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What Oil Is Best For My Jeep Wrangler? [ 2022 Updated ]

What Oil Is Best For My Jeep Wrangler? [ 2022 Updated ]

Jeeps can make great cars for off-roading and cruising around town. The soft (usually) suspension, the tall windshields, and the thick tires all contribute to this look, but there is one factor contributing to these vehicles’ skinniness: their engines.

Among other differences, Jeep engines can run on pretty much any kind of oil acceptable to a car, from regular motor oil to synthetic, diesel oil, and even turbine oil.

What is the Best For My Jeep Wrangler?

Just because an oil brand is more expensive doesn’t mean it is better. Many brands of oil are designed to fit specific brands of vehicles. 

A good rule of thumb is to use the same brand of oil that comes in your vehicle’s oil filter. If you can’t remember what oil came into your vehicle, you can search the vehicle’s manufacturer’s website.

1. Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil offers several benefits over traditional engine oil. Synthetic oil has a lower friction coefficient than traditional oil, thus reducing wear on moving parts such as the crankshaft, pistons, and bearings.

Synthetic oil also contains detergents that remove harmful deposits from moving parts and additives that keep engines clean and free of particles. Though loved by many, synthetic oil has a downfall because it is expensive.

2. Regular Oil

This oil is natural and thus good for the environment. It lacks a derived molecular composition and sometimes won’t work well with some engines.

It also contains impurities that will clog your engine over time. Compared to synthetic oil, regular oil is cheaper.

Top recommended Jeep Wrangler Engine oil For 2022

When choosing the right oil for your Jeep Wrangler JK, there are so many factors that you need to consider. You must purchase the right oil for your Jeep. The type of oil you choose will depend on how you use your JK and what you expect.

Valvoline MaxLife SAE 5W-20

It contains a proprietary additive package designed for optimal wear protection under severe operating conditions for enhanced engine performance. It delivers maximum engine protection, providing strong anti-wear protection, even under severe operating conditions.

The additive package delivers engine wear protection by maintaining the pressure between the pistons and valves, which helps to prevent the engine from knocking.

Royal Purple 51520 High-Performance Motor Oil

Royal Purple Premium 51520 Performance Motor Oil is a blend of Royal Purple’s two-base oils 10W-50 and 5W-40 – that deliver superior high temperature and friction resistance. The manufacturer claims Premium 51520 outperforms other premium motor oils on both performance and protection, with instant protection after initial start-up.

Royal Purple 51520 is also designed to maintain clean engine internals, reduce wear, reduce engine noise and reduce harmful emissions. Claimed benefits include improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, improved horsepower, performance, reduced wear, reduced engine noise, and smoother running.

Mopar 68218890AB 5W20 Engine Oil

This oil is specially designed to deliver excellent engine life for Jeep owners. Excellent engine life means better fuel economy and fewer trips to the shop, and the goal of the Mopar 5W20 Engine Oil is to help you get the most out of your car.

Additionally, it has a high zinc and moly content that allows it to perform extremely well under extreme driving conditions. The Mopar Engine Oil is designed to deliver both engine cleanliness and performance.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

If you’re looking for motor oil with long-lasting protection, this is the perfect choice for your vehicle. It is made from high-quality synthetic base stocks, giving you confidence in great engine protection.

Plus, it’s fully formulated with proven Pennzoil technology, so your car’s engine stays cleaner for a longer time. These additives, along with excellent protection against deposits and carbon, help your engine perform at its peak while reducing sudden temperature changes, helping to prevent engine wear.

In addition, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil is fortified with a protective anti-wear additive that provides excellent protection against deposits, helping to extend engine life.

Castrol 03083 Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is a blend of synthetic lubricants that Castrol says idealizes performance, fuel efficiency, and engine protection. It’s suitable for modern, high-output engines, particularly engines that perform at high torque over various speeds.

It is the most advanced full synthetic oil ever formulated, combining higher levels of anti-wear protection with a new synthetic additive package. Its advanced formulation and new technology deliver outstanding engine cleanliness.

Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-30

A mid-range synthetic oil, Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil from Shell is specially designed to deliver the power and efficiency required by modern engines. The oil will be suitable for all 4-stroke engines delivering a high level of performance no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

It is specially designed for high-performance and high-temperature engines, including the latest turbocharged and supercharged applications, and is popular in stop-start engines too. Shell Rotella is formulated with advanced additives to provide long-lasting protection and help engines run smoothly.

It contains a high-performance additive package designed to maximize engine protection, reduce friction and extend drain intervals. It is suitable for the latest diesel and petrol engines.

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30

The engine oil is formulated to meet or surpass the requirements and performance specifications of the U.S. and Canadian automotive manufacturers. It is an excellent oil for cold engine starting, helping provide the extra margin of power needed when starting in colder temperatures.

It’s durable enough to provide outstanding engine protection in high and low temperatures. And unlike conventional oils, Valvoline Advanced engine oil is formulated with controlled-release technology. This means it stays fluid even when temperatures drop below 0° F.


Q: How Frequently Should I Change Engine Oil

A: The oil and filter change is one of the most important things to maintain your Jeep Wrangler.

Many Jeep models, such as the Jeep Wrangler Sport and Jeep Wrangler Sahara, have manual oil change systems to perform your oil changes.

If you are not a frequent driver, your SUV may not need to be changed as often as your car. An oil change should be performed every 7,500 miles or six months for many vehicles. For most Jeeps, it is recommended that you change your oil every 5,000 miles or three months.

Q: Cost of Changing Engine Oil

A: The average cost of oil changes for cars is about 1/4 liter per 1000 kilometers or about 1.9 liters per 2000 miles. The 1/4 liter per 1000 kilometers figure is a good starting point for evaluating whether you’re getting your money’s worth with your oil changes.

Owners of older cars or cars operated in cold climates may need to change their oil more frequently than 1/4 liter. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations on your vehicle. Oil and oil filters of higher quality are more expensive, but they’ll also last longer.

Q: Synthetic Oil Blend vs. Full Synthetic Oil

A: Full Synthetic Oil is a blend of synthetic base oils with several naturally occurring additives. This can include a combination of alcohols, esters, and others blended to provide better lubricity, detergent, and wear resistance than the oils used in conventional motor oils.

It is engineered to resist heat and oxidation and provide superior anti-wear and oxidation protection.

The main difference between the two is that full synthetic oils contain high-quality additives designed to improve the characteristics of the oil.

Oil Viscosity

This is a measure of how thick the oil is. This measurement is also known as API gravity.

API gravity measures how thick the oil is compared to water. API gravity can determine oil quality because the higher the API gravity, the thinner the oil.

The viscosity of oil affects the lubrication of your engine. Low viscosity oil is needed in high-performance engines, while high viscosity oil is needed in stock car engines.

Low Mileage Oil

High mileage engine oil is an oil that has been used in a vehicle for less than 1,000 miles. Over time, the oil loses some of its ability to lubricate and heat, and through friction, you lose less oil as mileage increases.

Oil also doesn’t burn as cleanly as new oil and can cause potential problems. An oil with high mileage will be dirty and probably cause a vehicle to wear out faster.

Why is it important To Change your Engine Oil?

There are four main reasons to change the oil and oil filter of your car;

  • It’s the most effective way of preventing engine sludge build-up. You can lessen this build-up with regular oil changes and protect your engine from damaging deposits.
  • The oil that is too old can lose its lubricating qualities, leading to serious problems with your compression and combustion engines, especially in high-performance vehicles.
  •  Worn-out oil can cause unnecessary wear on your engine.
  •  A thoroughly changed oil and filter can help prevent engine damage caused by additives or friction.

Final Thoughts

The best way to find the right oil is to shop around. Not every oil, however, works for every Jeep.

Some Jeeps can use synthetic, and others can’t. Some Jeeps can use conventional, and others can’t. Knowing this information, you can figure out what oil you need for your Jeep.