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Do Mini Coopers Have Spare Tires? [ Find Out Here ]

Do Mini Coopers Have Spare Tires? [ Find Out Here ]

As you fancy owning a Mini Cooper, you might be inquisitive about whether or not it comes with spare tires. Considering the size of the car, it’s natural to wonder whether these cars can carry a spare tire. So, if you are planning to purchase one of these high-performance cars from BMW, it makes sense to explore this aspect in and out. No one likes to stay stranded with a punctured tire away from home!

In this post, you will get to know the type of tires Mini Coopers have, and where you can find the spare tire.

Do Mini Coopers have spare tires?

Not all Mini Cooper models have a spare tire. However, most of the latest models do not have spare tires. Instead, the manufacturers integrate these cars with run-flat tires.

As the name suggests, run-flat tires come with a mechanism that keeps the tires inflated even after you get a puncture. Rather than carrying a spare tire, most of the new models come with run-flat tires that maintain pressure for about 50 miles following a puncture. Unless you are far away on country roads, this distance should be enough for you to find a repair shop. However, drivers should not accelerate more than 80 km/h once the tire gets punctured.

Where can you find the spare tire in a Mini Cooper?

While most of the latest models of the Mini Cooper have run-flat tires, drivers should know the location of the spare wheel in older vehicles. In most cars, you will find it below the rear part of the vehicle. However, if you own the Mini Cooper S, you won’t find the spare tires as the manufacturer placed the battery to the rear. This way, they integrated the supercharger inside the hood, while integrating the vehicle with run-flat tires.

Here’s where you can find the spare tire in your Mini Cooper.

  • Put aside the trunk floor trim panel.
  • Dislodge the socket tool and lowering handle from the tool tray.
  • Now place the tool tray aside, so that you can get an approach to the tire carrier.
  • Remove the socket tool and the nut that secures the cover.
  • Get the lowering handle threaded in the stud of the carrier.
  • Pinch the locking clip after pulling the lowering tool up.
  • Take hold of the lowering handle and lower the spare tire carrier before pulling the tire out.

Can you replace run flat tires of your Mini with conventional tires?

Yes, it is possible to switch to conventional tires, in case your Mini originally had run flat tires. A common issue with the run flat tires is their unusual size. Not all workshops have these tires ready. This explains why drivers prefer keeping spare non-run flat tires. Therefore, it would be logical to have a spare tire in your Mini Cooper. As you do away with these run flat tires, forgetting a spare would leave you stranded.  BMW has integrated run-flat tires in most of the Mini models so that the tires can endure around 50 miles of distance following a puncture. However, if you are comfortable with conventional tires and do not overlook carrying a space, it makes sense to switch to conventional tires.

Does Mini Cooper Countryman have spare tires?

The Mini Cooper Countryman that the manufacturer launched from 2017 onwards does not come with spare tires. However, you have run flat tires in these cars. Therefore, you should be able to travel up to 50 miles without air pressure after a puncture.

Does Mini Cooper Clubman come with a spare tire?

Yes, the Mini Cooper Club comes equipped with spare tires. Therefore, if any of the current tires develop a puncture, you can get it replaced, regardless of where you are.

However, the Mini Cooper Clubman is not too roomy. The manufacturers have been diplomatic while chipping in with the spare tire in this car. To use this spare wheel, one needs to look into the trunk. Once you access the lower part of the car in the rear, you would find this tire.

Does the 2017 Mini Cooper S have a spare tire?

No, Mini Cooper S comes with a run flat tire, and not a regular spare tire. In case of a puncture, the driver needs to get across to the nearest garage within a 50-mile distance while the tire pressure in run-flat tires remains adequate.

How long do Mini Coopers tires last?

The average lifeline of Mini Cooper tires is two to three years. Considering that you drive 15,000 miles on average a year, it would take around three years for the tread to wear off. A standard tire of Mini Cooper should last for at least 20,000 miles. These tires can serve much longer with better handling and conservative driving habits.

Some of the factors affecting the durability of your tires include the drivetrain, type of tire, driving habits, treadwear, and road conditions.

Ways to keep your tires last longer

Take care of the treads that remain in contact with the road. Replace the treads at regular intervals when you notice them wearing out. Inspect the tires for cracks on the surface touching the road and the sidewalls. Simply press these tires with your hand to understand how they stand. In case you come across visible cracks or any unusual shape, reach out to a garage or workshop to get them replaced. Low tire treads, bubbles or cracks on tires, and punctured sidewalls are some of the other signs indicating the need for a tire change.

Check out how you can enhance the lifeline of the tires in your Mini Cooper.

  • Inspect the tire pressure frequently, as the wrong amount of pressure would lead to more wear and tear and sluggish handling of the car. This would also increase the car’s stopping distance. Check the tire pressure once a month. Warm and cold weather conditions can increase and decrease the pressure, respectively.
  • Once you travel 5,000 miles with your Mini Cooper, go for a tire inspection. In most vehicles, not all the wheels drive the car at a given point of time. This leads to uneven wearing of the tires. Therefore, your Mini Cooper would need a tire rotation every 5,000 miles.
  • Get the wheels balanced when you go for a tire rotation for your Mini Cooper. Remember, no wheel is completely perfect, and has some heavy spots on them. This leads to vibration, and eventually, you will experience uneven tire wear. With regular wheel balancing, you can prevent uneven wearing that can eventually lead to flat tires.
  • Your Mini Cooper also requires wheel alignment twice a year.


Well, now you know whether or not Mini Coopers come with spare wheels. New Mini Coopers might come with standard run-flat wheels. Depending on your preferences and driving habits, you might replace them with conventional ones. However, it’s always sensible to check with the dealer’s norms when it comes to the warranty. You might consult your dealer regarding the choice of tires if you want to get them replaced.