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Where Is The Emergency Brake On A Toyota Camry? [ Find Out Here ]

Where Is The Emergency Brake On A Toyota Camry? [ Find Out Here ]

Toyota develops technology helping to make driving simple and enjoyable. It is evident through the seemingly endless list of advanced driving convenient features. Today, in this article, we will look at the newest example, the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with Brake Hold. It helps the driver in many everyday activities like parking, navigating stop-and-go traffic, and sitting at a stoplight.

It is one of the most vital car systems from a safety point of view. It helps the vehicle slow down and stop smoothly in time. So what exactly is it? Let us try to figure this out.

Where is the emergency brake on a Toyota Camry?

The emergency brake on a Toyota Camry is located between the first two seats or to the left side of your brake and gas pedal. It is also known as parking or an e-brake. It is a mechanical hand lever or a brake that you can operate on foot and is a backup braking system, as can be understood from the name.

The emergency brake in some car models is also present on the center console next to the gear selector, directly above the EPB button. You can automatically hold the brake pedal when this button is engaged. After you have stopped, the only way to start again is by using the accelerator pedal.


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Where is the handbrake on a Toyota Camry?

The handbrake of a Toyota Camry is present at the center console. Driving with the handbrake on will cause extra wear. The wear will be the same as driving by lightly pressing the brake pedal simultaneously. If you drive fast or for a very long time with the handbrake on, it can damage the parts of your vehicle. It gets super hot even if the brake is lightly applied.

The parking brake is known for its simplicity in its usage. Depending on your car model and manufacturing, the parking brake is either a pedal or a hand brake. If it is off the pedal form, push it down firmly till you feel the brake engage. It signifies that the parking brake is on.

How do you turn off the emergency brake on a Toyota Camry?

Toyota vehicles come with an advanced braking system known as Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold. The system uses a new parking brake as easy as pressing a button. The new EPB has a button situated below the shift lever to take the position of a traditional foot pedal or lever. Whenever activated, the vehicle’s brake is on an electronic hold.

Just pull the button up to set the parking brake. The lightning up of the indicator will set the system as active. Press the parking brake down to release it. Yes, it is as simple as that. You can also automatically set the EPB system to engage with the vehicle’s shifter position. For this automatic mode activation, pull up the button until you receive an EPB shift interlock function message on the multi-information display or MID. The parking brake will engage automatically whenever the shift lever is in the park. Press the button down to deactivate the automatic mode. Hold it till you get deactivation acknowledgment from the indicator.

Thanks to the advanced electronic design, it gets even better. The electronic parking brake also offers a handy new driver assistance feature known as Brake Hold. When this feature is active, the vehicle will automatically hold the brakes for you till the time the car stops completely. There is no need to keep the brake pedal pressed by your foot when you wait in traffic or the spotlight.

By default, the Brake hold will be off as soon as you turn the ignition on. When you want to activate the system after an ignition cycle, press the hold button situated above the EPB button. Do this while the brake pedal depression stops you. A green indicator will mean that the system is on and in standby mode. A yellow indicator will show that the system is actively holding the brakes. If the shift lever is in the park or reverse, this system will not activate. It will also not work when you unfasten the driver’s seatbelt or open it. The system will deactivate if these situations arise while Brake Hold is enabled. The brake indicator will go off in this situation, and the EPB will engage.

The Brake Hold indicator will go off if the brakes are held for three minutes. Here once again, the Electronic Parking Brake system will engage. Other than these conditions, the Brake Hold system will stay active until you turn them off either by pressing the hold button or by entirely shutting off the vehicle.

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Where is the emergency brake on the 2017 Toyota Camry?

The emergency brake on the 2017 Toyota Camry is present at the pedal. The brake system is significant from the point of view of a safety standpoint because it helps you to slow down and stop smoothly on time.

Where is the emergency brake on a Toyota Camry 2019?

The emergency brake on a Toyota Camry 2019 is at the pedal. The pedal is situated on the floor and to the left side of the brake, gas, and clutch pedals. Press the clutch pedal down till you hear it click to engage. To release the brake, pull the lever above the foot pedal.

Where is the emergency brake on a Toyota Camry 2018?

The emergency brake on a Toyota Camry 2018 is present at the vehicle pedal. The parking brake lever and the cable are present near the driver’s seat. They both work in unison to hold the brakes until the driver releases them.

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Final Word

Many people get confused about whether emergency and parking brakes are the same or not. Parking brakes are called auxiliary brakes. The emergency brakes and the parking brakes are both connected to calipers, gripping onto the rear wheel rotors. The brake calipers are different because the emergency brake system is different from the main brakes. We hope that the details will be helpful to you.