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What Years Ford Fusion To Avoid? [ Best & Worst Years ]

What Years Ford Fusion To Avoid? [ Best & Worst Years ]

It would be incredible to buy a car and know that it will be free of faults and at least as lovely as prior model years. Regrettably, this isn’t always the case. Ford Fusion owners, particularly those with model years 2010 and 2011, have had a slew of issues. Here are some of the most prevalent Ford Fusion problems for different model years.

What years of Ford Fusion to avoid?

Owners are asked to register their vehicle problems to, which subsequently shows the information visually. The site claims that steering issues are the most common concern with the Ford Fusion across all model years. The 2011 Fusion was named the worst because of its greater repair costs and faults at lower mileage. The 2011 model year has so many issues that Car Complaints has designated it a “Clunker.”

2011 Fusion owners have reported power steering issues. 106 of the 244 complaints for that model year were related to steering issues, while 86 were due to power steering failures. According to owners, the power steering malfunction surfaced on average at 72,150 miles and cost around $1,620 to repair. Similar difficulties plagued the 2010 model.

Carcomplaints ranked transmission problems, such as slippage and lost power, second and third-worst. The transmission issues surfaced around 49,000 miles on average and cost $3,000 to correct. People in the area of 71,000 miles lost power, which cost roughly $600 to fix.

For the 2010 model year, the first-generation Ford Fusion received a facelift. With 379 complaints on Car Complaints, the 2010 model received the most complaints of all the model years.

This year was also designated as a “Clunker” by Car Complaints. This model year saw the start of the power steering issues.

According to Car Complaints, other common complaints, in addition to power steering, include steering rack failure and unexpected deceleration or loss of power. On the other hand, these issues are less expensive to address than the 2011 concerns and appear at higher average mileage.


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What year was the best Ford Fusion?

The most exemplary year for used Ford Fusion is the 2012 model, although the newer 2013 Ford Fusion is just next to it. Ford made an effort, listened to its customers, and made sure they were satisfied during these two years.

It’s critical to know if you can trust your automobile to transport your family on a long trip and that everyone feels safe and comfortable in the vehicle.

Yes, the Ford Fusion is a dependable vehicle; with a 4 out of 5 reliability rating, you can trust Ford Fusion in any situation. Unfortunately, its critics’ score is likewise good, with an 8.3 out of 10 ratings. The Ford Fusion is, without a doubt, one of the most dependable sedans on the market. Ford has worked hard to create the ideal sedan, and Fusion is the result of that effort. That’s why Ford Fusion is there for you.

What problems does Ford Fusion have?

1. Key stuck in the ignition

The problem is that the key is stuck in the ignition, yet the car runs well.

Solution: This might be a case of your shifter knob sticking or a case of a bound shifter bezel, which is alarmingly prevalent on the Fusion. Examine both components and place an order for replacements from BreakerYard for prompt delivery.

2. Stalling when cold

When the engine is warm, it starts effortlessly, but when it is cold, it takes several attempts.

Solution: A defective engine coolant temperature sensor is most likely to blame. It’s a tough element to install, but most people can handle it. Find a replacement sensor on our components list and look into some internet guides to learn how to install it properly.

3. Faulty speedometer

Your speedometer is only sometimes functional.

Solution: This is a very regular problem on the Fusion, and a worn-out speed sensor usually causes it. Your speedometer is only sometimes functional. Check for the speed sensor around your wheels and the wiring, as it could be a simple issue of a loose connection. If the wiring is in good working order, you can obtain a new sensor from our online store.


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4. Affected models include:

Solution: This is a very regular problem on the Fusion, and a worn-out speed sensor usually causes it. Check for the speed sensor around your wheels and the wiring, as it could be a simple issue of a loose connection. If the wiring is in good working order, you can obtain a new sensor from our online store.

5. Water on the steering column

Water can be seen dripping beneath the dashboard and onto the steering column when the engine is running.

Solution: It’s just a matter of a deteriorated windscreen seal. Locate the exact point where water is entering your car and seal it using plastic glue.

6. Swollen lug nuts

One or more of your wheels’ lug nuts have swelled, making removal nearly hard.

Solution: This is a Ford design defect. Most automobiles have a single piece of metal for lug nuts, but Fusion’s lug nuts include an aluminum cap over the steel core. Water might freeze and cause edema if it gets between the pieces. The issue is that a regular tool will not fit the enlarged nut, preventing you from removing the wheel when necessary. Before this becomes a problem, order a set of lug nuts from our parts list and replace them yourself. It can be quite troublesome to get rid of them, so you’ll need patience and strength.

7. Squeaking while driving

You might hear squeaking and creaking sounds when the car is in motion.

Solution: If your Fusion has a lot of miles on it, this is likely to happen. You will need to go under the car to investigate it because there are two possible explanations. Lower control arms are the cheapest and easiest to replace, and we always have them in stock for the Fusion.

If your lower control arms are in good shape, the issue is most likely with your strut assembly. You can take the automobile to a mechanic to disassemble the strut assembly, but this is a costly process. Many internet manuals will show you how to fix the strut assembly on your own.


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As previously noted, the Ford Fusion has been discontinued. Thus you’ll have to buy one used if you want one. This emphasizes the importance of understanding all of the potential troubles you may encounter if you purchase a Fusion.

Take note of the above-mentioned probable issues, mainly the mileage at which they first occur, their possible causes, and the most popular strategies for resolving them. Ensure that a certified mechanic thoroughly inspects any used Fusion you consider purchasing.