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Cars Similar To Volkswagen Taos : 15 Alternatives In 2022

Cars Similar To Volkswagen Taos : 15 Alternatives In 2022

Volkswagen Taos is a compact SUV that is truly one of a kind. When we compare these SUV features to the expectations in an SUV, it matches them somehow. The biggest disadvantage of snatching away many customers is its overly priced factor.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry much because there are sufficient alternatives available in the market that can take the place of Volkswagen Toas just as nicely. Ford and Toyota are the name fame brands in the line when it comes to cars similar to Volkswagen Taos.

Cars Similar To Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos has balanced disadvantages and advantages, which can make a customer think twice before buying this crossover SUV.

Having said that, it provides decent space, is quite handy, and fast ride but is this enough? No, not quite enough for a person to invest $23,295 and later regret the decision. So what would not let you seed the thoughts of regret?

Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CRV, Kia Seltos, Nissan Rouge, Atlas, Toyota rav4, Ford Bronco, and other automobiles of the same nature are here to fulfill what is on the list of Tao’s shortcomings.

1. Volkswagen Tiguan

According to cars.usanews Volkswagen Tiguan scores 76 out of 100 on reliability. This seems fair when you look at the charming classic exteriors of this compact SUV.

Consequently, it feels like every detail that is part of the exterior would never go out of style. So, let’s look at why this car is firstly talked about when people find “cars similar to Volkswagen Taos”?

Effective Engine Falling Into Handsome Warranty – When you will go to look at the defined brochure of Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Taos you would discover a warranty of 4 years/50,000 miles. The good thing is that you can work up the turbo engine in both vehicles in this time frame and conveniently upgrade it afterward.

Moreover, turbo-charged engines are added in both these compacted SUVs to give powerful energy to the overall functioning. That means that your vehicle is in for horsepower which should resemble 184hp @ 4400rpm.

Looks Can be Deceiving – Volkswagen Taos looks like the more embellished version of Tiguan but Tiguan is hands down more spacious than the former.

 Consequently, Volkswagen Tiguan has 3 rows inside it which is the major turn it takes when we look at the similarities. Overall, Volkswagen Tiguan presents comfort in terms of spaciousness.

2. Nissan Rogue

Every tech-friendly feature that is embedded in Nissan Rouge comes in handy to the driver as well as the passengers. One of the many striking characteristics of the Nissan Rogue is a crossover small SUV. Its sporty distinctive external body adds more weight to the trunk of advantages.

Cargo Space Contributes To Making Rogue Bestseller – There is no doubt about the popularity of the Nissan Rogue and cargo space is the topmost factor that can be said to USP of the vehicle. Nissan Rogue offers a maximum space of 36.5 cubic feet when the third row is fully rested in the front.

Volkswagen Toas and Nissan Rogue are often put in the same box when people are discussing back luggage space. Volkswagen Toas take pride in the similar cargo space as Nissan Rogue. Therefore, becoming a prominent candidate in “cars similar to Volkswagen Taos”.

3. Buick Envision

Buick Envision has its fame in the community of car enthusiasts, especially people who take driving as a passion. Why so? This midsize SUV has some driver assisting parts and functions like an emergency braking assistant, lane departure sensors, and a broad screen to navigate best. So, let’s check how it becomes the best alternative to Volkswagen Taos.

Exteriors That are Exemplary Of Brilliance – When Volkswagen appears inside the minds of people, they automatically think about shining exteriors but what about Buick Envision? General Motors has introduced Buick Envision as a part of their most stylish modern SUVs.

Both these medium SUVs have similarly styled grills and almost the same inclusive width and height. Also, the style bumps have been given the same edge to speak of a common factor.

4. Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 has numerous mind-blowing features that make it a bestseller. It is naturally a hybrid car which is also written as a logo on the corner below the side mirrors.

Objectively speaking, this SUV may be a little over the edge with the price of $26,150, but the price is worth every inch of this vehicle. It’s time to see why it made it to the list of “cars similar to Volkswagen Taos”?

2 Options Drivetrain To Let You Go On Amazing Adventures – Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Taos have a major work in common: two types of drivetrain. All-wheel drive acts as a warrior to fight sloppy, slippery, and uneven road surfaces. All-wheel drive gives a better grip to all the wheels while a driver shifts the gears.

In front-wheel drive more power is given to the front wheels so that they can handle the overall weight of the car at the time of any adverse condition. Significantly, front-wheel drive is also quite economical because when it charges up, it consumes much less fuel.

You Are In For Great Space For Home Like Comfort – The very reason that a person wants to put money in SUVs is the room for everything. Toyota RAV4 is even a bigger presenter of space as it has more headroom and legroom as compared to Volkswagen Taos.

5. Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

Atlas Cross Sport is available in 7 trim levels which is kind of a big benefit this medium SUV has in its kitty. Volkswagen also has a similar model introduced to the world name Atlas but this vehicle is lighter and comes with some down numbers on price. Let’s see how Atlas is similar and opposite to Taos!

Good Seating Capacity With Added Advantage of Space – What can be better than a car being space friendly? Yes, Volkswagen’s Atlas Cross Sport and Taos have 5 seats to offer to the buyers.

Both of them have adequate headroom and leg space in all their rows. Additionally, the cargo space can be exaggerated by bending the seats to the full thus making fuller space to travel for those long adventures.

6. Kia Seltos

Kia as a brand has up their game in introducing exceptional medium and compact SUVs and Seltos is a part of that revolution. Also, Kia Seltos looks like a full-size bulky model because of its boxy structure. If you are still not convinced of its glamour, look down for its brief performance picture.

Fuel Economy at Its Best – No matter what the car is, fuel economy is crucial. And Kia Seltos runs on 31 MPG overall. Also, Volkswagen Taos is at par with the former reflecting Miles Per Gallon at 29 MPG. And that’s how Kia Seltos takes its first step in coming under a rundown of cars similar to Volkswagen Taos.

Cargo Space Gives Tough Competition To Others – Kia Seltos has cargo space of 62.8 ft cube which is amazing when other car models are put in the same line as Seltos. After all, you would need that big cabin when you will be packing up for mountains or beaches.

7. Honda CR-V

You will get good mileage when investing in an amazing SUV such as Honda CR-V. Factually, this car has automatic working attached to many parts which make the car a swift one on the tracks.

Standard Safety Features To Impress Car Enthusiasts – Both the SUV – Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Taos have standard safety features like a driver alert robot, various airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and driving assisting sensors.

Conveniently, both these compact SUV options make it easier for drivers to look at the outer environment with added focus. Also, these automobiles are intelligent enough to run as a safety package on the road to save people and themselves.

Efficient Tires – Tires become the soul of any car because without them one cannot imagine a car walking. Honda CR-V has large tires that can get through bitter surfaces.

8. Hyundai Tucson

The life expectancy of Hyundai Tucson is around 15 years however you can exceed that number with care at regular intervals. According to car researchers “Hyundai Tucson is an effortless 2 row SUV which does the work it promises”. It’s time to find how Hyundai Tucson can become a qualified alternative to Taos.

Good Price For The Lower Expenses – Hyundai Tucson goes to the maximum of $36,800 with different trim levels. Inside this price quotient, Tucson marks consumption charges at 33 MPG. Along with this, the maintenance charges are the lowest as they can get.

Similar Kind Of Widths With Similar Internal Space – Both Volkswagen Taos and Hyundai Tucson may not look alike but their width and height are similar.

Hyundai Tucson reaches up to 183 inches and Volkswagen Taos touches the height of 175.8 inches. This height also offers well-spaced legroom and headroom to let passengers flex as much as they want.

9. Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 is a compact 5-seater SUV that is very popular because of its interior as well as exterior assimilation. When it comes to the exterior looks of the Mazda CX-5, no SUV of a similar forte can give it a competition.

Cargo Space Is Far Above Standard – CX-5 has cargo space of 58.1 feet and Volkswagen withholds 60 inches in the luggage cabin.

Ultimately, this space is superior to the other SUVs of the same caliber. Also, you can expand and contract the space for baggage by comfortably folding the seats. And you can do this automatically by a button.

The Exteriors Are Extremely Cool – Mazda CX-5 is a definition of coolness and simplicity. From the outside, it duplicates the appearance of the sedan, which is quite attractive.

Although this compacted SUV has its differences, it still is attached to Taos with a cord. As Mazda CX-5 has flower patterned wheels and intelligent-looking headlights, it resembles Taos in this section.

10. Ford Bronco Sport

Ford Bronco Sport is just like it is pronounced – sporty from top to bottom. This SUV is the best companion to take on adventure rides but how so?

The Exteriors Are Unmatchable – Ford Bronco Sport looks very rugged and powerful. Aesthetically, it has got a bulky squared look which is far superior when put shoulder to shoulder with VW Taos. There is an emblem on the grill that doesn’t look cheap.

Also, this car comes in diverse color options and the palette is universally liked. You get white, grey, orange, red and another color to satisfy your basic SUV demands.

Brakes Are Fully In Controllable Motion – The brakes fixed in this sporty compact SUV have ABS and rear discs to have a compulsory balance of the wheels. Thus, make a tight grip so that you may remain untouched from any damage.

11. Buick Encore

Buick Encore is often listed in the crossover SUV, which has smooth and satisfactory butter–like handling. Surprisingly, the maintenance cost among all the costs is slightly higher. It’s because this automobile gives twice extensive results – it is more productive than what it is consuming.

You Are Getting Mind-blowing Features Under Great Warranty – For Buick Encore you are getting a warranty of 4 years which is more than good considering the line of features this vehicle has.

Firstly, this medium SUV is economical because of the low fuel used for maximum output and superb transmission. Secondly, you are getting a lot of seating and cargo space under headroom, legroom, and luggage cabin.

12. Chevrolet Blazer

If there would be an award to be given to the most tech-friendly crossover SUV then it would be Chevrolet Blazer. Accordingly, this automobile has ingrained the Chevy MyLink Application, making it easy for the androids and Apple devices to connect with the infotainment system. Choose Chevrolet Blazer for that unbreakable entertainment and easy ride.

Many Standard Features To Keep You At Ease – Chevrolet Blazer has a back camera, keyless twitch start, flexible automatic steering wheel, and much more. All these technologies have been infused into Chevrolet Blazer so that the driver and the passengers can remain stress-free as long as they are in the vehicle.

Safety Features Because Your Car Is Valuable – Out of most of the important safety features, Chevrolet Blazer has child safety sensors and locks.

Along with it, blind spot monitoring, lane assistant, and grip controller also acquire the package of safety. The same can be seen in Volkswagen Taos; this is how Blazer makes it to the list of cars similar to Volkswagen Taos.

13. Chevy Equinox

Since Chevy Equinox has a sportiness factor embedded in the engine and the related functioning, it becomes a great SUV to be taken to thrilling places like mountains.

Earlier this sporty SUV had many problems but since some major changes have been inculcated in its production, it is now counted as a famous automobile.

Drivetrain Goes In The Right Way – In Equinox, there is FWD which is more economical than all-wheel drive. And this is how it works – the weight is shifted to the driving wheels and this is the reason why less energy is used to give better directional force.

Exteriors That Are Worthy Of Your Investment – Chevy Equinox is merely 1 inch taller than Volkswagen Taos and that rarely makes them look apart. Since both the SUVs are sporty, they are quite boxy and square looking from the front and back. The exteriors don’t feel outdated instead they appear to be the definition of modernism in Chevy Equinox and Volkswagen Taos.

14. Kia Sportage

When the Kia brand is talked about in general, car buffs do not skip Kia Sportage. This ethereal-looking SUV is pleasant to look at from every angle and can make people stare twice while running on the road. Also, it serves exactly like it appears as it is backed by a powerful engine and thus making a great point for acceleration.

Suspension Is Keeping Sportage And Taos Down To Earth – Kia Sportage and Volkswagen Taos have strut suspension in front and rear to keep the SUV parallel and touched the road. Consequently, your vehicle will remain balanced throughout and you will get a better ride experience.

Also, the turning diameter of the wheels is 34.8 – all thanks to the steering mechanism that let you swiftly get through a lane.

15. Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass feels like a combination of a truck plus a small SUV! This heavy-duty SUV gives tough competition to its peers because of its off-road bearing strength. Likewise, this car bears average repairing cost which is amazing when we look at its prospect.

Wholesome Package Of Safety Features – Jeep Compass has multiple airbag attachments, warning locks, and 360-degree cameras. All this can keep the passengers safe from the time they step into the car to exit.

Tank Capacity Is An Economical Section – You would be able to fill your automobile with 13.5 gallons maximum. Precisely, it would save your money by stopping your wheels from moving in the direction of the fuel station again and again.


If we could ensemble more cars, we would have done more than 15 but these are closer to Volkswagen Taos. All these compact SUV options are an assimilation of style, effectiveness, efficiency, and stableness.

What are you thinking about? Head to your nearest car lounges and get one that fixes your expectations!