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Will A Queen Mattress Fit In A Minivan? [ We Answered ]

Will A Queen Mattress Fit In A Minivan? [ We Answered ]

When shopping for a new mattress, choosing the right type of mattress is essential. A queen mattress is big enough to accommodate two people and is excellent for couples who like to sleep in separate beds.

Queen mattresses are ideal for couples sleeping in the same room since they’re large enough to stretch out and comfortably fit two people.

But what happens when you want to move the mattress in your minivan? Will your minivan accommodate the huge mattress?

Will a Queen Mattress Fit in a Minivan?

Usually, a queen-sized mattress won’t fit into a minivan with ease. However, it can fit into a combi van, and you can do a queen mattress. You will need to remove the back of the minivan, which is relatively easy with a combi.

You will also need a ramp or a drop-down tailgate. If the mattress is full-size or queen, it should fit lengthwise without any problem.

If it is smaller or you want to put it in the third row, you may have to angle it in. A carpenter’s level will help you put the mattress in the correct position.

How do You Transport a Queen Mattress in a Minivan?

When you’re moving, you probably don’t think about your mattress. After all, it’s just another thing to move and find a place for it.

But moving a mattress is a huge undertaking—and for some of us, it’s even more important than moving our other possessions because none of us want to leave our mattress behind.

So, how do you transport a queen mattress in a minivan? Here are the steps how.

1. Wrap Your Mattress in Plastic

The first step in transporting your queen mattress with a minivan is to wrap your mattress in plastic. Before doing this, make sure that you have a queen-sized mattress.

If you are not sure what size mattress you have and do not have the box it came in, measure the length, width, and height. If the measurements are approximately 80″, you have a queen mattress.

If you are unsure, you can place a piece of plywood on the ground and try to fit the mattress on top.

2. Secure Your Mattress to the Top of the Minivan

To secure your mattress on top of the minivan, you have to put your mattress up on the roof of your car. It should be a pretty easy task, but a few things to consider.

First, you want the mattress to be secure. If the mattress is not safe, it will likely slide off when you’re trying to pull it off. So, use one or more bungee cords to hold it down.

Do not, under any circumstances, use a rope. You will lose your rope.

3. Roll Down the Windows

Open all the windows except for the drivers. Toss one end of the second piece of rope over the mattress’s width, then loop it back through the open windows.

It’s not good to use slip-knots because the knot could catch on the window ledge, and the rope could break. Pull the two ends of the string taut, then tie the two together.

The mattress should be suspended from the top of the cab, which will leave you at least a foot of space underneath.

How Big is a Queen Mattress?

A queen-size mattress is perfect for couples who don’t require much space while sleeping. It is also a good choice for a single adult who would prefer to have extra space to sprawl out while sleeping. This mattress is highly recommended if you are a couple with a large body frame who wants a more snug sleeping space.

Depending on the brand, a Queen mattress can be anywhere from 60 in x 80 to 80 in x 80 in. It is the size of most traditional mattresses, consisting of a layer of innerspring and padding and quilt coverings.

A bed with a Queen mattress is 6-8 inches wider than a twin bed.

When it comes to your bedroom, queen-size beds offer the perfect sleeping space for couples and headroom for sitting up and watching TV, reading or working on your laptop, etc.

There’s not much difference between queen and king-size beds – a queen mattress measures 60×80 inches, and a king-size mattress measures 76×80 inches. The main difference is that queen-size beds are typically available in denser foam, which gives a more comfortable feel, while king-size beds are often made from more firm, supportive foam.

A queen mattress can be a bit of a challenge to transport. The mattress is approx—2.5 feet high and a bit wider than the length of a minivan.

It can be hard enough to get the mattress on the ground and then back up into the van. A queen-sized mattress will fit on the top of the bed of a pickup truck.

If your mattress is pretty heavy, try to have at least three strong people moving it. There are two ways to transport a queen mattress in a minivan. You can either purchase a mattress bag or a mattress mover.

A mattress bag is a mattress protector that zips up to protect your mattress from dirt and liquids. It is then placed inside a box spring and tied up on the outside with straps.

The mattress mover is just like any other moving dolly. It has four wheels and a handle and is designed to transport your mattress.  Both methods are highly recommended so that you do not damage your mattress while using your minivan to transport it.

How to Fit a Queen Size Mattress in Your Minivan

It’s no secret that minivans are an excellent choice for families with children. They provide the space and functionality to carry everything from strollers to sports gear to groceries.

The most common problem people have with their minivans is that there isn’t enough room for everything. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you maximize the space you have by preparing your items for transportation beforehand.

If you are stuck in a tight parking situation, you know how frustrating it can be. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can fit a queen-size mattress in your minivan.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on the road.

Step 1

The only way to fit a queen’s mattress in the trunk is to remove the third and middle-row seats if your minivan has them. If your minivan does not have fold-down seats, removal is the best option.

Unfortunately, laying down the third-row seat may not be enough to fit the mattress in the trunk area. If you want to avoid getting in an accident, remove the third-row seats or lay them down instead of keeping them upright.

Step 2

The second step is to measure the amount f space in your minivan. You will have to decide whether to risk the mattress touching the side of the van. If you go this route, make sure that the side of the mattress that touches the van is not the side that has a pillow.

Calculate the amount of space your mattress will take up in the cargo area. Remember that the mattress will extend at least twelve inches on either side of the cargo area and eight inches in front of the cargo area.

Allow for space between the rear seats and the cargo area to accommodate the feet of the front seats—plan to store luggage and other items beneath the mattress. Open the front doors and examine the height of the cargo area.

Step 3

It is better to buy a mattress cover of some sort to protect the mattress than it is to use a tarp. A tarp can tear and rip easily, and it may not protect the mattress well. Better to pay $10 to $20 for a mattress cover to protect your mattress than to try to find a replacement mattress because the tarp didn’t work.

Step 4

you will need an assistant to carry your mattress correctly. However, it is much easier to set the mattress down on the minivan floor and then load it from there than to load the mattress into the minivan and then try to move it.

So, where does the assistant come in? The assistant’s job is to help guide the mattress into place and to make sure the mattress is centered and level.

Then, once the mattress is placed, the assistant can help you maneuver the box springs and other heavy items into place.


It’s not easy for a queen’s mattress to fit into a minivan. You’ll have to determine the measurements to ensure it will fit into your car.

Take the mattress out of the box to ensure that it’s the same size as the box. It will give you a better idea of how large it is. Please ensure to measure the length of the box to ensure that it fits into the vehicle.