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Are Hummers Reliable? How Long It Can Last? Here’s The Answer

Are Hummers Reliable? How Long It Can Last? Here’s The Answer

The Humvee (nickname of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles) is a wide and rugged vehicle that the American military first used during the 1989 invasion of Panama. Later, this reliable vehicle also served in the Persian Gulf War. In around 1992, Humvee has renamed Hummer, which was for the public.

However, the design of Hummer is more or less the same as Humvee. Both are hulk and attention-grabbing road warriors.

If you drive a Hummer, you will learn about its internal problems, the major of which is it’s poor fuel economy. Due to these problems, it discontinued; however, it has re-entered the market with new H2 & H3.

Are Hummers reliable?

Whether old model H1 or the latest H2 & H3, those who own a Hummer will say, it’s the most reliable car on four wheels. However, it’s not completely so.

It is because others also comment and feel it’s not worthy of its hefty price tag.

Some people also feel that a Hummer isn’t a family car and is merely for off-roading friends. It is primarily due to its consistent issues, as said above.

However, above all the criticisms and approvals, it’s a fact that Hummers are still the most masculine and reliable off-roaders on four wheels.

How reliable are Hummers?

As said initially, Hummers were earlier in use in the American military. It proves how reliable Hummers are. Further, these cars are made of strong materials, including steel, and given a wide and heavy look. That gives it its beast-attractive look that grabs everyone’s eyeballs on the road.

How long can a Hummer last?

Hummers are for rough weather and conditions. On average, a Hummer can last for over 3,00,000-5,00,000 miles if you take proper care.

However, most owners of this beast feel anything around 3,00,000 miles is just enough to reap from a Hummer. Being a completely different vehicle, you need professional help to get any repair work done in the Hummer.

Furthermore, the service stations of the same are not many. So, irrespective of whether you have Hummer’s H1, H2, or H3 model, you can expect at least 3,00,000 miles.

What problems do Hummers have?

Yes, nothing is perfect in this world, and everything ought to have a problem or two. However, it is not the case with a Hummer as it’s troubled with issues. For example, the following are the most commonly reported problems by its owners.

Engine problems

The 2006 model of the Hummer is so far the worst or most unreliable model due to its engine problems.

Some of the problems that annoyed its owners include rough drive, leaky valves, failed cylinder heads, and low or poor compression.

All this made owners spend an average of $3,100 on repair work every then and now. Plus, the major engine problems made some Hummers last for only 84,000 to 90,000 miles.

Electrical problems

Another serious issue that haunts the Hummer owner is electrical problems.

For example, every Hummer comes with a Passlock. It prevents any unauthorized access to the vehicle using fraud or fake keys. However, it would sometimes come on randomly and prevent it from starting for at least 8-10 minutes.

Body/Paint problems

Water can damage the paint of any car. However, it was worse for a vehicle like Hummer, whose paint would fade off due to water or long exposure to direct sunlight.

Further, the 2006 owners of the car said that the body built of the car is strong, however, not reliable.

Due to this, heavy rain could easily push water inside the car, thus leaving it in a total mess.

So, these are the three major issues experienced by the owners of the Hummer 2006 model.

Is Hummer H1 reliable?

Yes, the Hummer H1 is currently the most reliable model from the company.

Be it its 6.6L turbo diesel engine, traction, cooling-heating, fuel capacity, suspension, or ride comforts; all are world-class. However, there are certain issues with the Hummer H1 as described below.

Common problems with Hummer H1

The following are the common problems with the Hummer H1.

Wear & tear issues

The H1 model of the Hummer came in 1992-1993. Due to the unavailability of necessary resources, the company couldn’t solve H1’s poor heat isolation issue.

Due to this, the heat made it difficult to ride the Hummer as there was no source of internal cooling, i.e., AC.

Further, excessive heat would also cause wear & tear problems for the cylinders.

Unavailability of parts

Another problem the H1 owner faces now is the unavailability of its body parts in the local market.

Due to this, even though there were not many issues with H1’s top model Alpha, the unavailability of its body parts posed a great challenge.

Flawed engine block

The H1 Hummers from the 1996-2000 period may have cracked engine blocks. There was a slight flaw in the cylinder casting of its turbo-diesel engine at the plant during the manufacturing.

Although the company managed to replace most of such broken engines under warranty, most of them still need work.

Is Hummer H2 reliable?

Out of all the three models of the Hummer, the H2 continues to stay as the most reliable model with no major issue to trouble the user.

Common problems with Hummer H2

You may encounter the following minor issues in the Hummer H2.

Door lock switch and windshield wipers short issue

These are the minor issues you might face during the rainy season or if you haven’t serviced your Hummer for a long time. When moisture or rainwater gets into the circuit boards, it leads to these problems.

Mirror problems

Hummers manufactured between 2003-2005 experienced one common issue of their side mirrors not folding. Though this is not very annoying, it’s hard to deal with while parking in public places.

Speedometer and tachometer not working

Although a poor tachometer and speedometer aren’t related to your Hummer H2’s performance, it would not tell you about your speed and the number of revolutions as it should.

Oil pump pressure loss

The sudden lowering of the oil pump’s pressure is another common Hummer H2 issue reported by its users. If you can get it repaired under warranty, then it’s fine. If not, the same would cost you around $1,500 to $2,000.

Front door jamming

Again, if rainwater or moisture can enter the circuit board, it can cause jamming of the front doors of your Hummer H2.

So, these are the common issues with the Hummer H2 series.

Is Hummer H3 reliable?

The Hummer H3 is a civilian vehicle that is classy and elegant. It is a mid-size SUV-type vehicle produced between 2006-09.

Unlike the other Hummers you would know, the H3 model had pyrotechnics and more sparklers. Additionally, in terms of reliability, Hummer H3 fares pretty well, barring a few minor problems.

Common problems with Hummer H3

If you are buying a second-hand Hummer H3, make sure to look for the common issues discussed below.

Engine problems

The first issue most of the owners of a used Hummer H3 reported was the engine issues after hitting 74,000-80,000 miles.

These problems include leaky engine valves, cracked cylinder heads, or rough engines.

If you are lucky enough, a simple replacement of the affected parts might solve these problems. However, some users also said that even part replacement couldn’t do anything in their case.

Internal electrical issues

Out of all the electrical issues with the Hummer H3, the noisy car speakers are the most annoying ones. Moreover, the faulty ignition switch may prevent you from using your car for over 10 minutes.

Check engine light not going off.

Normally, the check engine light would go off after performing the diagnostics. However, the 2007 Hummer H3 models behaved differently. Even after solving the circuit issues, the check engine light won’t go off.

Leaky valve seats

In the Hummer H3 of 2007, there was another issue of leaky valve seats. It can cause the engine to misfire if not treated soon, whose cost can revolve around $3100.

If you are buying a used Hummer H3, these are the common issues you might face.

Should I buy a Hummer H2?

No, the following review of the Hummer H2 would make you believe why it’s the most embarrassing car Hummer ever produced.

For most of the people who got to drive it live and experience its ride quality, most of them felt it as a big box of steel positioned over wheels.

Inside the H2, you would find hard plastic parts with cheap-feeling door cards. Furthermore, if a 6-footer will occupy the front seat, there is hardly any room left for passengers at the back to adjust themselves comfortably.

Additionally, the common problems discussed above further worsen the image of Hummer H2 in the market.

Should I buy a Hummer H3?

Yes, the current Hummer H3 is worth buying due to the following reasons.

One major improvement in the Hummer H3 after learning from H2 is scrapping 80% of the hard plastic from the interior. It further improved the overall quality and feel of its interiors in comparison to H1 or even H2. Talking about H3’s ergonomics, they are better too for the money you’d spend.

With a reputation as the best off-roading vehicle, the Hummer H3 has serious credibility as one due to its four-wheel drive.

Furthermore, its ground clearance is much better than H2 and H1.

However, one major issue that you will still find with H3 is the poor gas mileage. Thus, with the gas prices rising with the Great Recession, the car again lost its potential band of buyers.

The Hummer H3 of 2006 appears a much better option in terms of H1 and H2 for various reasons. Further, with the starting price of a used 4WD H3 $29,000-$29,500, you can’t ask for more.

Are hummers safe in a crash?

Although Hummers are made up of the strongest materials from inside out as their parent vehicle, Humvee was a military vehicle; Hummer isn’t credible in the crash tests.

That is, out of Hummer H1, H2, and H3, none of these scored a perfect score after a range of crash tests. However, H3 still fared better than H1 and H2, which failed miserably. Hence, if you plan to buy any used Hummer, H3 would act as a better option from a safety point of view.


The Hummer relates to the Humvee, an American military vehicle with hulk size and greater fighting capacities than any other vehicle. In 1992, the company making Humvee rolled out its civilian version under the name “Hummer.”

Although many reasons forced the halting of operations in 2010, the Hummer again hit the market with two more models, H2 and H3.

These two models are on smaller civilian-market GM platforms. If you plan to purchase any Hummer models, you should go for the latest H3 model.