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Cars Similar To Volvo S90 : 11 Alternatives To See In 2022

Cars Similar To Volvo S90 : 11 Alternatives To See In 2022

Volvo S90 has all the amazing features an ideal sedan should have. It looks more costly and extravagant than its cost which is $52,850. So, what exactly you are getting in this price factor? Yes, this luxurious vehicle has butter-like handling and nice safety features minus the expected ground speed!

Apart from a speeding problem, it does have complicated tech features. We mean, you are getting the luxury but is that satisfactory enough? We have got various cars similar to Volvo S90, and it’s time to introduce them. These options offer similar base features to Volvo S90 but add a twist through the remaining features.

Cars Similar To Volvo S90

BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E300, Acura RLX, Jaguar XF, and some more medium sedans come shoulder to shoulder with Volvo S90. According to Kelly Blue Book, “Volvo S90” should have a little more user flexibility” and that has the ring of truth. If we will substitute 2-3 bad features of the Volvo S90, the car can become wholesome again.

We don’t have an option to substitute the features, but the best alternatives can be introduced to give you the major vibe of the Volvo S90.

1. Audi A6

Audi A6 may be a little costlier to maintain, but its performance reflects the reputation of “Audi”, the company has earned through the years. Also, this deluxe sedan is down to earth in terms of wheels – easy to turn and has a highly responsive steering mechanism. But does it fulfill that Volvo S90 could not? Or is it similar to S90?

Brings Class Apart Elegance – Both Volvo S90 and Audi A6 are very classy sedans to behold the look of. The latter and the former look alike; the only difference lies in the trunk. Consequently, Audi A6 provides the feel of sportiness from the rear.

Apart from this, the headlights and grill have been intact at the same distance, giving harmony to both these sedan options.

Spacious From Top To Bottom And Left To Right – People expect plenty of space in vehicles like the Audi A6 and Volvo S90. Both these manufacturers do not shut down people’s expectations by putting spacious cabins as a priority.

Precisely, there is broadened legroom and headroom in the first and second rows. There is sufficient room to move without any hindrance, therefore, you can enjoy your journey.

2. Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes do not disappoint in terms of the number of features. You can access many features like adjusting seats and using tech features with the help of one or two buttons.

On the whole Mercedes Benz E Class offers various trims under which you are getting a wholesome package with different engine options. But how does Mercedes E Class add itself to the league of cars similar to the Volvo S90?

Brilliant Transmission To Direct Your Premium Sedans – Mercedes Benz E Class and Volvo S90 both have great transmission, to begin with, their contributions. Having said that, the gear ratio of E Class is 3.24 and that of Volvo S90 is 3.03.

Overall, there are 7 gears in both these luxurious vehicles and for each gear, there is a satisfactory ratio – exactly what it should be. All the gear ratios are managing a higher acceleration, qualifying speeds, and more than decent fuel economy.

Fuel Tank Pushes Fuel Economy Further – Fuel Economy comes as a glued advantage when you think about elite cars like Volvo S90 and Mercedes Benz E Class. The fuel tank in E Class can be rim filled with 17 gallons of fuel at approximately.

Similarly, Volvo S90 can be filled up to the neck with 15.9 gallons of fuel.

3. Genesis G90

There is a notion that luxury cars like midsize sedans give more exposure to noise. Contrarily, Genesis G90 put a full stop to that notion by being an elite sedan with noise-free cabins.

And all credit goes to the swift acceleration. Also, the acceleration is smooth because of the soul-fitting powertrain and transmission.

Good Mileage Under The Price You Are Paying – Genesis G90 is 1 inch bigger than Volvo S90 but that doesn’t mean that there is a big gap in their performance. Volvo S90 provides the MPG of 23 and Genesis reaches 17 MPG. Precisely, the more would be the MPG, the more bucks you will save.

So, indirectly when you are looking forward to purchasing Genesis G90 or Volvo S90, you are looking for an environmentally friendly future.

Spaciousness Is What Genesis G90 and Volvo S90 Serve Primarily – Sedan vehicles are most preferable to the people who want open space to move freely inside the car.

Genesis has 55 inches of second hip room, 59 inches of second shoulder room, and 38 inches of second headroom in Genesis G90.

A similar space is evident in the Volvo S90 with 55 inches of hip room, 57.5 inches of shoulder room, and 37.8 inches of headroom. Certainly, you can find identical air spaces in the front row as well.  No wonder why Genesis G90 gets counted in the list of cars similar to Volvo S90.

4. Volvo S60

Volvo S90 may be a dashing-looking car from the inside but it puts its best foot forward with its interiors. The interiors have small detailing and are of a tough quality which immediately rises to this vehicle’s standard.

Opposite to the tough material used throughout its parts, Volvo S90 has light handling which is a great feature to flaunt. Let’s see how Volvo S60 compares with the model of the same company.

Tech Features To Make Driving Experience Even Better – Imagine you are sitting on the recliner of your home and the cool air is pushing back your sweat. And that’s exactly the experience you would get inside Volvo S90 and S60.

Both these extravagant sedans have panoramic sunroofs to get the best of the environment outside. There are heated as well as ventilated seats to make the desired environment inside too.

The reclining seats are made from soft leather which gets pushed to the extreme to present you with that easeful journey.

Abundance Of Safety Features To Have Those Sure Nerves – Volvo S90 and S60 have buckets full of safety features along with amazing tech features. Both these supreme luxurious vehicles have lane running assist, rear park assisting camera, blind spot robots, and much more.

Moreover, all the cars of Volvo come with Sensus Connect, which lets you navigate the roads and other unknown areas. You would be able to navigate without switching on/off the internet simultaneously with Sensus Connect.

5. BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series models are executive cars that need no introduction. The exterior of the 5 series is glaze-like and an amalgamation of elegance with sportiness. The hood rounds and takes a curve right at the starting of the grill and headlights are attached to the grill.

All and all, the exterior features look well suited right next to each other. But this is not “IT” about BMW 5 Series so what is?

Brilliant Engine And Related Power To Empower Sedans More – BMW 5 Series and Volvo S90 run on 2.0 L I4 Turbocharged engine. The results of such engines are always above standard because they are lightweight and quite efficient. There is a direct benefit when the engine is light because it makes the car better to torque and run.

As Expectedly, the MPG that BMW 5 Series provides is 25 in the city and 33 on the highway. The ultimate Volvo S90 is just 2 numbers above when put at par with BMW 5 Series.

Unmatchable Infotainment System For The Long Journeys – Volvo S90 and BMW 5 Series- these midsize sedans are jampacked with infotainment subunits.

Although both cars have a very comfortable setting, it would not be enough in the long run. This is the reason manufacturers have given 9-12 inches of touch screen, voice command sensors, Apple Car Play, and android connectivity.

Likewise, there is clear navigation – This feature along with the above ones makes the BMW Series the best contender of the cars similar to the Volvo S90.

6. Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF will get shut when it is about to cross the 1,50,000 miles. This is awesome for a luxury sedan of this caliber. This is a promise that Jaguar XF will be highly fuel efficient till the time it will remain in your garage.

High Tech Braking And Controlling System – When you pay $45,300 for an average trim, you want a vehicle that stops at one command. Jaguar XF and Volvo S90 have 4-wheel disc brakes that outperform other brakes by quickly stopping at the maximum racing speed. Since both the former and the latter cars present above standard speeds, the presence of disc brakes on all 4 wheels is a relief.

Suspension Which Absorbs Everything – You can take your Jaguar XF or Volvo S90 offroad as well as on-road paths. We mean to say that both these luxurious Sedan options have a Multi-link suspension system in the rear which glides and absorbs multiple disturbances.

You can move Jaguar XF and Volvo S90 at any angle and even then the ride will not evolute into something harsh.

A good suspension is important to a car as breathing is to a human. Strategically, this suspension motivates the individual wheel to go forward diluting any unnecessary energy.

7. Acura RLX

When you would have a look at Acura RLX, it looks kind of old school but that doesn’t mean it is a bad component. That classic look makes Acura RLX shine like a diamond in front of other brands’ sedans.

And did you know that Honda has done an expensive collaboration with Elliot Scheiner (a famous music producer) to bring to life its audio system intricately? We are sure you will get more surprised with what this luxury sedan has in its kitty for you.

Interior Dimensions That Offer You Needed Space – The width of Acura RLX is 64.2 inches and that of Volvo S90 is 63.7 inches. Interestingly, both epitomes of luxury are only indulging 10% of the car into the exteriors and the rest is dedicated to passenger’s space.

Nearly, 38 inches and 37.8 inches are taken by the front headroom. Likewise, 42.3 inches and 42.2 is given to the legroom in the driver’s seat as well as the front passenger seat in both the above sedan options. You would find the headroom and legroom in the second row to be a little compact. This doesn’t mean that the second row is not body friendly – you can move comfortably and balance yourself even if your desired sedan is at full speed.

And through these features, Acura RLX takes the place in cars similar to Volvo S90.

8. Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50 now comes in an upgraded form which is better for its sale value and also the customers. Here, upgradation is done on the safety and infotainment mechanisms. This is the reason why Infiniti Q50 is on the first number when wholesome sporty sedans are counted.

Exterior Dimensions Are Unintentionally Keeping Sedan Safe – Ground Clearance, overall length- width, and other such measurements matter when it comes to the safety of midsize sedans.

Infiniti Q50 has a ground clearance of 4.9 inches and Volvo S90 marks similar numbers. This higher ground clearance means your extravagant sedan is now saved from bumps and water.

Exteriors Are Beyond Magical – Both the above sedan options are ravishing and magnificent. With the first appearance, your eyes may get stuck just at the rounded hood which is evident in both cars. When you will analyse these sedans for the second time, the rectangle grill, diamond-shaped headlights, and the overall united exterior will take your breath away.

Overall, Infiniti Q50 and Volvo S90 both very efficient and good-looking medium sedans.

9. Volvo XC90

According to RepairPal, Volvo XC90 is 75 percent reliable out of 100. This is a decent score; all credit goes to its widened cabins and on-road capabilities.

Apart from fulfilling the basic expectations, Volvo S90 also fixes your safety needs. This luxury car has many safety features to boast of its “exceptional factors”. Let’s know whether this sedan is better than Volvo S90 or just hangs on the same level.

Several Exterior Color Options – The XC90 and Volvo S90 both are from the same company “Volvo” but the company has shown no partiality towards smaller sedans.

The Volvo XC90 and S90 are available in 9 common colors – with basic colors like distinctive blue, black and gray. Here Volvo XC90 scores many points higher with having 5 extra color options introduced in the automobile industry.

Engine And Transmission Contribute Maximum To Sales – The Volvo XC90 is a full-size sedan whereas Volvo S90 is a midsize one. The difference is only limited to their names because they have the same engine and transmission.

Factually, the engine in the former and the latter have 4 inline cylinders. These cylinders save a lot of fuel because they follow a simple mechanism.

Volvo XC90 is a compatible sedan to be included under the rundown of cars similar to the Volvo S90.

10. BMW 7 Series

The exteriors of the BMW 7 Series have been revised a little. The backside has been given some extra details including the exhaust and tail lights. Ultimately, the design has been made in a way that greatly merges with the functionality.

You would also appreciate the superior quality of interiors. It’s time to put the BMW 7 Series face to face with the Volvo S90 and see how much they both fit inside the brackets of resemblance.

Mileage That Is A Gift To Fuel Economy – The mileage is important for bigger vehicles like midsize and large sedans.

These luxurious cars are known to be dull in fuel economy but BMW 7 Series proves otherwise. Volvo S90 and BMW 7 Series both have MPG of 25 and 24 which is a high number.

Space Friendly From All The Angles – First of all, you are getting good cargo space in both the above sedans i.e. BMW 7 Series and Volvo S90. On top of that, you are getting space-friendly cabins – you can have a comfortable long journey with you and your family.

The headroom space in the front of the BMW 7 Series is around 39 inches and that of the Volvo S90 is 37.8 inches. Likewise, you are getting the same amount of space in the rear area.

The Cargo area to brings with it abundant space 18.2 feet cube in BMW 7 Series and approx. 16 inches in Volvo S90. We can close this chapter of the BMW 7 Series by saying that “it has some of the greater components than sedans of the same league”.

11. Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class are the midsize luxury sedans that will not disappoint you a bit. All trims in this sedan series are semi-autonomous. By Semi-Autonomous we mean that you did not have to put too much of your effort into controlling and driving the car.

In the Mercedes Benz S Class, you have a seamless steering and suspension. These advanced features keep the car optimally functional. Keep reading further to know how Mercedes S Class is making a powerful imprint in the global market. What competition does it have with Volvo S90?

Get Utmost Comfort With Interior Build – Mercedes Benz S Class and Volvo S90 have many standard features such as a sunroof, ventilated seats, and a futuristic infotainment system.

Passengers and drivers can conveniently fix the seat with just one button. Volvo S90 and Mercedes Benz S Class seats are eligible for 5 people but more people can fit considering the wide seats.

The interior ambiance is very soothing to look at with a combination of 10 colors to choose from. No other company other than Mercedes Benz is so concerned about the interiors being soothing and pleasant to the eyes. Mercedes Benz S Class scores a lot in this component of the sedan higher than Volvo S90.

A Transmission Like In No Other – Mercedes Benz S Class models come in the category of large cars and Volvo S90 comes under midsize cars. It would be wrong to compare their transmission but right to judge it according to their caliber.

As expectedly, the Mercedes Benz S Class has a 9-speed automatic transmission which helps to save a lot of fuel. At the same time, this type of transmission leads to efficiency in acceleration. You can find the same transmission variables in Volvo S90 minus the 9th gear.


Volvo S90 is a superb car but for some, it may be expensive and for some, it may be not “The One”. You can certainly look for the above options to get a premium sedan that speaks more closely to your wants.

All the above sedans are either midsize or large but one thing is for sure – most of them are better at the same price quotient you were getting the Volvo S90 at. Go today to showrooms to surprise yourself with what more these sedans have to offer you.