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Where Are Tires Made? [ Know The Answer Here ]

Where Are Tires Made? [ Know The Answer Here ]

Be it your favourite car or motorcycle, tires are as essential as the other spare parts of the vehicles. The invention of tires is an integral part of any vehicle when it comes to performance, reliability and durability.

Your brand new car or motorcycle will come with its tires. Still, it’s essential to get to know about the tire your vehicle is installed with, its re-sell value and convenience features, among other factors.

For a re-used vehicle, tires are pivotal for its ultimate performance. Although many people are using tires for their favourite cars, barely anyone knows where their chosen tires are coming from.

Let’s dive deep into the facts that will make you more aware of your preferred tire brand. You might be querying as to why these details are relevant in getting tires for your bike or car.

The manufacturing details will make you wise enough as you will get to know which tire will fit your vehicle most appropriately.

Often, if the origin country of your car matches with the origin country of your tire manufacturing brand, things will get better in delivering an enhanced driving performance.

However, these rules are not always applicable. Still, a little bit of extra knowledge about tires will not prove to be fruitless always. We have listed some points about where are tires made.

Where are tires made?

There are plenty of tire brands all across the globe. You must be wondering where exactly the tires are made.

Although the country of origin is engraved on the sidewall of these tires, that does not end your curiosity regarding the manufacturing hubs creating these tires.

The government of the tire’s origin might not be the only place where it is manufactured.

Whenever a manufacturer proves itself to be fit enough to make tires, it is given the permit to operate its business as we all know that the vehicle’s safety, to a large extent, is dependent upon the choice of tires.

Most of the times, the manufacturing where the tire is originated is also stamped onto the wall of the tires.

Anyone passionate about vehicles will land up right here to search for the production hubs of their preferred tires.

Keeping these things in mind, here is a list of the tires with their country of origin (and other vital facts) that are immensely popular among car and motorcycle fanatics.

Where are Yokohama tires made?

Yokohama tires are manufactured in Tokyo, Japan. It has got several factories in the United States, too. This tire brand sells premium quality tires for almost all passenger vehicles, light trucks, bus etc. It has gained popularity in the off-roader vehicle tires segment too.

Where are Vercelli tires made?

Omni Trading Company manufactures Vercelli tires. These tires are made in Thailand and are built exclusively for superior handling and an ultra-smooth ride.

This company manufactures tires for regular vehicles. It specializes in building SUV and CUV tires too. Vercelli tires are designed for stability and grip for the safety of your car during all seasons.

Where are BF Goodrich tires made?

If you are looking for made in America tires, then BF Goodrich will undoubtedly not disappoint you. It is the tire that cares about your safety.

Michelin took over BF Goodrich during the 1990s. Despite this, BF Goodrich has been manufacturing tires in different parts of the United States. It has three plants—two in Alabama and one in Indiana.

Where are cooper tires made?

Cooper tires are made in the United States. But these tires have got manufacturing units all over the world. It has three hubs in the USA.

One is in Ohio, and the other two factories, namely Texarkana and Tupelo, are centred in Arizona and Mississippi. Moreover, Cooper operates subsidiary factories in The UK, China, Mexico and Serbia.

Where are Michelin tires made?

Although Michelin started manufacturing tires in the United States during the 2nd half of the 20th century, it is primary based in France.

The factory is located in Clermont-Ferrand in the European Country of France. Some popular tire brands, namely BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Kleber, are the subsidiary tire manufacturer under this top tire brand.

Gradually the tire company started spreading its business in the Alabama and Carolina regions of the United States.

Where are Bridgestone tires made?

Before the Bridgestone Tire Company came exclusively for the American market, these tires were produced solely in Japan.

However, truck tires are also made in the plants centred in China. Bridgestone has its headquarters in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo.

This premium tire maker always finds its place among the top-rated tire manufacturing companies around the world.

Where are Pirelli tires made?

Pirelli has got its manufacturing units in several counties. It produces super quality tires in China, Brazil, Mexico, the USA and Venezuela.

Where are Uniroyal Tires made?

The tires made by Uniroyal are manufactured at factories located in the United States of America. In Canada, we will find Uniroyal tires being produced and manufactured in ample amount.

Where is Hercules Tires made?

Hercules is marketed by two companies, namely The Hercules Tire and Rubber Company and Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. Both these tire brands jointly manufacture Hercules tires in Findlay, Ohio, The United States.

Where are Unicorn Tires made?

Unicorn tires are made in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. These tires are also available across Europe, Canada and Japan. Travelstar, a product of Unicorn tire Corporation, makes excellent tires for SUV, CUV, light trucks etc.

Where are Ironman Tires made?

Findlay, Ohio, seems to the tire manufacturing hub of many brands across the globe. Ironman tires also have a manufacturing unit in Findlay. These affordable tires are popular because of their high performance at a low cost.

Where are Vredestein Tires made?

Vredestein tires are a subsidiary of Appolo tires. These tires are manufactured in Enschede in the Netherlands. This company manufactures tires for premium vehicles, including luxury Sedans. Its safety features make it an all-season tire.

Where are Toyo Tires made?

Toyo is a cutting edge and super-advanced manufacturing plant in China. Another Asian country that is constantly adding up to selling these tires with its productions hubs in Japan. However, most of the tires are made in the United States.

Where are Eldorado Tires made?

Cooper Tire and Rubber Co are manufacturing Eldorado tires on behalf of Sumitomo tires. These tires are manufactured in Findlay, Ohio, in the United States of America.

Where are Goodyear Tires made?

This US-based tire manufacturer has most of its production units in Akron, Ohio. There are secondary manufacturing units in countries like Venezuela, Turkey, Malaysia and India.

Where are Hankook Tires made?

The Hankook tires are made in countries like China, Indonesia, The USA and Hungary. However, the giant Hankook factory producing quality tires is in South Korea.

Where are Mastercraft Tires made?

These quality tires are made in factories across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. It has manufacturing branches in Ohio, Mississippi, Texas in the USA, and several other manufacturing hubs in Mexico, Serbia, China, and the United Kingdom. The Cooper Tires and Rubber Company sell these tires.

Where is Achilles Tires made?

One of the largest tire sellers in Indonesia, it produces tires in the Eastern part of Cikarang, Indonesia. Achilles makes tires for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Apart from making tires for cars and trucks, it also forayed into the luxury car market with its premium quality tires ensuring class, safety and performance under a single brand name.

Where is Kelly Tires made?

Kelly tires have manufacturing units in Fayetteville in North Carolina, the United States of America. Kelly tires are best for everyday use as it never compromises on quality while being amazingly affordable.

Where are Continental tires made?

Most of its tires that are marketed globally find their origin in several tire manufacturing units in Germany. Apart from this, Continental tires produce tires exclusively for local consumers in the USA.

Where are Kenda Tires made?

Kenda has manufacturing factories across Vietnam, China and Taiwan. Keeping in mind the car fanatics and sports enthusiasts, Kenda produces tires for a wide range of vehicles to fit your skills and interest.

The tires for bicycles are top-rated among young bicyclists. It may be termed as a sports tire easily for its off the beaten track compatibilities.

Where are ReadOne Tires made?

Produced by the Pirelli Tire Company, Road One has its manufacturing hubs concentrated in China.

Having an international brand background along with technical superiority, Road One delivers class and performance. It has a wide range of tires for trucks and tires.

Where are Joyroad Tires made?

Sold as cheap touring tires, Joyread tires are chiefly manufactured in China. Shandong Zhongyi Rubber Co Limited markets these affordable SUV and truck tires.

These truck and car replacement tires are top-rated as they are cheap. Despite being low-cost tires, they provide decent handling with excellent manufacturing features.

Where are Lexi Tires made?

A sub-brand of Nexan tired, Lexani is a South Korean tire manufacturer, and it is made in the production hubs across South Korea.

Lexani tires truly arresting visually. As it prepares tires for high-end vehicles such as a luxury sedan, it’s pretty natural for these tires to look slightly different stylistically compared to the other tires.

Where are Atturo Tires made?

Atturo makes tires for SUV and Light Trucks. Manufactured by Federal Crop, this tire has its production hub in Taiwan.

However, its headquarters are situated in Illinois. Atturo is famous as an affordable tire manufacturer. It also produces tires for the crossover segment.

Where are Sumitomo Tires made?

Automotive tire manufacturer Sumitomo produces a wide variety of tires. Be it passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles or buses, Sumitomo has its presence in almost every mode of transport.

This high-quality tire manufacturer primarily produces tires from its suburb units in Buffalo, New York, the United States. It manufacturers more than 4 million tires every year for its increasing global demands.

Where are Falken Tires made?

After being launched in Japan during the 1980s, Falken tires are introduced to North American consumer almost after a gap of two years.

These Ultra High-performance tires are was manufactured under the radial brand Ohtsu Tire and Rubber.

Currently, Falken tires have got its headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Apart from its corporate headquarters in California (also a distribution centre), it has acquired five other distribution centres spread all over the United States- Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas.

Where are Dunlop Tires made?

Dunlop Tires are super quality tires and are extremely popular globally. Dunlop consolidates tire companies, namely, Sumitomo Rubber Industry and Goodyear tire and Rubber Company.

Since its inception, Dunlop tires are made and marketed in Buffalo, New York, USA. However, Dunlop Car tires have manufacturing units in Japan.


Tires are part and parcel of a vehicle. Simply owning a luxury car won’t give you the comfort and smooth ride if you are not smart enough to choose the perfect tire for your car.

Tires are essential for a powerful grip over braking and acceleration.

Since your tires support the vehicle’s entire weight, choosing the perfect tires for your car becomes as critical as investing in your car or motorcycle. Just your vehicles, tires ensure the durability of the goods carrier too.

Choose the car according to your requirement to ensure maximum stability and performance. The manufacturing facts of the above mentioned will be of use while going for the most compatible tires for your vehicle.