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Mini Truck Brands That Are Super Awesome To Have [ 2022 List ]

Mini Truck Brands That Are Super Awesome To Have [ 2022 List ]

Transport is essential for the growth of any business, and the mode of transport is purely dependent upon the type of business owned by you.

The transportation need varies from one business to another business and from metropolitan cities to remote areas.

With plenty of vehicles being used for commercial purposes, one vehicle that has survived the onslaught of time is a mini truck.

From the sub-urban laces to the high ways, mini trucks have always found their way and ruling the delivery business since the time it was first manufactured.

Many micro truck manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Asok Leyland, and Tata have developed a range of vehicles that fit into each category. Here we are discussing the nine best truck brands that you should always know.

9 best truck brands you should know

With a lot of mini truck brands available in the market, we have come up with these nine mini truck brands that will assist you in fine-tuning your vehicle know before you decide upon getting a reliable and long-lasting mini truck that fits into all your transportation requirements:

Toyota Tacomas

One of the most popular vehicles under the SVF ( Small Commercial Vehicle) category, Toyota Tacomas is a head-turner since it was launched.

It offered its customers two variants of engines to choose from according to their needs. It is also equipped with two payload choices.

The length of the car can also be chosen from the three variants. The stylish exterior with attention-grabbing eyeball adds a fashionable touch to the vehicle.

With the engine variants of 11HP and 16HP, Toyota Tacomas will surely win over your hearts, as the name suggests.

Chevy Luvs

When it comes to the USA automobile industry, Chevy is sure the claim its spot among the most reliable brands.

It serves a variety of facilities and has a vast and enriched portfolio under its belt. There are multiple models available in the Chevy family to help you get to the top of your business, as these mini trucks are super fuel-efficient and price-worthy.

The torque and the engine are highly impressive to attract its customers. This truck is more popular because it revolutionized the last mile transport in this country.

It was specially manufactured, keeping in mind the conditions of roads. It can run smoothly over any surface.

Besides serving within the city, it can travel as an intercity vehicle too. With a maximum power of 16 bhp, it might be considered an off-road min in the truck too.

The safety features are exclusive to the vehicles manufactured by Chevy, and this mini truck is no exception for sure.

Chevrolet S10s

Although it has never been in the top position in the mini-truck segment, Chevrolet has been the most trusted company among many business owners.

Falling under the small CVG category offers excellent mileage and one of the best-in-class engines. It has got certain features that are also present in a car.

The comfortable and hugging seats, the design, and the easy to control access make it easier to drive for the driver. Its loading capacity is genuinely stunning. Overall,

Chevrolet is the brand name that you will frequently find on the road.

The loading and unloading is not a tedious activity with its smooth and spacious loading capacities. The extra attention towards the safety features is undoubtedly something which deserves consideration.

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

The Japanese carmaker Maruti Suzuki made its presence felt in the mini trucks section too. This mini truck was known as the Carry van during the 1980s.

At first, it was sold as the Kei cars (the smallest highway car to carry a passenger). Since its inception, it has been sold under different names in different countries. In India, it was launched as Super Carry.

It is one of the most popular among all the mini trucks manufactured by the Japanese car brand. The engine and the safety features are the main features that draw a lot of attention the vehicle enthusiasts.

Initially, it was just available in the diesel variant. Later the company rolled out its petrol and CNG versions too. This light motor vehicle is highly reliable with a 793 cc engine.

Ford Couriers

This vehicle first appeared as a cab in the 1970s. After going through many evolutions, we have got the latest model which we come across.

Factually, this mini truck is unique regarding the engine as it is mounted towards the rear pick-up bed.

It possesses a traverse system that is generally found in a car with a front-wheel DriveDrive.

The padded front disc brake and drum brakes in the rear with brake shoes make its brake system very much favorable for a not-so-experienced driver.

Mazda mini truck

With an output of 26 HP( horsepower) and 55 nm, the diesel engine retains the class of this mini truck by Mazda.

The flexibility to fluctuate between minimum speeds to the maximum enables a driver to drive it without any hassle with its excellent acceleration.

The cargo box is long and spacious, enabling it to carry more oversized loads. The front grille adds the need attraction to the vehicle.

For those who care about aesthetics, even when it comes to a mini truck, this small van indeed fits the bill.

The carpeted floor and the cushioned seat will always care for the person at the wheel.

The compliant engine makes its car suitable for future use without the need for too much up-gradation. A fuel capacity of 33L makes it an excellent truck for long-distance transportation needs.

Honda Acty

Honda also ranks as of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the USA. It always stays ahead in the competition with its rival carmakers with its ultra-performing features.

Honda carried its legacy in the small vehicles category too. The advanced technology and high-performing tools make Honda Acty an excellent choice for delivering goods to any destination as it has got good fuel capacity and acceleration. These trucks are constantly being upgraded at every level.

Moreover, Powered 40HP, this vehicle is mighty and can carry even heavy loads. It’s spacious and has got good ground clearance too.

It has a brand new variant of a 1.4L engine. The cargo body designs, payload carrying capacities make it a top choice among both the enthusiastic driver and the business owner.

It carries the legacy of its parent brand with every feature. Although other companies are slowly taking over the automobile industry, with Honda Acty, Honda retains its position in the small vehicle category.

Subaru Sambar

If you are looking for an off-roader mini-truck, the Subaru sambar will be your top choice. Apart from its CNG variant, it is available in two other modes too.

Subaru sambar is most suitable for carrying loads such as milk crates, soft drinks, grocery items, vegetables, etc.

It operates smoothly on uneven sub-urban roads too. It’s comprehensible that a particular brand can’t stick to its high position in terms of competition. Still, this mini truck is going to be the vehicle of your choice for the years to come.

Daihatsu Hijet

Daihatsu Hijet is another example of a Kei truck. It is developed and manufactured by the Japanese automobile giant Daihatsu and an engine of 550cc powers it.

It has got a second variant of 660 ccs. It has a 3 Speed automatic and five-speed manual under the transmission options.

Like the other Kei trucks, it is a lightweight goods carrier. With approximately 40 HP to 50HP, it might be considered an excellent vehicle for almost all your transportation requirements.

The bright crash avoidance system is one of the top-rated features of this mini truck. This is one reason why customers are much more interested in this particular vehicle.

The interior of this car also looks great in comparison to the other mini trucks. The brake system is straightforward to handle.

This micro vehicle offers a smooth driving experience. The cabin is spacious. The boarding, loading, and unloading were also great compared to the other mini trucks under the same price segment.

What trucks are considered mini trucks?

Mini trucks are generally used to perform intra city delivery of light eight goods. Often they find their uses in courier and postal delivery services where bulk documents are to be delivered at a specific address.

These trucks are also referred to as micro trucks. It operates within short distances, specifically between dealers and customers. Mini truck finds its origin in Japan and possesses an engine of about 1000cc.

This truck is an all-rounder as they ply upon different roads. From narrow roads in remote areas to city streets and highways, mini trucks always pave their way to the destination.

Most importantly, mini trucks are handy for growing and sustaining e-commerce businesses.

Weighing around 1500lb, they have a carrying capacity of up to 1760lb. Mini trucks are available in both the four wheels DriveDrive (4WD) and the Rear-wheel Drive (RWD)

Which brand is most reliable?

There are plenty of mini truck manufacturers in India that rule the automobile industry. Purchasing a mini truck is dependent upon your individual commercial needs and your fixed budget.

When it comes to the most reliable brand of mini trucks, it is not easy to name a single manufacturing brand.

Reliability is a pretty tricky parameter to consider while buying a vehicle. Among all the controversies, the leading manufacturer, in this case, is Maruti Suzuki.

More specifically, the Super Carry mini truck under this brand name is trendy and reliable. This truck is helping many businesses to fulfill their transport needs.

Super carry has got many beautiful features. Its powerful engine and great mileage make it a top favorite among not just the small business owners, but for running some heavy-duty business too.

When you a super performing commercial vehicle at an affordable price, you have a second thought hovering in your mind.

It has got a 5speed transmission and promises a smooth experience of driving the mini truck. The extra legroom, a large cabin, has been created keeping in mind the comfort of the person who is at the steering.

The sliding seats with heat-resistant capacity are another ultra-cool feature that attracts any buyer who has prioritized the driver’s comfort. All these features make super carry one of the most reliable mini trucks in India.

Moreover, the CNG variant of super carry is equipped with a 1200cc engine, and this vehicle is gradually winning over as a light and reliable commercial vehicle.

The microswitch on this car’s fuel lid aids in avoiding the sudden start of the vehicle while being refueled. In terms of reliability, Tata Ace Motors and Mahindra Jeeto are also turning their heads.


With all the mini truck brands doing the round in the commercial automobile market, no one argues that this automobile industry is subject volatile.

It is subject to change. Sometimes one brand becomes the largest selling brand, and the next day, another brand captures the industry.

Monopoly is a term unsuitable for this highly volatile market that consistently responds to the growing market demands.

The mini-truck brands mentioned above are the ones that compete for the most extended period. The briefings of the vehicles are going to help to purchase the right car that suits your purpose.

Overall, your transportation and commercial needs determine the type of vehicle you will buy that will stand against the taste of time.