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What Size Tires Does A Honda Fit Have? [ Answered ]

What Size Tires Does A Honda Fit Have? [ Answered ]

The Honda Fit is the best-selling subcompact hatchback on the market today. Don’t let a bad set of tires detract from the excellence of your vehicle. The best tire selections for a Honda Fit are discussed in this guide.

A detailed list of excellent tires for this subcompact vehicle has been created because it has been on the market for 20 years. Each tire is the best option in its category to meet a driver’s demands, such as winter or summer tires.

If you’re unsure about upgrading your Honda Fit tire, we can also assist you with that decision. The primary purpose is to alleviate your tire issues and assist you in selecting the ideal upgrade.

What size tires does a honda fit have?

You must first select the wheels you desire. The width of your wheels determines the tire size, and a 205/50/15 tire would generally fit on a 15×7 wheel.

195/55/15 is the OEM size. It is a guarantee that your gas mileage and handling will improve if you purchase a set of lightweight wheels like the Enkei RPF1.

MPG improves with lighter wheels. Wider tires on wider wheels equal better handling.

If you’re going with a 15×7 RPF1, it is recommended with 205/50/15 tires. You have complete control over the offset. A +35 will suit the wider stance, but the +41 will be enough if you don’t intend to track your GD3.

But the size also matters with changes in the model and its year of manufacture.

Your Honda was built with a variety of tire sizes. We must first identify your rim size to determine the optimal tire size for your Honda Fit. Please read the following information carefully.


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What size does a tire fit a Honda fit 2015?

Examine your current tires. The number marked to the right of the R indicates the rim size of your Honda Fit. Make an option below to filter your results now that you know your rim size.

Your 2015 Honda Fit’s original tire size is 185/60R18 84T, and rim size is 6Jx15 ET50

What size tire fits a Honda fit 2007?

Your 2007 Honda Fit’s original tire size is 205/45R16 83W, and the rim size is 5.5 Jx14 ET45.

What size tire fits a Honda fit 2010?

Your 2010 Honda Fit’s original tire size is 175/65R15 84S, and the rim size is 6Jx 15ET 50.

What size tire fits a Honda fit 2018?

Your 2018 Honda Fit’s original tire size is 185/60R15 84T, and the rim size is 6Jx 15ET 50.


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How do you know what size tire is needed for Honda Fit?

The tire size can be found inside your car’s driver’s door, inside the gasoline flap, or within the glove box. You can also refer to your vehicle’s documentation and the tire manufacturer’s specs. The current tire size can also be found on the sidewall of your tire.

There are two easy principles to follow when it comes to tire size. The replacement tires of your car should be the same size, speed rating, and load index that the vehicle or tire manufacturer recommends. Second, replacement tires must never be smaller or have a lower load-carrying capacity than the originals.

Checking the car documentation is the most convenient way to determine the tire size. The recommended tire size for your vehicle may be found here. The tire size is also listed on the attached certificate of compliance, and alternative tire sizes are mentioned on the certificate.

The document can also be requested from the manufacturer if necessary. Continue reading to learn about your other alternatives for determining tire size. 

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It is best to follow the vehicle’s documentation and manufacturer’s guidelines while choosing the perfect tire size. Riding height and speedometer readings may differ if the combined wheel and tire diameters aren’t adequately matched.

Switching to different tire sizes is only possible provided all legal criteria and laws are followed and the vehicle, wheel, and tire manufacturers’ recommendations.

The wheel must have complete circular motion at the very least, and the tire’s proper load capability must be observed. For best results, consult the manufacturer.