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How Long Do Ko2 Tires Last? Is It Worthy? [ Answered 2022 ]

How Long Do Ko2 Tires Last? Is It Worthy? [ Answered 2022 ]

Automobile enthusiasts with an obsession for off-roading habitually go for KO2 tires. Even if you are not using these tires on your existing truck or SUV, you must have heard of these powerful tires. Some car experts claim KO2 tires from BF Goodrich to be the first all-terrain tire in the world. So, if you are someone who loves to take the beaten path, it makes sense to explore these tires. In this article, we have discussed the lifeline of KO2 tires, its perks, and drawbacks. With all this information, you may think of switching to KO2 tires. We have thoroughly evaluated the competence of these tires from different perspectives. Besides, you will get to know about the KO2 tire warranty in this article.

How long do ko2 tires last?

With normal usage, you can expect the BF Goodrich KO2 tire to serve you for at least 50K miles.

The brand offers a treadwear warranty up to the 50K-mile mark. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the tire life even beyond this. So, KO2 tires can last between 50K and 70K miles, depending on the kind of maintenance they receive.

BF Goodrich has got an established legacy for manufacturing powerful tires. The road conditions, driving habits, and the type of vehicle you drive determine the lifeline of these tires.

While we have mentioned the estimated lifespan of these tires to be between 50K and 70K miles, some drivers have even reached the 100K mile-mark. However, prioritizing safety, the brand recommends replacing these tires once they are 50K miles old.

Ensure regular maintenance to make the most of these car accessories. Inflate the tires properly, check wheel alignment, and maintain the right tire pressure.

To prolong the life of KO2 tires, avoid driving on harsh terrains. This would prevent premature wearing away of the tread. Also, make sure to rotate KO2 tires regularly so that the wear and tear remain evenly distributed. This would contribute to the lifeline of the tires.

When you plan to get your KO2 tires replaced, get a brand-new set from an authentic dealer. This way, you would have a quality product that warrants optimal lifeline and performance.

Are KO2 tires worth the money?

Comparing the cost of KO2 tires from BF Goodrich to other all-terrain tires, you would find them to be expensive. However, when you peep into the consumer forums, you would find that the owners are satisfied with shelling out the extra value. The long lifeline and flawless performance of KO2 tires make them worth purchasing.

Consumers highly rate the tires, and the manufacturers enjoy a high legacy for manufacturing these tires.

Compared to other all-terrain tires, the sidewalls are thicker by 20% in KO2 tires. Moreover, these tires come with inbuilt stone ejectors. So, small rocks won’t bother the tire treads as your take on rugged terrains.

When you compare the warranty, you won’t come across a 50K mile warranty in tires of this class. Most all-terrain tires would offer you a warranty up to 40K miles. Besides, BF Goodrich also provides a satisfaction guarantee on these tires. This guarantee remains valid for 60 days.

KO2 tire performance in the rain

KO2 tires from BFG is an all-terrain tire that the manufacturers have engineered for navigating through off-roads. However, these tires deliver impressive performance even in rain.

The brand has intelligibly designed the tread pattern that can effectively expel the rainwater, ensuring proper traction in wet terrains. They manufacture these tires from a special compound that provides additional traction and grip in slippery conditions.

Eventually, KO2 from BFG happens to be an excellent choice for car owners willing to explore different types of terrains. The performance and traction are excellent in both wet and dry situations.

Performance of KO2 tires on highways

The performance of KO2 tires on highways, as you would expect, is excellent. The directional stability that these tires offer looks fantastic. Moreover, drivers cruising along highways expect enough steering feedback that KO2 tires deliver. Also, the road grip looks amazing.

However, when you navigate your car at the top speed, you might get the sensation of vagueness at times. This probably happens due to the presence of thicker sidewalls and square tread patterns on the all-terrain wheels. Compared to a dedicated highway tire, these tires deliver a little less stability.

However, the overall performance of the KO2 tires on highways looks decent. The rides are comfortable and smooth, and you would love the kind of handling and traction they provide.

KO2 tires continue to be the prime choice for automobile owners looking for an all-terrain tire to deal with the highway.

Preparing KO2 tires for the winter

Well, KO2 tires are not dedicated winter tires, so you need to winterize these accessories. Navigating through snowy terrains in winter can turn out to be challenging. So, here’s a checklist for you to follow that would help you prepare these tires for the winter.

  • Buy a set of studded tires or snow chains. With these accessories, you would benefit from the additional traction to navigate through deep snow.
  • Regularly inspect your KO2 tires for tread wear. As necessary, correct the level of air pressure.
  • Coming to the storage, choose a dry and cool place to keep your KO2 tires. This would save the rubber from cracking or facing any other common issue.

With these measures, you can prepare your KO2 tires to perform optimally in winters.

Pros of using KO2 Tires

With the KO2 tires from BFG, you would enjoy several benefits that make these accessories a great pick for automobile owners.

  • KO2 continues to be the first all-terrain tire in the world.
  • The traction is excellent due to the tactical tread pattern.
  • With a special compound in the sidewall, the tire can resist abrasions and punctures.

Cons of using KO2 tires

Well, one cannot expect an all-terrain tire to deliver performance like a dedicated one. So, there are a few downsides to these tires.

  • Firstly, you would need to shell out more money to purchase KO2 tires.
  • Compared to other tires, the availability of KO2 tires is limited.
  • The experience during highway driving wouldn’t be the best.

In case you want a good tire to explore the beaten tracks without compromising the performance or comfort, you need to vouch for these expensive tiers. However, the outstanding durability and performance would compensate you for the price you pay for them.

KO2 tires mileage warranty

For KO2 tires, the mileage warranty is 50K miles. This warranty encompasses only treadwear. So, this wouldn’t cover damage to the tire arising from improper maintenance, punctures, or road hazards.

The limited warranty covers workmanship defects and issues with the material. So, this warranty wouldn’t compensate you for damage due to road hazards and normal wear and tear.

When should you replace KO2 tires?

Well, you must be knowing that the brand offers a treadwear warranty valid up to 50K miles. However, depending on the use of the tire, a replacement might be necessary sooner or later than the mentioned figure. Based on the health of the tire, owners can decide on the replacement.

The best indicator of a necessary tire replacement is treadwear. In case you find that the depth of the treads comes under 2/32 inch even before you reach the 50K mile-mark, you need to replace the tires.

When you take on challenging terrains, low tread depth would make it tougher for the tire to find proper grip on the surfaces. Particularly, when it is snowy or wet, driving with low tread can be hazardous.

If you regularly go for rough drives, be prepared to replace the tires faster than the normal conditions. Inspect the tires for their health and be responsible enough to make timely replacements.

The age of your KO2 tires also happens to be a prime indicator of the necessary replacement. You can comfortably use these tires for eight years in general.

Even if you drive a few miles every day, the tires won’t serve throughout the life of the SUV or truck you are driving. When you find your KO2 tires to be old, getting them replaced would be a logical idea.


When you closely examine all-terrain tires, BF Goodrich emerges as the leader with their powerful KO2 tires. While you need to fork out additional bucks initially, you would appreciate the value for money.

These tires are incredibly good at navigating all types of terrains throughout every season. Also, their durability and good handling make them the prime choice for automobile enthusiasts.

Of course, like all tires, you need to channel efforts and funds for inspections and maintenance. With the right approach on your end, you can make the most of this tire. No wonder, why the brand continues to celebrate its legacy for more than a century.