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Bmw X5 Brake Light Reset : Here’s How To Do It

Bmw X5 Brake Light Reset : Here’s How To Do It

BMW x5 is one of the OG cars in the market in terms of technique, technology, and style. Going out on the road with this masterpiece of a vehicle automatically gives you the confidence to boss around with the beast.

But you must remember that a good car comes with high maintenance. So, in this article, we will tell you how to reset the brake light of your BMW x5.

How to reset the BMW x5 brake light?

Below is the step-wise instruction on how to reset the BMW x5 brake lights. Along with that, we also have several alternative methods using which you can reset the BMW x5 brake light easily.

  • Step 1- Don’t start the engine after turning the ignition on.
  • Step 2- Keep holding down the trip reset or odometer button until the service menu emerges. The button is normally located on the left side of the instrument cluster. The service menu should show after holding the button down for five to ten seconds.
  • Step 3- To find the brake warnings, use the reset button and depending on the model, use the controls on the turn signal lever to navigate through the settings.
  • Step 4- You must wait until you see a popup inquiring you if you want to reset the warning before pressing the reset button or BC button on the end of the turn signal lever.
  • Step 5- When instructed, press the reset or BC button once the screen indicates that it is resetting.

How hard is it to reset BMW x5 brake lights?

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry about it as it is an extremely simple job. Even though BMW x5 brake lights are set in auto reset, sometimes you might need to change them manually. Take a look at the easy alternative way to reset the brake lights on your BMW.

Alternative Method to reset BMW x5 brake lights:

Step 1: Start the engine, but do not turn on the car. Press the START button if your BMW has one without releasing the brake pedal.

Step 2: Continue only if you see that the time is shown at the center of the instrument cluster.

Step 3: Locate the ODO button and press hold until you see a yellow triangle popup on the dash. Once you see it, continue pressing the button until another sign appears.

Step 4: You might have to press the ODO button several times. When the front or rear brakes symbol appears on the dash, choose depending upon which sensor you have replaced and are resetting.

Step 5: Once the preferred brakes’ symbol comes into view, press and hold the ODO reset button until the word “RESET” appears underneath the sign.

Step 6: Release the button immediately when the word “reset” appears beneath the brake symbol, then press the button once again. Holding the ODO reset button down will make the brake light goes out.

Do you need any other tools to reset?

You might not need any other tool to reset your BMW x5 brake lights, but a tool is available. You can use a scan tool to reset the brake lights if you want. There are multiple available devices like Foxwell for BMW or OBD-II scanners for BMW, which might help you reset the pad sensors on your vehicle.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide will help you reset the brake lights of your BMW x5 easily. Although the brake light is intended to reset automatically, the service light occasionally needs to be manually reset. Remember that both the brakes and brake wear sensors must be replaced to reset the alert. We hope your problems were solved through this article.