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What’s The Biggest Tires To Use On Stock GMC Sierra 1500?

As a GMC Sierra 1500 owner, you must be on the hunt for the biggest tires for your vehicle.

The perfect combination of rim and tire can make a difference in your driving experience and the vehicle’s performance.

When you consider modifying your off-roading truck, you would probably think of the tires first.

With larger tires, your truck would boast a more aggressive look.

Also, drivers would enjoy a greater ground clearance with more height. Altogether, there would be a difference in traction as you drive.

Now, you may want to get an idea about the biggest tire options for this truck.

Well, we have covered this question in our article, and also highlighted the perks and drawbacks of having one.

What’s the biggest tires to fit on stock GMC Sierra 1500?

If you own a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500, the latest version of the truck, you can go for a 32.6-inch tire.

This is the biggest tire that can fit the rims (factory stock).

At times, owners also go for 33-inch tires for these pickup trucks.

In case you are not comfortable cutting or trimming the parts, and you are having the stock suspension, you need to settle with a 32.5-inch tire.

Again, this significantly depends on the brand manufacturing the tire.

 Now that we have mentioned that the largest tire size to fit the 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 is 32.5 inches, let’s check out the different forms in which you can get the tires.

17-inch tires

  • 235/85R17 (trimming needed)
  • 255/75R17 (exact fit)
  • 275/70R17 (exact fit)
  • 305/65R17 (light trimming needed)

 18-inch tires

  • 255/70R18
  • 275/65R18
  • 305/60R18

20-inch tires

  • 265/60R20
  • 285/55R20
  • 305/50R20
  • 275/60R20  

As a truck owner, you may be interested to know whether or not it is viable to use a tire any larger than 33 inches on the stock suspension of your vehicle safely.

In case you do, you need to carry out a lot of trimming and cutting. Besides, many owners get a small leveling kit of 2 inches that enables them to clear the wheel arches.

Besides, a 2-inch upgrade of the suspension would resolve most of the body clearance issues that you may encounter when you try to fit tires larger than 33 inches on stock rims.

The rim offset and width of the tire are important aspects to consider.

In case you opt for a 3 or 2-inch lift while combining the same with aftermarket rims, you would find it much easier.

However, this would also involve a lot more cost.

The largest tire size that you can fit on your GMC Sierra is 32.5 inches unless you have a leveling kit at your disposal.

In case you go any larger than this size, you need to carry out plenty of wheel-trimming for clearance.

The extent of clearance you need also depends on the tire brand and the tread pattern.

In case you decide to go for a 33-inch wheel, it can come in different sizes.

Based on whether you would go off-roading or not, you can use this type of tire.

Most drivers love the aggressive and aesthetic looks of larger tires and go for these.

Will 35 inch tires fit on a stock GMC Sierra?

The manufacturers recommend owners not to use 35-inch tires on GMC Sierra.

Although this is a big truck, you need to consider the space that the wheel arch would need for clearance.

This explains why you cannot use any tire larger than 33 inches.

Even with 33-inch tires, you need to carry out plenty of trimming and cutting. In case you go for 35-inch tires, it would complicate the process.

Pros and Cons of using bigger Tires on a GMC Sierra

Well, you might be thinking of getting 33-inch tires on your truck.

It’s time to know the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

Although you have several advantages of using larger tires, you cannot overlook the downsides.

Benefits of using bigger tires

Using larger tires on your GMC Sierra includes better towing abilities, more ground clearance, and enhanced looks.

1. Better ground clearance:

In case you go off-roading with your pickup truck frequently, you would fancy your truck having more ground clearance. The Sierra would seamlessly get over taller hindrances on the road with an additional truck height. Besides, you would love driving with better handling and grip.

2. Enhanced towing abilities:

With larger tires in your GMC Sierra, you would enjoy a smoother ride since the tires would absorb the shocks better.

Certain lift kits limit these shocks when it raises the truck. Therefore, larger tires mean more power for your truck if you are towing heavy loads.

In case you go off-roading with your pickup truck frequently, you would fancy your truck having more ground clearance.

With an additional height of the truck, the Sierra would seamlessly get over taller hindrances on the road. Besides, you would love driving with better handling and grip.

3. Better looks:

As a truck owner, you would want to enhance the looks of your vehicle.

With larger tires, an aggressive look will enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Besides, shorter drivers would benefit from better visibility while they sit on a higher platform.

Disadvantages of using bigger tires

Using larger tires on your GMC Sierra may involve certain drawbacks.

1. Larger tires affect other components:

Installing larger tires would involve a significantly high cost.

Moreover, when you go for a lift kit and larger tires, these components would affect the turning radius and brakes.

It would also reduce fuel economy and alter the sound of the vehicle when you drive.

2. Poor fuel economy:

Integrating your truck with larger tires would affect the fuel economy.

Larger tires need more power to move, which would eventually lead to the consumption of more fuel.

Ultimately, you would end up spending more on fuel. Before you go for larger tires, it would be wise to consider the long-term expenses.

3. Upgrades required:

Your GMC Sierra would need more power in the stock brakes when you install larger tires.

The original brakes are supposed to slow down tires of a smaller size.

To ensure the proper safety of your truck, it’s imperative to upgrade the braking system of your truck.

4. Difficulty in handling:

Drivers find it challenging to turn larger tires. This makes it tough to handle the truck.

On a larger tire, you would be traveling more on a single rotation.

So, when you need to turn the wheels in tight spaces, it would become difficult.

This can also complicate tasks like parking your truck on the city roads.

5. Inaccurate readings:

Your truck would be traveling longer distance on larger tires.

This would mess up the functioning of the odometer and the speedometer.

The manufacturers do not configure them for larger tires.

Although the difference would be negligible on a single rotation, the difference would gradually add up over time.

So, to assure better accuracy, you need to get both these systems recalibrated.


If you are willing to enhance the looks of your truck with larger tires, it would be wise to go for the smallest 33-inch tires or the largest 32-inch tires.

For larger tires, you would need to upgrade your suspension.

For wheel clearance, you would find a leveling kit handy.

To seamlessly integrate a 33-inch tire, you would need a 3-inch suspension kit.

This way, you can increase the vehicle’s height while driving and give your GMC Sierra a more aggressive appearance.