness. Remember, not all cars under this category have reclining seats. If you are a buyer who prioritizes this feature, you would find our list relevant.

SUV with reclining back seats

Read on to explore the entire list of SUVs that bring you the ultimate comfort with reclining back seats.

1. Porsche Panamera Executive

This is one of the super-luxury cars from the established automobile maker, Porsche, that delivers an astonishing seating experience. You would love the cushioned upholstery and interiors in this luxurious car.

For optimal comfort, this car comes with spacious and well-designed rear seats that you can fully recline. These seats also have cushy pillows and adjustable headrest as the standard.

On the backside of the front seats, you have inbuilt TVs that help in enjoying media and streaming music. So, you have the comfort of these cushioned seats to enjoy a premium ride in the Porsche Panamera Executive. You’d appreciate the soft-close doors, ventilated seats, and automatic climate control in four zones. The seats are sporty indeed, and designed to assure safety and comfort.

2. Volvo XC60

Loaded with several modern features to enhance comfort, the Volvo XC60 finds its name in the list of most comfortable subcompact crossover SUVs with reclining rear seats. The manufacturer has integrated several adjustable clips in the seats, so that you can recline them at any angle that suits you. This makes the Volvo XC60 one of the classiest SUVs from Volvo that brings you movable clips to adjust the comfort of the rear seats.

Sitting in the second row, passengers can enjoy generous legroom and headspace. You would appreciate the plush interiors that carry the vintage essence in certain versions. In a nutshell, the car delivers a charismatic aesthetic appeal with its comfort and elegance. This SUV is spacious indeed, and it’s worth shelling out the hefty price considering the comfort it delivers. So, if you are willing to purchase a comfortable SUV for long trips, this model from Volvo would be worth going for. In terms of adjustability and support, these seats are one of the best to choose from. You would appreciate the luxurious leather as well as the movable parts to add to your comfort.

3. Mazda CX-5

The celebrated automaker from Japan, Mazda, has come up with a crossover SUV in its CX-5 model. Reclining rear seats, among several other popular features, make it one of the most comfortable cars of the lot. Moreover, each year’s model of this vehicle has separate versions. Most of these models assure optimal comfort to the passengers with reclining seats.

So, with this car, you can enjoy fully reclining rear seats. However, when you want to fold the back of the left seat down, the right one would also fold down. This car features wooden inlays along with leather seats. Even the front seats are fully reclining, which assure the best standards of comfort. The rear seats have two configurations that help them curve backward and deliver better support.

In 2017, Mazda first experimented with SUVs with such seating features, integrating the models with reclining rear seats. Well, car enthusiasts often find the interiors of the CX-5 comfortable and appealing. In terms of space availability, there could be better models to choose from. Nevertheless, the CX-5 from Mazda is worth considering when you look for reclining rear seats. These are flat-folding rear seats that can deliver adequate comfort to lull you to sleep.

4. Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace comes with a reclining seat variant in all its models that it launched 2017 onwards. The manufacturer integrated this type of seat in its SUVs to maximize comfort for the users. So, you can fully recline these seats to stretch your back, and sometimes, make space for more cargo.

In terms of comfort, this car fares pretty well. You will come across a plethora of modern features in this car, along with reclining seats. Besides, it has driver assistance features to make the rides breezy. All the F-Pace models from Jaguar are spacious, irrespective of the year of manufacturing. Including the driver, these cars can accommodate five passengers.

5. Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai easily makes its way into the list of most comfortable SUVs with reclining rear seats. The second-row passengers can completely recline the seats to enjoy the highest grade of luxury. This is a feature-enriched car loaded with sophisticated integrations. You would find the clips installed for the rear seats by their sides. The passengers sitting in the rear can also get adequate lumbar support to rest their backs.

In reality, Nissan Qashqai does not come with fully reclining seats. Rather, you can fold these seats as they are flexible enough to optimize your comfort. The manufacturers have come up with this mechanism to relieve passengers of uncomfortable rides down the roads. NASA and Nissan collaborated perfectly to come up with these zero-gravity seats. In this way, the passengers can retain their natural pose while sitting. The cushioning in these cars assure the necessary comfort to your spine and back muscles.

6. Audi Q7

While shortlisting the SUVs with the most comfortable back seats, it’s virtually impossible to overlook Audi’s celebrated German car manufacturer. The Audi Q7 SUV brings you a plethora of comfortable features, along with quality seats. Considering all the crossover SUVs that the luxury car brand has launched till date, this is perhaps the best pick.

The rear seats are fully reclining, and you will find the clip beside the seats. Interestingly, you can recline each of the rear seats separately, a feature you don’t come across in all the cars. Most importantly, this vehicle is spacious, capable of accommodating 7 passengers. Considering the pricing and performance, it makes sense to go for this SUV.

You can electrically fold all the seven seats. Every passenger can enjoy plenty of space in terms of legroom and headroom in both the rows.

7. BMW 7 Series

Well, you might be thinking of the hefty price tag that these luxury cars demand. However, the German carmaker compensates car owners with its commitment to comfort and drivability. The rear seats in the BMW 7 Series are fully reclining. However, you need to go for the executive package to enjoy this luxury feature. This version also brings you other luxury integrations such as a footrest and rear center console. After all, BMW is a classy luxury car brand that cares for its users and innovates designs to enhance comfort.

In this car, you can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers. The heated front seats are also comfortable, and the rear seats come integrated with a power-adjustable mechanism as an add-on.

8. Lexus RX

You will come across several Lexus RX models, as the brand has launched a number of SUVs over the years. Since 2007, most of these SUVs have fully reclining seats in the rear row. Besides, it is possible to fold these seats if the need arises. The spacious rear seats are comfortable, and the passengers can properly balance themselves with adequate legroom in these cars.

In terms of affordability, the RX models from Lexus are the most affordable. The maintenance fees that you need to shell out are also reasonable. Together, with comfortable seats, you would also get to enjoy other standard features that these luxury SUVs come with. Besides, finding a workshop in every location is easy. In case of a technical glitch, you won’t face trouble finding a repair store.

Which SUV has the most comfortable back seats?

Considering the comfort level and adjustability, the Audi Q7 happens to be the most comfortable SUV with reclining rear seats. Accessing the clip is relatively easy, as the manufacturer integrates them just beside the seats. Unlike many other luxury SUVs, you have the feature of individually reclining each seat. Therefore, all the 7 passengers in this car can customize their level of recline and comfort as they need.


When you prioritize comfort while narrowing down your options, you need to look beyond the provision of reclining the seats. A relaxed back with adequate lumbar support can make long journeys comfortable. you should be able to adjust yourself in the natural pose in the rear seat, which should offer enough elasticity and flexibility. Now that you have got the list of SUVs having reclining back seats, you would find it easy to make your purchase decision. You can get your luxury car based on your budget and brand preference.